The Smart-Casual-Off-Duty-Spy Winter Coat…

hush eskimo black parka

Do you remember last year’s “best parka” video? I’m partial to a bit of a parka, me – I like the casual nature of them and the fact that if you wear them with a dress they make you look a bit dishevelled and cool, like Kate Moss on the cover of iD magazine.

One of the top parka picks for me was always the Hush one – they did it with a blue furry hood trim and then a fiery red one; the coat itself was the classic green and it had a proper, moddish parka cut at just the right length. I still get comments when I wear it now, and I wear it a lot!

But Hush have thrown a spanner into my “favourite winter coat” works by bringing out their Eskimo coat; slightly more modern in shape, what seems to be a fuller and fluffier hood trim and – rejoice, rejoice! – the option to buy it in black.

Yes black.

I love a casual coat in black. It makes me feel as though I should be one of those cool, outgoing people who goes skiing and wears sunglasses even in winter. It’s smart and sharp but at the same time off-duty casual. It’s the sort of coat I expect I’d wear if I was an amazing Mi5 agent, spying on arms dealers in the week but jazzing around in my armoured 4×4 at the weekend.

What on earth am I talking about? Someone put me back on track, I’ve derailed…


Anyway, the new Hush Eskimo Parka features heavily in my new Maternity Lookbook, below. It’s actually a little video I’ve put together for my baby blog, The Uphill, but quite a few of the items are non-maternity and so if you’re interested in having a nose then please be my guest. Hit the play button or click here to watch on Youtube.

You can find the gorgeous new Hush Eskimo Parka online here – it’s £170. I’m wearing it with a nursing tunic and over-the-knee suede boots. As you do. I have a small obsession with over-the-knee boots at the moment, post upcoming – these are from L.K. Bennett and utterly gorgeous – I think there’s a 25% Grazia code running at the moment, check their homepage here.

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Darphin’s Paris and the Lumiere Essentielle Collection | AD

darphin secret paris

A few weeks ago I had the absolute pleasure of visiting Paris with gorgeous French skincare brand Darphin. I’ve been to Paris more times than I could ever begin to count, and I think it’s easy to become blasé about cities you’re familiar with, no matter how beautiful or interesting they are.

darphin secret paris

Passage des Panoramas

But my Darphin host, Caroline, managed to reignite my passion for Paris – she was a sort of human Baedeker Guide, knowing every side street, obscure restaurant and hidden shop. No macarons or photos beneath the Eiffel Tower here: Caroline’s Paris – Darphin’s Paris – was a patchwork of visits to the finest artisans, the edgiest clothes stores and even a perilous trip into the bowels of the city to marvel at an old wine cellar.

darphin secret paris

Quirky homeware at Astier de Villatte

And, cleverly, the tour that Caroline picked for me gradually revealed a lot about the Darphin brand that I hadn’t known before. I’d always coveted the little bottles of Essential Oil Elixir that makeup artists prepped my skin with when I modelled in Paris – I would treat myself at the pharmacie before going home to London and use those oils so sparingly that you’d have thought they were pure molten gold! There was always something very niche and very quietly decadent about Darphin that I couldn’t quite put my finger on, but the “secret tour” around Paris told me everything I needed to know.

sezane paris

Gorgeous fashion and lifestyle finds at Sezane

It’s a brand that prides itself on its exquisite formulations, that’s true to its heritage (the Darphin Institut was opened in 1958 and the skin-sculpting techniques and sensory experiences are still what form the cornerstone of the brand today) and it’s also, though you wouldn’t think it necessarily from simply buying the products, quite quirky. Their collaborations, for example, have been with artisan tea-maker Mariage Frères, with bespoke 18th-century-inspired wallpaper creators Antoinette Poisson. Nothing obvious or mainstream here – it’s all about the craftsmanship. Continue reading

Sunday Tittle Tattle: Day In My Life Vlogs

a day in my lifeI completely forgot to post up the Day In My Life videos I made; one of them follows an entire day “with baby” and the other one, to offer some contrast, is a work day. And by work, I mean working from my home office, tied to the computer and not even glancing up for about nine hours! (Lies: I spend a good proportion of time in the morning faffing about.)

I have a nanny for two days a week, now, and so I try to get all of my work done in that space of time. It doesn’t work out that way at all, because social media is a round-the-clock-never-stop sort of thing and so invariably I do work every day, whether it’s during the baby’s nap times or late at night. I’ve tried to calculate how many hours I spend on my various endeavours (A Model RecommendsThe Uphill, writing fiction, Colab dry shampoo) and I reckon it to be around 35 hours per week. Pre-baby, it was 70. I think (think) that I get more done now and I hope that what I do is of a better quality, which goes to show what can happen if I focus and stop reading the Mail Online. Ha!

I should mention that Mr AMR is also freelance and is at home more than the average working person. Which is brilliant. We split the childcare thing pretty well, I’d say – some weeks he has a lot on, and I stay at home on my own with the baby and go slightly mad and start crawling the walls, and other weeks it might be that I have to go away, or have a lot of content to produce or deadlines to meet, and he takes over the lion’s share. It works very well and I am eternally grateful that we have this set-up. We’ve both always been freelance, so I suppose we went into the parenthood game knowing that this would be the case, but still – I feel very lucky. Especially as a lot of the time we try to get our work done in the evenings so that we can do nice family things in the day.

Anyway, I’ve totally digressed and given you a breakdown of our domestic situation, which wasn’t intentional – if you’re not bored to tears then do watch the Day In My Life vlogs. I’ve embedded the work one below, the baby one is on my Youtube channel here.

If anyone has any questions about being freelance, balancing work and home life, how I go about organising my features for the websites or more obscure subjects then please do leave them in the comments – I’m thinking about doing a little Q&A video, depending on interest levels…

 Read more Sunday Tittle Tattles here…

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Guerlain’s New Lingerie de Peau Foundation

Guerlain Lingerie de Peau Foundation Review

It’s not often that I look at my reflection and catch myself out, thinking, who in God’s name is THAT? Actually, that’s an utter lie: I catch myself out on an almost daily basis, glancing in the mirror and wondering why my own face has been exchanged for that of an eight hundred year-old witch who has managed to survive multiple (harrowing) expeditions on the ducking stool and who lives in a mouldering shack made from twigs.

But it’s certainly not often that I catch myself out and think hey up! Who’s that flawless foxwhich is precisely what happened to me last week when I was sitting having my hair done by the brilliant Samantha Cusick. Usually I look like a blood-drained zombie when I have my hair done – there’s something about your face being framed by packets of foil and wads of cotton wool and bits of cling-film that just doesn’t present it in its best light – but I happened to glance up and check my visage in the mirror and…

…it was as though my skin had been put through one of those Snapchat filters that people use but pretend they don’t use. Do you know the ones I mean? The filters that sort of “melt” the skin into a weird, smooth, almost featureless stretch of perfectly-toned beige? That’s what my skin looked like. In a good way.

Guerlain Lingerie de Peau Foundation Review

I was wearing Lingerie de Peau, the new “second skin” “natural look” foundation from luxury beauty brand Guerlain. Guerlain say that “the formula offers the right balance between truth and idealisation, showcasing [skin] without transforming, creating the impression of naturally beautiful skin”.

I say “if anyone has skin this good naturally, I’ll eat my own newly-highlighted hair.” And also “if this isn’t transforming then I don’t know what is.”

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