Kerastase Discipline

Kerastase Discipline

I’m such a Kerastase fan – there is nothing like a wash with Kerastase for silky and supple hair and that’s across all their ranges. My perfect range from Kerastase is Age Recharge – it just works for me. However, I’ve just given Kerastase Discipline a go – I think it’s the secret to happy hair! Discipline is for unruly hair – hair that won’t lie smooth, whether curly or straight and at the risk of sounding like a press release, it’s down to technology called Morpho-Keratin. From there, it’s all a bit woolly in explanation; a concentrate of Morpho-Keratin in consumer products (although there is an accompanying salon treatment which I can’t book in quick enough for). I hope it’s enough to say that Kerastase Discipline works if what you want is fluid, shiny and glidey hair. Sometimes, the how just doesn’t matter.

Kerastase Discipline, in common with other Kerastase products, isn’t cheap by any means. Shampoo is £17 (there’s also a sulphate free version, also £17),  Conditioner is £20, Hair Mask is £27.50, and the Blow Dry Activator is £19.50. If budget is for just one product, then I’d choose the mask every single time.

Kerastase Discipline hasn’t quite launched yet – but will be arriving in salons in the next few weeks.

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Ballerina Beauty: Lighter Legs and Firmer Skin

royal ballet beauty

Oh, what a beautiful collaboration this is! I already adore l’Occitane’s Amande range with its perfect green and white packaging and its warm, comforting scents, but throw a bit of ballet into the mix and you have something quite gorgeous. l’Occitane have teamed up with The Royal Ballet to produce an exclusive drawstring bag that’s filled with three ballet dancer beauty essentials; the firming and sculpting Tonic Body Oil, a tube of Lighter Legs and the Smooth Hands hand cream.

L'Occitane Almond Beauty Pouch for the Royal Ballet

The Tonic Body Oil is an interesting one; it’s light enough that you can spritz it on from the glass bottle, but it still manages to behave like a far richer oil once it’s on the skin. You can really get quite a good massage going with it, which helps when you’re trying to improve the skin tone on areas like your thighs and hips and tummy. I never feel that there’s much point just slathering stuff on – you need to have a bit of a pummel to get the old circulation going! Anyway, I like that this oil is spray-on – very convenient – and I also like the heavy bottle, which feels luxe and expensive.

almond range

The Lighter Legs is another surprise; I always underestimate these leg cooler things that come out every summer, dismissing them as gimmicky. This one is supposed to relieve the feeling of tired legs and feet when you massage it in; it’s a light gel-cream that has a zingy, slightly tingly aspect to it that instantly cools your skin and makes your legs feel less heavy. Lighter Legs is an apt name, I think, it does work very well.

The last tube in the set is the hand cream, Smooth Hands. It’s lighter than l’Occitane’s classic hand cream, without any trace of greasiness at all, so ideal for use throughout the day. All of these bits and pieces would cost over £70 bought separately, but the Royal Ballet set, with its be-ribboned bag (that could make quite a nice shoe bag for your special ballet pumps?) costs £49. A nice gift for someone special, if you can bear to give it away, but also a good saving on the individual products if you’re a regular stocker-upper of the Almond range. Note that these body products don’t have quite the same scent as the original Almond Milk Concentrate, one of my absolute favourite beauty products of all time – the scents are lighter and fresher. But the Tonic Body Oil layered beneath the Milk Concentrate is just dreamy!

I’ve always had a bit of a thing for the ballet; it’s a magical, beautiful world that is so far removed from the reality of my daily life that I just find it fascinating. I only did ballet until I was about ten because I was useless at it, apparently – quite clumsy and gracelesssaid Miss Latham. I think. Don’t quote me on that. Anyway, I shall be imagining myself as a prima ballerina when I apply my Lighter Legs and my Body Tonic; hopefully the towel rail in the bathroom will survive my clomp-footed attempts at “pliés” and not fall off the wall. Again.

The Royal Ballet pouch is available online here.

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Get in the Line to Fine!

Calling all Benebabes!! By now you’ve definitely heard the buzz about the NEW they’re real! push-up liner. From your very own #linercrimes to the REAL innovation behind the product, even the criminally sexy video—by now you must be dying to get your hands on your (about to be) new favorite gel liner in a pen.


Well good news! We’ve pulled some strings & wings around here at Beauty Central to get a select quantity of this innovative, new eyeliner EARLY, just for you! Get in line, gorgeous… the Line to Fine is officially here.

What is it!? 

Get in line to be one of the first to purchase they’re real! push-up liner—before it even hits stores. UM—YES, PLEASE!

Tell me what I need to do immediately!

Now, now, gorgeous. All you need to do is visit, sign up and you’ve officially reserved your spot in line! We’ll release the product in batches, so the closer you are to the front, the sooner you get the liner!

But wait! That can’t be all…

You’re right! You know we always have more beauty secrets to unveil. SO, not only do you get EARLY access, but you also get free shipping! Plus, we’ve partnered with some amazingly fine vloggers to bring you exclusive videos all about they’re real! push-up liner. We’ll update them daily, so check back often.

Want another reason to come back & visit We’re giving you the opportunity to jump ahead in line! Want to skip 10 spots? Just watch one of the exclusive videos! Want to jump 10 more spots in line? Look our for the hidden gems… think diamonds, locks and little jail birds, we mean, #justsayin. Okay, there’s one more way you can jump the line—SHARE! Share with your friends on Facebook & Twitter via the buttons on the site, and we’ll jump you TEN more spots.


Whew! We’re so excited about all of this info—are you feeling a little overwhelmed, too!? Don’t worry, once you get in line the rest will be a breeze. Just make sure you’re checking back daily to jump your spot in line to get first access to the first ever lash-hugging gel liner in a pen!

Best of bene-luck, gorgeous! xo

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