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Pai Skincare have launched some brilliant beauty kits, the Anywhere Essentials Collections. I have always loved Pai for their gentle, soothing formulas; their Echium Eye Cream is my number one post-shoot eye treatment because it’s so great at calming down any soreness and their Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil is one of the best rejuvenating face oils out there. Potent, 99.8% organic and very reasonably priced at twenty pounds. Everything that Pai produces is tested extensively to make sure that it suits sensitive skin – and by sensitive, I mean skin that is really quite intolerant and reactive – and so it has become, over the years, the brand that I most recommend to friends, family and readers who are looking for clean, kind skincare solutions.

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I’m really pleased that Pai have introduced the Anywhere Essentials Collections; they introduced mini sample packs a couple of years ago, which are good for people who want to try loads of different creams, but the Anywhere Essentials have more targeted products and in bigger quantities. It’s a full skincare routine with enough stuff to last at least a fortnight, each collection consisting of a cleanser (the gorgeous Camellia & Rose, complete with washcloth) an alcohol-free skin tonic and a specially chosen face moisturiser. There’s a kit for every skin worry, whether it’s wrinkles or breakouts or sore, stressed faces, and a sensitive kit that will suit absolutely everyone, too, which is a pretty safe bet!

This week, especially for A Model Recommends readers and regular Pai customers, the brand are offering a free Anywhere Essentials Collection with every order over £40 (€50/$70). The idea behind it is quite lovely; stock yourself up with your Pai essentials and get a free kit to give to your sister (or best friend, Mum, cousin, SELF, nobody will know) so that she can try the skincare routine for herself. Each collection comes beautifully packaged (I like the globetrotter theme) with a really sweet gift card to fill in and pop into the package.

pai skincare free organic beauty samples

I sent my sister Kate a kit in advance, to see just what she would make of it. This is a girl who is a dab-hand with the eyeliner pencil and will experiment with literally any shade of eyeshadow, yet refuses to establish a skincare routine. She’s thirty in September and had a baby just before Christmas (my baby sister, with a baby!) and told me that her skincare regimen consisted of splashing on some cold water from the tap if she got the chance. (I die.) Her skin had been quite sensitive and rough and so I was quite interested to see what she thought of the Pai products. She tends to be quite distracted these days, so I tried to call her at a time when Baby Edith might be napping…

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Me: “Kate, I need to ask you about those Pai products…”

Kate: “Oh yes, I loved them – hold on, Edith is playing the keyboard mat with her feet!” (Crazy piano sounds in the background.) “I loved using the cloth, I’ve never used a cloth like that before. The cleanser made my face really smooth.”

Me: “You usually react to products, don’t you? Were these OK?”

Kate: “Yes, they were really lovely and gentle. Edith’s saying RaRa again! She’s almost saying Auntie Ruth! I liked the moisturiser, my skin feels much more comfortable.”

Me: “Does it look better?”

Kate:  “Does what?”

Me: “Your face?”

Kate: “Oh haha! Yes. Smoother. But my whole nose is brown from the sun and nothing else is brown and that is all I can see when I look at my face.”

As far as my sister is concerned, that’s about as glowing (and sensible) a reference as you’ll ever get. Skin calmer, smoother, more comfortable. She also said that it was wonderful to have a routine laid out for her; it forced her to make the time in the evening before she went to bed and has really started to enjoy the ritual. A success.

pai skincare free organic beauty samples

If you’d like to get your hands on an Anywhere Essentials Collection then all you need to do is make an order of £40 or more. Then decide which of the collections your sister (friend, Mum, neighbour, cousin, you) might like and add that to the basket. The checkout code for this promotion is SISTERSSHARE – once you add the code, the £20 value for the set will be deducted.

There are four kits to choose from; Instant Calm for very sensitive or redness-prone skin, Perfect Balance for oily, blemish-prone or combination skin, Pure Hydration for dry or dehydrated skin or Age Confidence for skin that’s showing signs of ageing. I’d probably go for the Instant Calm if I was picking it for myself, because I love to use the products after beauty shoots, but I’ve also tried the products in the oily/combi collection and they are good for placating red, angry skin. Any of the kits would be good to take travelling, too; the spritzer face tonic is handy for plane journeys and the moisturisers would all be good mid-flight or after trips to the beach.

You can find all of the Anywhere Essentials Collections here; if you need help choosing products for yourself, I’ve written reviews on loads of Pai stuff before.

Click here to open a list of posts in a new window. There’s free delivery included, both for UK and International orders and you can use the promo code until the end of Sunday 3rd August.

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Bourjois Rouge Edition Lip Velvet New Shade

Happy Nude Year

Everyone’s loving the Bourjois Rouge Edition Lip Velvet – a lush, matte consistency lip product that’s proving its worth in terms of longevity and colour impact. I never wear matte lips so I’ve been scooting around the internets to see what other bloggers think and I haven’t found a negative word yet!

Happy Nude Year

Happy Nude Year (I know.. I’m biting my tongue) is a buff pink shade – the kind of colour that’s like your lips but more so. I think it will suit just about every single skin shade. Happy Nude Year joins eight other shades of Bourjois Rouge Edition Lip Velvets. Boots has an offer on Lip Velvets (lots of offers on everything actually) that is equivalent to a three for two, and they’re £8.99 each. Happy Nude Year hasn’t hit the shelves yet – give it a few weeks.

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Ask Me Anything!

ask me anything

Just as a bit of fun; I filmed an “Ask Me Anything” video. You ask, I answer. (Within reason, of course! Ha!) I’ll be doing another one soon, so click through and leave your questions on Youtube, or you can pop them in the comments section below if that’s easier. I’ll read through them all and try and answer as many as I can. I also want to do a silly “yes or no” kind of video, or one of those idiotic quizzes where you have to choose between two things;  “dog or cat” or “bath or shower”, that kind of affair. Makes a change from serious beauty talk, though there are plenty of those videos coming up too…

(In this video I’m wearing Clarins Tinted Moisturiser and that AMAZING Guerlain bronzer!)

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Can This Stuff Re-Build My Teeth?

enamel repair toothpaste review

Here’s an interesting one; a toothpaste that promises to – quite literally – rebuild your teeth. The Regenerate toothpaste and tooth serum can  – according to the blurb – regenerate tooth enamel by around 80% in just three days. An impressive claim and one that will no doubt excite the millions of people who have seriously knackered their tooth enamel up! Tooth enamel is actually the hardest substances in the human body, but once it’s damaged it can’t be restored. It’s under constant attack, and not just from things like fizzy drinks; apparently the fruits and fruit juices that have become a staple part of the modern diet are as much to blame. I actually spoke to my friend Sunny about this a while ago; she’s been a dentist for years and over that time has seen a massive increase in acid erosion, not just in adults but in children who have been given the “healthy” option of dried fruit snacks and fresh fruit juices. Acid erosion is happening to all teeth, all the time; it’s not some kind of rare disease or specialised problem – just an unavoidable fact of life. Wear and tear, if you like. You can help to lessen it (avoiding overly acidic foods and drinks, for example, or making sure that you don’t brush straight after your morning juice) but it’s very unlikely that you could completely bypass it!

Regenerate claims to rebuild tooth enamel with tooth enamel; its ingredients combine to form a crystal structure that is identical to tooth enamel’s key mineral, a substance called Hydroxyapatite. This wraps and sticks to the teeth, effectively “rebuilding” the enamel and filling in all of the little gaps and ridges that are being constantly caused by acid erosion. I’m genuinely quite wowed by this possibility, especially as three years ago my dentist told me that my front teeth were so worn away they were becoming almost transparent! My front teeth have always been really ridgey, too – whether this is a result of my frequent lemon-eating as a child (I know, weirdo) or my “addicted-to-Diet-Coke” phase*, I have no idea – and there are some teeth that are really sensitive where the enamel has been diminished.


So yes, quite excited. I have no idea how I’m going to properly measure the results; I suppose my teeth will feel smoother and less sensitive? Perhaps the front ones will be less transparent when I shine a torch through them! Ha! Though it’ll have to be a small torch because it will need to be inside my mouth shining outwards and then there’s always the risk that I might choke on the torch, or a chip a tooth with it. Which would be ironic. The kit looks pretty easy to use; toothpaste is a no-brainer, obviously, but the serums that you have to mix together also appear to be quite simple. I already have custom-fitted trays so I don’t need to use the ones provided (you melt them in boiling water then shape them to your teeth) and the serums just require mixing together inside the trays to activate the ingredients. What could possibly go wrong? I’ll keep you updated!

Regenerate Toothpaste is £10 and you can order it from here or Selfridges here. The Boosting Serum is £32, again at Boots or Selfridges.

*I drank enough Diet Coke between the years of 2008 and 2011 to fill a swimming pool. Disgusting, really, but I was truly addicted. I limited myself to one can a day, and then it crept up to two. Never more than that, but still. All that aspartame, crikey.

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