Yankee Candle Advent House

Yankee Candle Advent

For those of us who can’t scrape up the £250 for the Jo Malone Town House advent calendar (in which I might just point out, there are no candles anyway), then the vintage-Christmas-card style of the Yankee Candle Advent House might make up for it because it’s positively a snip in comparison at £25.

Yankee Candle Advent

Inside, you’ll find 23 tiny tea-lights in a selection of fragrances, including Christmas Cookie, Sugared Apple, Snowflake Cookie, Candy Lane Cane and Christmas Garland and one votive size for December 24th in Christmas Eve.

To be honest, you need to like your candles on the sweet side, and you also need to have a tea-light holder handy because there isn’t one included (in my opinion, there really should be) but tiny as they are, the tea-lights are really cute and I can see this being a lovely ritual with children – lighting the candle together as a family when it’s all dark and cosy.

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Last-Minute Halloween Makeup!

How is it already the end of October!? We were in full-on Halloween panic mode earlier this week, which went like this: FREAKOUT, stress-tears, pints of ice cream and then finally… a few ideas! This year, we’re using they’re real! push-up liner—a staple in our makeup bags anyway—to craft a few quirky costumes. It’s the perfect matte-black formula to double as eyeliner AND face paint (who knew?)—plus it’ll last in one of those all-night Halloween dance-a-thons (Hocus Pocus reference!). Here are 5 last-minute costume ideas using they’re real! liner:


She’s a hot mess with a fervor for felines—but her winged liner is ALWAYS on point! The outfit & hair are super easy—frumpy, messy, cat lady style. But it’s really all about the cat eye.

Get your they’re real! push-up liner out, and prepare yourself to make the most gorgeous cat eye you’ve ever laid eyes on. Use the liner to pull a wing out about ½ of an inch past the outer corner of your eye, making sure that it follows your bottom lash line. To anchor the wing, pull it in underneath your eye just a little bit, so that the wing looks totally feline.

Pro Tip: Put a light line of high beam underneath your wings and blend into skin to sharpen & highlight for cat eyes that totally pop! Don’t forget to top your look off with a few layers of they’re real! mascara for plush, bold lashes. And voilá—you’re a totally hilarious crazy cat eye lady!

We love the sugar skull look, and it’s super easy with all the tools already in your makeup case. All you need is hello flawless! powder a few shades lighter than you, they’re real! push-up liner and a concealer brush. First, layer on the too-light powder to create a base. Then, twist your liner a few more times than normal to get gel at the tip, then dab on your brush. Using short strokes, paint the liner around your eyes to create those deep-set features. Then, use the liner pen to draw designs on your face—scars, floral designs, etc.

A totally on-trend design you can wear for Halloween or the day after for Day of the Dead.

Twiggy is a gorgeous, iconic look that plays up your eyes—plus you can rock any ’60s dress you find at the thrift shop. Start with a minimalistic base (think light foundation and a little bit of soft pink dandelion for the cheeks). Then use they’re real! push-up liner to draw lashes on your eyelids for a dramatic mod look.

Another one that we’re seeing all over the place (and loving!) is the cheetah look (think cheetah print on your face)! Apply a base of creaseless cream shadow in my two cents to your cheekbones and forehead. Then draw cheetah spots over it with they’re real! push-up liner, adding creaseless cream shadow in bronze have more fun to add dimension. Then, top it off with a little black nose. Adorable and easy!

Our last throw-it-together look is a sultry spider. This is a great one because it’s easy, sexy and allows for a certain amount of creativity—for the artistic benebabe. Throw on your sexiest LBD, and then go crazy with sharp, opaque, black branch-like patterns all around the eye area with they’re real! liner. Think cat eyes on steroids!

And with that, the panic is officially over. Tell us, gorgeous, what are you going as this year?

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Aromatherapy Associates: Sickbed Stuff

aromatherapy associates

Ugh. I feel absolutely shocking. I have dragged myself out of bed to do a bit of essential admin, but my head feels as though there’s a cannon ball rolling about inside it and I’m sitting slumped over as though I’m suffering the world’s most epic hangover. If you don’t hear from me for a day or two, then I’m holed up in my nest of duvets drinking lemon and honey and having weird, delirious dreams! At least I’m getting plenty of sleep for my Sleep Plus Challenge (see my Instagram feed) which lasts for the rest of the week – I’m spritzing away with my pillow spray and the whole bedroom smells lavendery and lush!

Other stuff getting me through the day: the Breathe Essence from Aromatherapy Associates (sprinkle a few drops onto a tissue and inhale deeply, or burn in one of those room fragrance oil burners for a more all-encompassing effect) and the De-Stress massage oil from the same, wonderful brand. I know that “De-Stress” might not be the most appropriate blend for illness, but who cares? Whatever floats your boat is what I say. I’ll be quite honest; I only managed to massage my shins before I had to collapse back under the bedsheets, but hey ho, it’s the thought that counts, and the scent of my shins was out of this world. (There’s a phrase I never thought I’d write.) The massage oil is pricey but the formulation is absolutely gorgeous; much better value, overall, than spending thirty or forty quid on a body cream that’s just had a load of perfume added to it. (Although I do have an enormous soft spot for Mugler’s Angel body cream!) The Breathe Essence is £17 but lasts for ages when you’re only using mere drops at a time – less “medicinal” than good old Olbas Oil, but it’s more of a mind-and-body treatment than a nasal passage un-stuffer. Comforting and uplifting, showing you the light at the end of the sickbed tunnel… Continue reading