February Beauty Favourites

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Watch the video below to witness a full-on disintegration of my mental faculties. It happens at around three or four o’clock every day and apparently this isn’t a temporary pregnancy thing: it stays after the baby has been born! Please someone tell me that their brain went back to normal? It takes me about twenty seconds to find the word I need and by then I’ve forgotten the entire sentence!

More monthly beauty videos…

Anyway, a nice little mixture of beauty favourites this month, though I fear things are a little predictable on the skincare front: MV Organic Skincare Rose Moisturiser again. Can’t get enough of it. It’s not my favourite texture of cream in the world, but it’s very soothing and light and it seems to simply “reset” my skin again and again, returning it to its hydrated, non-spotty self if I ever go OTT with my beauty product testing. (Which is a lot. I should lay off, really, but I can’t help myself. Always so many exciting new things to try…)

So moisturiser, some body oils, some makeup, some cotton wool mega-pads….enjoy. And if you’re thinking of grabbing a rose moisturiser, then please wait until tomorrow. You’ll see why!

February Beauty Favourites:

 My Pregnancy Blog: http://www.theuphill.com

Glow Video: http://youtu.be/Mjm5rm1hr2E

Paris Vlog: http://youtu.be/x9ytrtmvlxs

Burt’s Bees Mama Body Oil: http://tidd.ly/bc614ed1

Balance Me Super Moisturising Body Oil: http://tidd.ly/40a2454

Lancome La Base Pro Hydra Glow Primer: http://tidd.ly/36a25f1a

Phillips Sonicare Pink Toothbrush: £112 at Amazon http://goo.gl/VV25vv or at Boots.com: http://tidd.ly/f34683a1

Clinique Brush-On Liner in Black Honey: http://tidd.ly/eff00a0b

Bobbi Brown Calypso Blush Palette: http://tidd.ly/99848aa7

Chanel Rouge Allure Gloss in Sensible: http://www.amodelrecommends.com/2015/02/18/gloss-can-love-chanel-rouge-allure/

Chanel Les Beiges in Shade 10: http://tidd.ly/aec26e78

MV Organic Skincare Rose Balancing Moisturiser: http://goo.gl/BHuADu (Spoiler Alert: there is a goody bag running on Cult Beauty from March 1st so maybe wait if you’re thinking of getting this!)

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Dior Rouge Balm for Plumpy, Tinted Lips.

Dior Rouge Balm Review

I mentioned this tinted balm right at the end of last week’s “What’s In My Makeup Bag” video but have used it so much that I thought it deserved a proper post. I hadn’t tried a Dior Rouge Balm (or Baume!) before this one – where on earth have I been? I’ve looked online and you can get it in loads of different colours. Delicious.

The Rouge Balm is a really buttery, sumptuous lip treatment and so comfortable to wear. Like the Rouge Coco Shine from Chanel, it’s just the type of lip “thing” that you want to keep reapplying – which is handy, because it’s by no means one of these 12-hour/24-hour/non-transfer/remove-with-a-blowtorch affairs. But neither does the colour slide around or quickly disappear – one coat of this and you have a plumpy, tinted look with a nice amount of sheen.

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Here I am wearing one of the limited edition shades from Dior’s Kingdom of Colours collection; it’s called “Belle de Printemps“. Please ignore the rest of the makeup which – quite frankly – isn’t my best effort. I was testing out a new foundation and concealer and it didn’t do the most marvellous job in the world. Anyway, the lipstick: like it? I think that it’s the perfect little peachy-ish number to bridge the winter-into-spring gap – it’s effortless and pretty and feels beautiful to wear. The other day I raved about Chanel’s Rouge Allure Gloss in “Sensible”; “Belle de Printemps” has the same suits-all-purposes kind of flush, but without the hi-shine finish.

Dior say that the baumes contain ten times more lipcare ingredients than their classic lipsticks and I can easily believe that. I usually apply a balm (Sisley or Nuxe, more often than not) before any lipstick or gloss, but haven’t needed to before the Dior Rouge Baume. Which I think speaks for itself. You can find “Belle de Printemps” at Escentual.com – it’s £26, but if you’re shopping before midnight on Monday there’s 20% off with the code ESCENTUAL20, taking the price down somewhat! Those reading via email: my apologies, I couldn’t have timed this post more badly.

Oh – the nail polish, I almost forgot about that. It’s pictured top – Lady. Gorgeous shade, and I love Dior polishes, but I haven’t had a chance to pop this on my fingers. Will update you with pictures once I get a spare moment to paint my nails.

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