Skincare and Makeup: What’s On My Face?

bobbi brown serum foundation

Just a very quick look at what I had on my face (makeup and skincare) when I shot Tuesday’s Colab Competition video intro. I did it all in a bit of a rush because I needed to get the video out early in the morning, but I was nevertheless incredibly pleased at the way everything turned out. Especially the face base. So, from the first layer upwards, here’s what I had on my face.

Skin 1: Paula’s Choice “Resist” Replenishing Toner, £18.28 here. More what I’d call a moisturising water (or something) than a toner, because (rightly or wrongly) I always think of toners as being slightly acidic, perhaps a bit tightening or with some kind of exfoliating property. This one is refreshing, hydrating and extremely soothing – brilliant if you have to do a lot of makeup changes (which I do, when I’m filming a lot of videos at once) or if your skin feels a bit angry and sensitive. It’s my new face-calming super-tonic!

Skin 2: Time Bomb Powerball Intensive Moisturiser, £36 with free delivery at Amazon here. I fell in love with this intensely hydrating, non-greasy face cream last year – it worked on my combination skin, and it has been brilliant on my slightly drier pregnancy skin. It sits well underneath makeup and the moisturising benefits are long lasting – overall, it outperforms even some of my most expensive creams. Read the full review here.

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Foundation: Bobbi Brown’s new Intensive Skin Serum Foundation. Full review coming up in the next week, but for now I can tell you that this a very glowy, very hydrating foundation with a gorgeous finish. It has a few failings, but I need to collect my thoughts and pore over my skin close-ups before committing myself to a verdict! If you like the way this looks and want to take a look at the foundation online then you can find it at John Lewis – it costs £40.

bobbi brown serum foundation

Bronzer: the bronzage you can see going on is thanks to one of Chanel’s new Les Beiges face powders – it’s not out for another week or so, but rest assured I’ll be getting you some before-and-after pics before it launches.

Eyes: I’m wearing the pinky-copper shades from YSL’s Rock Resillé palette (think this might have sold out as I can’t find it online), with the darker shades used as a kind of smokey liner. Lashes are painted in Givenchy’s Noir Couture 4-in-1 mascara (love it – I’ve been using it for over a year and it hasn’t even gone claggy. And before you all go “ewwww!”, do some research into makeup “sell by dates” and how big brands like you to keep throwing out your expensive products after just a few months. For your own good, obviously. You’ll probably come to the conclusion that some things need chucking, most are incredibly well-preserved. You can find Noir Couture online here.)

Lips? Lips are just bare. After all of my recent lipstick testing, I decided that I wanted more of an undone, unfinished look!

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Colab Giveaway: Guess the “City”, Win the Spray!

colab dry shampoo giveaway

I have devised a little giveaway to celebrate the launch of my newest Colab Dry Shampoo product which is, incidentally, my favourite so far. It was rather a labour of love getting the fragrance just right – it’s definitely one for the warmer months, all gorgeously mediterranean and sexy, very much inspired by some of the classic summer scents such as Tom Ford’s Neroli Portofino. This limited edition frahrance is available in both of the Colab dry shampoo formulas – the Sheer & Invisible (clean feeling, refreshes the roots, no horrible chalky residue or white powder!) and Extreme Volume (little bit of residue, but LOADS of root lift and volumising grittiness, a bit like a spray-in version of one of those root boosting powders, but better!)

colab shoot behind the scenes

I have fifty cans of the newly scented dry shampoo to give away to UK readers and Youtube viewers* – all you need to do is guess the “city” that this scent represents and leave your answer in the comments below. As you will know if you’ve used Colab, each scent relates to a city – London, New York, Paris, Tokyo and Rio – the latest is no different. Apart from the fact that it’s slightly a trick question, because the place in question is actually a principality, or small country. That was your first major clue. I’ve also dropped a bit of a clue in the first paragraph, and if you watch the video below, you might see a few visual references to a certain (very grace-ful and glamorous) former resident of the place in question.

Do have a look at the video anyway, as it’s not often I get to film behind-the-scenes; usually there’s nobody willing to keep holding my camera! I’ll be announcing the winners next Monday but you only have until this Friday at noon to enter. So do it while you have the page open or you’ll probably forget. Only pointing that out from experience… Fifty winners will be picked at random from those who have the correct answer. Good luck!

*sorry, UK only due to shipping restrictions. Please be patient, rest of the world, we’re getting to you!


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The bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Review

tinted moisturiser hydrating review

After a myriad of recent BB/CC/DD cream disasters, I was both relieved and delighted to find that bareMinerals’ new complexion-enhancing offering, the “Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream” was something of a winner. It’s basically just a very, very good tinted moisturiser – really hydrating, just enough coverage to perk up tired-looking skin and a dewy, healthy finish. I’ve been reaching for it again and again, despite the fact that the shade I have is very slightly too pale – I’ll be grabbing the next darkest one to see me through the summer.

bareminerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream review

(Skin pictured above is clean of makeup, the one below has an artistically-placed swipe of product and the bottom photograph shows a blended-out application. Excuse the slightly depressed facial expression, it just happens automatically when I’m concentrating.)

ruth crilly model beauty blogger

Many of the “complexion” creams I’ve been trying recently just haven’t hit the spot – a little too claggy, not so easy to blend, weird “one shade fits nobody” kind of tints that leave my face looking orange – but the bareMinerals gel cream is light, easy to apply and blends out with no trouble whatsoever. And it sits beautifully on the skin – it’s pretty much undetectable, even with the lighter shade. (I have Vanilla 02, but I reckon I’m more of a Buttercream kind of tone.)

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ruth crilly wears bare minerals complexion rescue tinted gel cream

I think that the most noticeable thing about this tinted moisturiser is that it’s so very fresh and hydrating – I can wear this without having to apply a moisturiser underneath, which is pretty rare these days, and it feels comfortable and light to apply. I would say that oily skin might find it a little too much; the bareMinerals Complexion Rescue isn’t at all rich or heavy – more of a lightweight moisture injection – but still, it could feel just a bit too slippery. Combination would probably be fine, but it’ll be dry or dehydrated skin that will really benefit from this lovely little gel-cream; non-cakey, sheer coverage with an SPF30 that leaves the skin with a very slight sheen and a hint of a glow.

bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Gel Cream is £26 at

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