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Custom Cover Drops: The Ultimate Customisable Foundation

Cover FX Custom Cover Drops

As promised, a more in-depth study of the Custom Cover Drops from Cover FX. There’s been quite a bit of hype surrounding this little bottle of foundation pigment and I will start by saying that the hype is not unfounded: this is a rather revolutionary makeup product that lives up to its claims. And the claims are – mainly – that this is a highly concentrated pigment (tick) that allows you to customise any product in your beauty regime (tick). That means you can turn pretty much any face-finishing product into a foundation or tinted moisturiser and be in total control of the coverage. Add to a day cream, serum, face oil, SPF, even an eye cream to create a concealer – the more drops you add, the more coverage you get.

ruth crilly foundation review

Let’s take a little look at the way the Cover FX Custom Cover Drops work. My own preference is to mix the drops with my face product (in this case I used my Omorovicza moisturiser), starting with just one drop and adding more if I want to build the coverage. For the purposes of experimentation, I made two different versions in the following photo; a sheer tint (on the right) and a fuller coverage (left side of my face).

ruth crilly foundation review

You can see that the resulting face bases are very different – imagine how many versions of the same shade you could make if you got your different creams and potions involved? Rich, hydrating bases; light, fluid, sheer bases and tinted suncreams that are precisely the right tone for your skin. The possibilities are endless! In the next photo I’ve blended in the fuller coverage version all over:

ruth crilly foundation review

A nice, even finish with excellent coverage. Though – for once – it’s hard to review, because the mix itself is of my own making! In a way, it’s tricky because if the base looks weird, you kind of only have yourself to blame. The drops need to be mixed properly, with a product that’s suitable (regular moisturisers work very well) and you need to make sure you’ve chosen the right shade. Here, I’m wearing N20, but I could probably go a shade in each direction and just about be OK… I do think that it’s the kind of product you might want to try at a counter before you buy – and make sure that you don’t just test the neat pigment, but ask for a bit of primer to mix it in with, and then a bit of moisturiser. Experiment. They’ll be used to it!

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Cover FX Custom Cover Drops cost £36 from Harvey Nichols. If you want to order online, take a look at BeautyBay too.

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Charlotte Tilbury & Norman Parkinson


I always love Charlotte Tilbury’s new launches, so I was excited to hear about her Norman Parkinson collection as his work is so iconic. Charlotte Tilbury has admired Norman Parkinson’s work for years as it has always inspired her, so with the help of his grandson, she used his images on the packaging of her limited edition collection. Although we have to wait till July when it’s launched online and August for stores, let me show you my pick of the best products.

As a lover of cream blushes, I was bound to fall head over heels for the Colour of Youth Lip & Cheek Glow (£45). A long lasting hydrating balm which can be applied on both lips and cheeks for a dewy pop of colour. I found that applying it with fingers was the best as it gave the most natural flushed look to the cheeks, plus it can be applied as though it was a lip balm with the fingers. As with all the products, it contains an image from Norman Parkinson’s career, this time it’s an image of his wife, Wenda.

The famous Filmstar Bronze & Glow (£55) has been re-made into a cream version in the shade Sun Tan and Sun Light. Perfect for the warmer weather when products are usually swapped for creamier products. I always find that cream products are better for contour so I almost prefer the cream to the original powder product. The image on the packaging is from the Vogue issue in May 1975 with Jerry Hall on the cover, which is also featured on the make up bag.


In case you prefer a powder highlighter, the Dreamy Glow Highlighter (£45) is for you. Described as ‘peaches and cream skin’ by Charlotte Tilbury, it’s a very finely milled champagne highlighter which looks great dusted on top of the cheekbones. Again with an image on the front, this features Carmen Dell’Orefice from the cover of Vogue in 1959.

As well as a limited edition collection, Charlotte Tilbury is also adding to her permanent collection with two new lipsticks and a new cream eyeshadow line. The Matte Revolution Lipsticks are beautifully matte and come in a range of shades and now there will also be a warm nude shade, Miss Kensington. The lipsticks glide onto the lips without looking chalky and drying the lips. One standout product for me are the Eyes To Mesmerise, a cream mousse eyeshadow. I’ve been using the shade Mona Lisa, a beautiful brown with a gold metallic running through it. They don’t crease on the lids, last all day and also come in many more shades. I certainly have my eye on a light champagne shade for an everyday look.

Guerlain Maxi Lash: If Porsche Made Mascara

Guerlain Cils d'Enfer So Volume Mascara

Oh my God, behave! This mascara from Guerlain is almost too sexy to be legal! I’m a long-term Guerlain Maxi Lash fanatic, so this new version was bound to tickle my fancy, but still: even I was taken aback at just how gorgeous the packaging was. (If you need reminding, the “standard” Maxi Lash looks like this.) If Porsche made mascaras, I think that they’d be strikingly similar…

So how does the Guerlain Cils d’Enfer Maxi Lash So Volume differ to the original? I’d say that it gives thicker, bulkier lashes and that the formula has more hold and longevity. Though my Maxi Lash in “Moka” is still one of my favourite everyday mascaras (best brown shade you’ll find, pretty much!) the “So Volume” is slightly more dramatic.

ruth crilly eyes
The image above shows the right eye after just one coat of the mascara – two or three coats and things start to get a bit massive! I like to wait a little while in between coats and have a lash comb handy to keep everything neat and non-clumpy. Not that it’s a clump-prone mascara, but it has that thick, almost tar-like quality that is needed to really build up the volume.

Guerlain Cils d'Enfer So Volume Mascara

One of the things that I love best about the Maxi Lash is that the wand is quite short and stumpy. I find that I get far more control with shorter wands and they allow me to get right into the roots of the lashes without getting makeup all over my face. Obviously it’s all down to personal preference, but I kind of wish that all wands were made this length!

You can find Guerlain Maxi Lash So Volume at Escentual.com here for £22 – my favourite, though, even over this one, is the original. They no longer make it in brown (God only knows what I’ll do when my current one runs out!) but the black is also excellent. You can find that here.

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