Celebrities who have hair like my Dog: Part 8

celebrity dogs

Thank you, dearest readers, for this week’s Celebrity who has hair like my Dog. This one was a great suggestion and there were so many pictures to choose from on Google Images. I have to ask though, and I am absolutely not intending to be offensive or facetious, because I love a bit of Dolly; is the person in the photograph below actually real, or is it a Madame Tussaud style model?

celebrities with hair like my dog

Everything is just so…smooth! Either way, Dolly Parton most definitely has hair like my dog. Could do with being a bit more gingery at the ends, but I’ll forgive her. FYI: I once went to Bestival dressed as Dolly Parton (or porno-cowgirl, you decide). You can see that picture here – prepare yourself.

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