Makeup Revolution Euphoria Palettes

Bare Euphoria

Bare Euphoria

It’s all very well having a zillion shades in a palette, but if you find that overwhelming or that they’re surplus to requirements, a well edited, multi-functional palette is a blessing. Makeup Revolution Euphoria Palettes are pared back palettes with six eye shades and three sculpting shades. Bearing in mind I have only ever sculpted by accident, I am more likely to use these as blush and highlighters in the traditional way. But that’s what versatility is all about – something that suits your basic requirements but can evolve if you want it to.

Bronzed Euphoria

Bronzed Euphoria

Bronzed Euphoria, above, is a warmer toned palette than Bare Euphoria but with the same shades for sculpting (and if you ever wanted an Orgasm dupe, it’s right there at the end of the palette).

Bare eye swatches come up quite light – you’d definitely need to go back over unless you’re looking for super subtle, but it’s the right selection for a gentle nude smoky eye.





My only criticism of the Makeup Revolution Euphoria Palettes is that the bronzer formula feels a little bit oily – other than that, they’re heading into my now growing MUR collection of makeup!

Euphorias are £6 HERE.

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Jean Paul Gaultier Classique: Just Got A Lot Better.

new jpg perfume intense

I don’t usually post about things before they’re released but this perfume has stolen my heart. It’s the Classique Intense from Jean Paul Gaultier and it’s due to be launched next month, just in time for those hot, sultry evenings when you want a fragrance that’s heady and exotic and sexy. I don’t actually like the original Classique (though a lot of people must because it’s one of the world’s bestsellers) but the new Intense version? I like it a lot.

In a weird way, it actually smells a bit like the bottle looks; rich and precious and warmly syrupy. It’s a bit like Lancome’s La Vie Est Belle in that it chucks everything its got at you at once – floral, gourmande, oriental – but it’s definitely a bit more deep and sultry. I see this as an evening perfume – I find it a little too overpowering for the daytime – and so far, feedback has been good. In that I’ve had comments along the lines of “what’s that you’re wearing?” – and they weren’t referring to the fact that I was outside of my house wearing aztec-print tracksuit trousers and a jumper the colour of Pepto Bismol, either. Hurray!

No, these people are undoubtedly intoxicated by the drowsy hit of orange blossom and the sharpness of the pomegranate and the warm, fuzzy blanket of vanilla and patchouli that underpins Classique Intense. It’s quite the olfactory bombardment, this fragrance, and usually I steer clear of these bold, brashy numbers, but this time I’m hooked.

new perfume review

The fragrance has been created by Francis Kurkdjian, the 45 year old French-Armenian super-perfumer who has created some of the finest scents on the planet, both under his own name and for other houses and brands. He created Le Male for Gaultier in 1995, Elizabeth Arden’s Green Tea in 1999, Carven’s Le Parfum in 2013 and a massive list of fragrances in between. The man is a scent-making machine! Of his Maison Francis Kurkdjian perfumes, I am currently a little bit bowled over by Lumiere Noir, a scent so utterly sexy and dark that I can’t quite find the words to properly describe it. It’s deep and spicy and a bit like how I imagine it would be if you encountered James Bond in the middle of the night if you were in Barbados and it was steamy and you had some kind of La Perla negligee on, and you’d had a few rums and he’d had a bad day at the office, etc etc. Anyway, I’ll give that some thought and come back to you – it’s quite difficult describing scents, sometimes.

fragrance review

When Jean Paul Gaultier’s Classique Intense launches next month I’ll most definitely give you a nudge; it’s an exciting one for long-time wearers of the original version, but also for people who couldn’t stand the original version. Apparently, 40% of the new perfume is the old perfume (keep up) and 60% is the new perfume. So if you’ve always hankered after a Gaultier lady-bust bottle but hated the scent inside, your prayers might finally have been answered! This is the after-hours version, the one that takes no prisoners – and I, for one, much prefer it.

Classique Intense launches in July 2014 – if you want to take a look at Kurkdjian’s Lumiere Noir then you can find it at John Lewis here.

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Too Faced Pretty Rebel Palette Review

Youtube Review (w/ some other products)

Hello wonderful Makeup Geeks! It’s almost my favorite time of the year…FALL and I can’t wait!! I love doing fall inspired makeup looks with the stunning and vivid fall shades that become available during this time of the year. For the transition from summer into fall, I love doing a warmer toned eye and adding pops of summer shades. To make the shift and combine these two amazing seasons with today’s palette is perfect for just that.  I also wanted to let all of you know that being southern through and through, some of that may creep over into my reviews so enjoy!

Too Faced recently launched their new “Pretty Rebel” palette. I have to admit, I am a sucker for packaging! I always have to remind myself to get past the bells and whistles of the package on to the actual product itself. So to be perfectly honest, at first I wasn’t planning on getting this palette. It looked fun, but I own some of the other Too Faced Palettes and I was somewhat disappointed in them. My expectations weren’t high on this palette, but while visiting my local Ulta, I decided to check it out. Can I tell you how much I love this?!?!?! I do have a few things I would like to see changed, but overall this is by far my FAVORITE Too Faced palette.

So have a seat and let’s get started on this rebellious review!



Like I said before, I am a complete packaging sucker. It draws me in, and I have to remember to look past the packaging and look more closely at the product. This palette has a magnetic bar so it stays closed without having a latch. The construction is sturdy, although I wouldn’t recommend this for travel. This palette comes with a mirror on the inside, but this is where I have a problem with the packaging. If they are going to include a mirror for the palette please include hinges so it can stay open while trying to use it!


The “Pretty Rebel” palette contains 10 vibrant eye shadow shades. There are a few that don’t swatch too well, but perform much better when applying them. None of the shades are hard to blend, the textures are rich, buttery and very creamy. What I really loved, (besides the dreamy texture) was the insane pigmentation on these.  Too Faced has lacked somewhat in this department, but this palette certainly makes up for it! I used these  shadows over an eye shadow base and on a bare lid. I found no difference in the way they preformed each way lasting well over 8 hours.


The top row Left to Right:

Dainty – Pale pink with a matte finish. Perfect as a highlight or to brighten the inner corner of the eye. This is also great for toning down any of the brighter shades, or for making a shimmery shade less shimmery.

Charming – Matte brown with a burgundy finish. This shade was one of the most disappointing for me. It was chalkier than the others and it didn’t apply as well. I wish this had been more brown, as the burgundy tone doesn’t match everything in the palettes as well as a regular brown shade would have.

Girly – Green/Brown duo-chrome and one of my FAVORITE eye shadows of this bunch. It’s rich, buttery and oh so smooth. Applies like a dream and is a true duo-chrome shade.

Totally Fetch – Bright cool-toned fuchsia with a pearl finish. This is a true vibrant fuchsia with a luxurious feel and texture. It applies easily and looks amazing!

Miss Sparkles – Deep Black with silver glitter. This was not my favorite color. If I’m going to use black I prefer it to be matte. I wish they would have went in that direction instead of adding the sparkles. The texture is very soft which allows it to blend well, however it feels somewhat chalky. The pigmentation is o.k , but it does layer and build up well.


Bottom Row L to R

Ringleader – Pearl finished light peach. Stunning color with a creamy texture and great color payoff.

Gangsta – Warm bronzy – brown with a frosted finish. The texture on this is just like the others, creamy and smooth. The color payoff is amazing as well. I wish this would have been more of a transition shade, but it’s slightly too dark for that. Never the less, it’s an amazing shade.

Instigator – True metallic gold. This shade is fighting with “Girly” as my favorite in this palette! The color is absolutely stunning. It has a molten metallic look to it and the texture is perfection.

Badass – Medium dark blue with small flecks of silver. The texture was creamy and it didn’t blend as well as the others, although it still wasn’t  bad. The color payoff was also not as good as the rest of the shades but it can be built up.

Jail Bird – Metallic silver. If you are looking for a intensely pigmented silver then here it is! The pigmentation is crazy good and the texture is creamy and buttery smooth.

I love the concept behind this, the top row is your “pretty” and the bottom row is your “rebel”.

Overall this palette is amazing. It retails for $46.00 for 0.50 ounces. Each eye shadow is 0.05 ounces. I wish they would have made the shadows “Miss Sparkles” and “Badass” true matte shades instead of adding the glitter to them, because of that they are my least favorite eye shadows in this palette. So is this palette worth the money??….ABSOLUTELY!  You are  paying $4.60 for each eye shadow, which is almost unheard of. This palette also comes with ‘how-to” card including three different looks and how to do them. The quality of this palette and price completely make it worth it. The only downside is that this is a limited edition palette so you will have to pick it up quickly!

I hope that you are happy and blessed. See you soon!!!!


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