Small and Affordable Christmas Presents.

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I posted the first of my Christmas Gift Guides on Friday – this year I’m only doing two videos, one for smaller presents and one for larger or more luxurious offerings. There will be, of course, the annual candle video and I have a Christmas Decorations video coming up too, and if I see some particularly lovely additional things I will write about them here on the website as and when I find them. This video is for smaller or more affordable presents – please scroll down for a list of all of the products and links. If you can’t see the video screen then click here to watch on Youtube.

(PS sorry for the brevity of this post and also the absence of a post earlier today; Dexter the dog is still in hospital and I’m very down in the dumps. It takes a lot for me not to post, as you probably know!)


Keep Calm and Shop: – sorry, more stuff to be added soon!

I am wearing a Christmas Jumper from ASOS:

Q&A 5 Year Journal £10.49 here:

Couvent des Minimes Set, £10:

Weleda Lavender Set, £16.95: or bath milk on its own, £11.85:

Penguin Postcards 100 Box, £10.49:

RoomMates Decal Wall Stickers:

Zoella Guinea Pig Toiletries Bag, £8:

Lush Bathbomb Wrap – I think you buy the wrap and then a ballistic of your choice:…

House of Holland Nails, £7.20 with code CYBERWKND20:

Christmas Jumper Nails, £6.40 with code CYBERWKND20:

B&Q Christmas Decorations:…

ASOS Snowman Slipper Socks: £8 with code CYBERWKND20:

ASOS Owl Hot Water Bottle & Cover, £10 with code CYBERWKND20:

Hush Rose & Cassis Candle, £12:

Faust’s Potions for Discerning Night Owls, £5.99:

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7 Budget Beauty Products You’ve Got to Try

7 Budget Beauty Products You've Got to Try

The say the thrill is the chase and for me that applies to budget beauty products. I enjoy nothing more than a quick trip to Boots or Superdrug, deciding what products to try next and often coming home with a handful of a handful of new launches with change in my pocket. Admittedly the budget beauty sector can be pretty hit and miss – I think as the years roll past (6 years of blogging and counting) there are more hits than misses- but when you do find that hidden gem, you can’t help but feel a little smug. Perhaps it has been a while since you last stopped by a budget beauty counter, or maybe you simply need a little encouragement? Either way, I have 7 products that will impress and don’t cost the earth…

MUA Skin Define Matte Perfect Primer £5 via Superdrug – link.

I have oily skin; I also have acne prone skin. This is not some beautiful equation, rather a nightmare of a combination for sourcing the perfect primer. I need – yes need – something that will not only sop up excess oil and gently blur my enlarged pores, but I also equally need – yes I am that demanding – something that won’t irritate my quick to blemish skin. Admittedly on a budget, up until recently this has been a fairly big task but so far I have been really enjoying MUA Skin Define Matte Perfect Primer. Yes this primer does contain silicones so that it is instantly mattifying and of course smoothing, yet it is oddly lightweight and so far (I’ve been using this daily for close to two weeks) it seems to agree with my quick to react complexion. If you are a fan of blurring type primers (think Benefit Porefessional et al) then this is one to definitely put on the to try this.

7 Budget Beauty Products You've Got to Try

Kiko Heart Shaped Lipstick £6.90 via Superdrug – link

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and as such you may be on the lookout for a red lipstick fit for the main event? Well they don’t come much more suited to such love themed day, than the Kiko Heart Shaped Lipsticks – no your eyes do not deceive you, that is indeed a novelty moulded lipstick. Don’t let the fun aspect of this lipstick fool you, as it is indeed a beautiful, moisturising matte formulation that will reached for, long after Valentine’s Day has passed. I have the shade 05 Lively Amaranth – a deep almost red based pink that is slightly vampy, unusual – in that it is not your classic, run of the mill classic red – and yet surprisingly easy to wear.

7 Budget Beauty Products You've Got to Try

Rimmel Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liner in Call Me Crazy £3.19/$3.99 via ASOS – link.

If you are looking for a true red – Valentine’s Day related or not – I say skip lipsticks just this once and purchase Rimmel Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liner in Call Me Crazy. This is the bright, slightly orange toned red that dreams are made of; it brings just about every complexion to life, is long wearing, entirely matte, long wearing and comfortable to wear. It is a complete bargain and your stash, make-up bag and/or coat pocket needs it.

7 Budget Beauty Products You've Got to Try

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The Easy, DIY Way to Clean Your Brushes!

We’ve spent years learning which brushes are for blush and which are foundation, what works best for contouring and what’s the ultimate for all-over glow. With all that effort, we’re definitely committed to putting in the time to keep them in perfect condition. But is anyone else totally tired of breaking the bank on brush cleansers!? Especially since experts recommend you clean them once every week. We thought: there MUST be DIY brush-cleaning methods that are just as (or more!) effective than store-bought brush cleaners, right!? Since we’re total suckers for DIY, we did some investigating & found a few methods using products already in our bathroom & kitchen cabinets!


Our ultimate clean-brush approach uses coconut oil (we are SO on the coconut oil train: hello, ultra-soft hair!) to gently, and naturally, clean your brushes. You simply melt about 2 tbsp of coconut oil in the microwave (appx. 30 seconds) and then gently swirl your brush around in it. Once the brush has been fully coated in the oil, blot on a paper towel to remove product. Don’t be alarmed by the amount of product that comes off—if you use your brushes as much as we do, it’s normal! Once you’re done blotting, run under lukewarm water until the oil has completely washed off. If you’re having trouble getting all of the coconut oil off with just water, lightly run the bristles over a bar of soap.  Once the coconut oil is completely rinsed out of the brush, reshape and lay flat on a paper towel to dry.

It will take a few hours for your brushes to dry, so make sure you do this AFTER applying your makeup for the day! It’s also important to be careful not to get the handle of the brush wet, because it can cause it to expand and loosen the bristles. You can also substitute coconut oil for a simple bar of soap, or baby shampoo mixed with warm water.

So, are you planning on breaking up with your brush cleanser, too?

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The Best And Worst Halloween Candy For Your Teeth: Chocolate, Sugar-Free Gum, Sour Candy, Powdery Sweets

With Halloween only one day away, the candy will be on full display! We cannot help but indulge ourselves in these sugary treats found everywhere from the office to what our kids bring home from school. There is nothing wrong with a few indulgences, however, not all Halloween candy is created equally. How to Keep […]

Big Beautiful Eyes

Why we love it!
This portable kit is all you need to conceal, contour and line your eyes like a pro. Included brushes and illustrated makeup lesson shows you how in just 4 steps!

How to apply
Download the illustrated step-by-step lesson on how to apply. view instructions

Kit includes:

boi-ing 02 medium 1.8g Net wt. 0.06 oz.
alabaster pink base shadow 0.8g Net wt 0.03 oz.
cocoa shimmer contour shadow 0.8g Net wt 0.03 oz.
rich chocolate brown liner shadow 0.8g Net wt 0.03 oz.
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