Weekly Window Shop: The Beach Queen

queen of the beach window shopping

This week’s window shop was going to be all about how to recreate the beach experience at your own home, but these summery morsels are too good not to show off. Maybe I’ll do the beach-in-your-garden theme next week – I just need to source some nice, golden sand that doesn’t smell of cat piss or contain bits of building rubble and I’ll be sorted. (Mr AMR would have a total fit if I poured sand all over the lawn – HA! He mows it every week, makes those alternating stripes and everything…)

Let’s get started, then, with the bits and pieces that will make you Queen of the Beach this summer.

lisa fernandez bikini

Behold: the ultimate bikini, from the Queen of Bikinis Lisa Marie Fernandez. So expensive that you will never want to dip a toe anywhere near chlorine or seawater, but hey – proper beach people just pose on their loungers. Don’t they? (I don’t often go in the sea or the pool unless I’m so hot that my toe hairs are catching on fire. I just don’t like lying there all soggy afterwards and I hate having to reapply my sun lotion when there’s sand about.) You can find this Holy Grail of Bond Girl bikinis at Net-a-Porter here – the price-tag will make your eyes water…

miu miu acetate sunglasses

…but nobody will notice if you have your amazing Miu Miu shades on! (See what I did there?) These cat-eye beauties are completely OTT – just add silken headscarf and bright coral lipstick. £135 at The Outnet.

Clarins Radiance Plus-Golden-Glow Booster

To get the bod to a good level of beach-bronzeness without even stepping foot in the sun: the Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster for Body from Clarins. A few drops of this, nightly, mixed into your preferred body lotion, cream, oil or serum and you’ll build up a beautiful tan. It’s very gradual, but you can speed things up by adding more drops. Find it here online –  £22.85.

roberts radio

Picture the scene: you’re in your retro bikini, wide-brimmed sunhat on, sunglasses looking sharp, body all bronzage and shimmering, reclined on your wooden sunlounger on one of those beaches where they have proper toilets and people that come and bring you drinks and cold flannels… What are we missing? Sounds. Music. I mean, you could just plug some headphones into your iPhone like everyone else, but who wants to fade into the crowd? I’ll be honest, this Roberts Radio was a more of a “recreate the beach at home” sort of item, but boy does it look pretty. It’s £169.95 at John Lewis here.

slydes white cocacabana

“Slides” (those rubbery shoes with a thick band across the toes) have fast overtaken the flip-flop as my casual summer shoe of choice. No longer do I have to endure the initial pain of breaking in when I dig out my Havaianas, when I spend about three days feeling as though someone has driven a large chisel into the gap between my big toe and – er – next biggest toe. I just slip on my slides and go! In all honesty, I do find them a lot less delicate than flip-flops and it’s unlikely I’d ever wear them with a pretty dress, but for now, I am enjoying my non-splayed feet. You can find these palm print slides (made by the appropriately-named brand Slydes) at ASOS here – they’re a mere £18.

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The Science Meets Nature Box.

With ‘green’ and organic beauty, there is often the misconception that these products won’t perform as well as their standard non-natural counterparts. This simply isn’t true anymore. With new research, development and money going into this niche market, there are more high-end brands and complex formulas than ever before.

The latest Naturisimo box embodies this with its curated selection of 8 luxury products that make use of cutting edge technology for their all-natural ingredients.
The box is worth £67 but costs just £13.95 – a great price to try some very expensive products. The Skin & Tonic Brit Beauty Oil sample costs £13 on its own if you were to buy it from the sample section!

Inside the box:
Madara Cellular Repair Serum, 15ml.
Skin & Tonic Brit Beauty Oil, 10ml.
Aurelia Cell Revitalise Day Moisturiser, 10ml.
Dr. Hauschka Tinted Day Cream, 5ml.
Caudalie Resveratrol Eye Lifting Balm, 5ml.
Bloom & Blossom Rejuvenating Spritz, 40ml.
Jurlique Nutri-Define Rejuvenating Overnight Cream, 1ml.
Kae Argaroyale Serum, 2ml.

I was most excited about finally getting to try Skin & Tonic! The Brit Beauty Oil is a blend of just 5 oils to hydrate and smooth. The oils (thistle, chia, borage) are ones that you don’t commonly see in facial oils, so I feel like this is unique enough to have a place in my skincare collection.
The Dr. Hauschka day cream is a cult product that I’ve always wanted to try and now I finally can, I hope it lives up to expectations as I’ve loved other products I’ve tried from the brand. I’m also going to save the very generously sized Aurelia moisturiser for winter when I will need that extra cushy layer of cream for drier skin. I know it’s dreamy.
Lastly, after not paying it much attention at first, I’m all for Madara lately. Affordable, effective and simply elegant. I have loved their peel mask and micellar water so I’m really interested in this serum which claims to ‘dramatically boost the cellular renewal cycle to visably improve skin’ … It’s more for wrinkles, but it can’t hurt to see how it works for me 😉

Dont miss out and get the box here, it’s a good’un!

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Make Up For Ever Launches Foundation Nation Campaign: How To Find The Right Foundation Shade To Match Your Skin Tone, Formula

Is your current foundation shade your true match? Or are you struggling to figure your best color match? Should you use a liquid, cream or powder foundation? Apply with a  brush? Sponge? Take a stand! From September 20th – October 5th, Make Up For Ever is launching their Foundation Nation campaign to help women everywhere […]

Tale As Old As Time: Just Look At The L’Oreal Beauty & The Beast Makeup Collection!

I know I’m 34 years old, but I’m just not over the phenomenon that is Beauty and the Beast just yet. The original was released back in 1991 when I was barely nine years old, but I can still remember the songs practically word-for-world and continue to dream of having a dress as beautiful (and yellow) as Belle’s in that classic scene; there’s something about the emotion that’s attached to such a tale that still puts a smile on my face. Skip forward over 25 years and this iconic story is about to get a new lease of live via the live action version, starring our very own Hermoine Granger. (My inner Potter-nerd is probably happier about that than it should be.) It’s not even due to hit cinemas for another month, but the merchandise has already started to go into overdrive to tickle our tastebuds and get us in the mood for the big event. Although I may be too old for plastic dolls and princess dresses, I’m definitely not past the stage of wanting a piece of Beauty and the Beast lipstick – so when I discovered that L’Oreal were launching a 14-piece collection to celebrate the launch, I almost peed myself with excitement. The only downside is that it’s exclusively available in Italy, but thanks to an Amazon Prime account I was able to buy it and ship the collection over in a couple of days! Hoorah!

First things first: the collection includes seven lipsticks and seven coordinating nail polishes, which together set me back around £90.00. That works out about £6.40 each, with the bonus that they’re all packed in a special edition keepsake box; they’re not cheap, but together it’s not insanely expensive if you’re obsessed with the film franchise or just simply want a piece of makeup history. Each of the main characters each have their own lipstick and polish (including Belle, Beast, Mrs Potts, Cogsworth, Lumiere, the featherduster and the rose) which are adorned with designs that correspond to their character. Unfortunately the designs aren’t printed onto the packaging itself, but instead are stickers that have been applied over the top; I can only assume that this is why the range hasn’t been brought over to the UK, as it’s not the same standard we’re used to seeing from L’Oreal (even if the stickers are good quality and textured, as well as featuring embossed metallic touches.) Nevertheless, the overall effect is somewhat magical and definitely makes me feel like this is something to be treasured for years to come.

The collection includes a number of bold shades, including a classic red and power pink, alongside a more wearable chocolate brown and nude tone. I would’ve liked to see more of a spectrum (there feels like there’s a lot of red, perhaps because of the Italian market?) but they’re all very wearable and universal in appeal – just like the nail polishes. (That navy blue!) Personally I don’t get why the Cogsworth products aren’t a beautiful brown colour, nor why there’s a very random featherduster (not a main character in my opinion) and slightly tacky lipstick mark design, but the rest of the range definitely leaves me feeling pleased with my purchase. Thankfully the box everything is held in absolutely met my expectations, providing a covetable and great quality outer in which to store the makeup items within (because you know these aren’t meant to be actually used!) I do wish that there were token limited edition Beauty and the Beast lipsticks and polishes available in the UK, especially because the rose version is so pretty, but alas… Maybe the fact you can’t get hold of them makes it all the more lustworthy? I’m definitely in the mood for a Be Our Guest marathon now, even if I can’t bring myself to actually apply the polish! Continue reading