Weekly Window Shop: Behind Closed Doors

Needless to say there’s not much in the way of extreme sexiness going on behind my closed doors at the moment – I’m now at the inflated-water-balloon-strapped-to-front-of-the-body stage of pregnancy and am also permanently knackered. However, the nights are drawing in, winter is coming and all of our minds are (mostly) turned to hibernation and/or spending more time in the bedroom. Without this post becoming some sort of Ann Summers erotic short story, I thought I’d round up some brilliantly decadent things (and a few frivolities) for those who are seduced by the idea of turning in early…

coco de mer massage figment

Coco de Mer Massage Candle, £35 from Selfridges here. I haven’t managed to get my mitts on this yet, but the scent description is right up my alley: sweet figs, heady orange blossom. Yes please. I always thought that massage candles would be a bit of a faff, but I’ve tried the ones from Oskia and Janjira and they work really well – warm oil, a lovely scented room…

luxury body cream If you’ve just given the candle idea a quick think-over and still said “nah, melting candles, too much faff” then I can highly recommend Jo Malone’s Oud & Bergamot Body Creme. (Find it here.) It’s a hefty £60 but the cream is so decadent and rich and the sultry scent is one of my all-time favourites.

lace bodysuit decadent lingerie

What to dress in after the sumptuous application of said body creme? The Triumph Amourette 300 Bodysuit: racy-lacy lingerie, in a non-flammable, classy sort of way. I actually have this bodysuit, and in the two week period when my post-partum figure was just getting good (before BAM! pregnant again) I wore it a couple of times to make myself feel like a femme fatale. Looks amazing peeking out from under a shirt that’s (possibly) unbuttoned one button too far. You can find it online here – it’s £65.

margot robbie la perla slip

Which is a hell of a lot easier on the bank balance than my other sexy number: the Maison Slip from La Perla. I actually have this too, in a slightly different colour, though I have never, ever worn it. I bought it on a mad hormone-fuelled shopping trip when I was pregnant last time, thinking I’d wear it as a celebratory sort of thing when the baby was born, not realising that it would be another year before I’d stopped ruining everything with leaked milk. Oh the glamour! One day, people, one day: I’ll slip on this slip and look just like Margot Robbie in Wolf of Wall Street, which was the film that made me go into La Perla in the first place…

margot robbie la perla

The slip costs an unspeakable amount of money here, if you fancy re-enacting your own Leonardo/Margot scene.

rosie cashmere pyjama set

For those who would rather be piling on the cashmere than stripping off the layers, may I suggest the Pure Cashmere Pyjama set by Rosie for Marks and Spencer? I would wear this OUT of the house, never mind in bed! Look at that chunky jumper! Lush. It comes in champagne, for those who don’t eat chocolate under the duvet, or black, for those who like to look like the Milk Tray man. And look: it’s not cheap – you can find it online here – but I’ve felt the cashmere and I can imagine that wearing this pyjama set would be like wearing clouds.

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Topshop Bare Nude Eyes Cream Eyeshadow

Topshop Bare Nude Eyes Cream EyeshadowTopshop Bare Nude Eyes Cream EyeshadowTopshop Bare Nude Eyes Cream EyeshadowTopshop Bare Nude Eyes Cream Eyeshadow

Topshop Bare Nude Eyes Cream Eyeshadow – £8 – Feelunique

Whilst perusing the Feelunique website a few weeks back, I came across the Topshop Nude Eyes Cream Eyeshadows and I had a little look online to see if I could see any swatches to see what they were like, but I couldn’t find any so I figured that they were new. I am a sucker for a cream eyeshadow so I decided to buy one and I opted for the shade ‘Bare’ as it looked like a matte, almost pinky toned brown from the swatch photo. When it arrived, I was shocked to see how tiny it was.. we’re talking tiny tiny. 2 grams tiny, which I think is pretty shocking for £8, especially when you consider that the Maybelline Color Tattoo’s are 4 grams and almost half the price.

The Nude Eyes Cream Shadow is packaged within a small, glass pot with a matte black lid which screws nice and tight to prevent the shadow from drying out. This might sound like a strange observation to make, but the cream shadow has a toffee scent to it which I think is really weird but nevertheless, it’s there. When I unscrewed the lid, I was really surprised by the shade staring back at me as it wasn’t even remotely similar to the image Topshop had uploaded. The matte pinky toned brown was infact a light brown contain gold shimmer, which is very pretty, but it looks nothing like the photo.

The shadow feels very different to the Maybelline Color Tattoos or MAC Paint Pots, as it has a thick gel like consistency with a little going a long way. I’ve found that the best way to apply the shadow is with my finger tip as the warmth works better than a brush, and it dries almost instantly once applied to the lid so you don’t get a lot of time to blend it in. Once on the eyes, it stays put all day long without creasing or fading and that’s without a primer too. I am so impressed with the formulation of this shadow that I would love to try some of the other shades within the range, but the price tag really puts me off as 2g for £8 isn’t great but it really is a gorgeous eyeshadow.

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