Castello di Casole: a Luxury Tuscan Disneyland.

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Ciao! I went on a little trip to Tuscany last month and it was wonderful. I hadn’t been to Tuscany for almost twenty years (the last time was a school trip when I was fourteen, we did a big tour starting in Florence and ending down in Sorrento, via Rome and Pompeii and Naples) and I had forgotten how utterly beautiful the countryside is. Just breathtaking. Mr AMR and I started our Tuscany trip at a lovely little hotel called Poggio Piglia; I was reviewing it for Mr & Mrs Smith and you can see my write-up on that here. I’ve done a few bits of secret reviewing for Mr & Mrs Smith now – I really enjoy it. I have to stay anonymous until checking-out time, at which point I reveal my true identity, along with some jazz hands “ta-dah!” style waving, and hope to God that the hotel do me a nice discount on the bar bill. (Joke. Though it is usually quite a big bar bill… )

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After Poggio Piglia, we drove across the Tuscan countryside to Castello di Casole, a luxury resort just outside of Siena, but I have to say that the journey itself was one of the most spectacular parts of the whole trip. The scenery was amazing! We drove via Montepulciano (above and below) and Pienza and played the soundtracks from Gladiator and The English Patient as we went along, because both films were shot in the area and I do like a location-appropriate soundtrack. (Batman in Chicago, Amelie when I’m pootling around Paris, you get the picture. Everyone does this, surely? If they don’t, then they should – it’s like walking about in your very own movie set!)

narrow street in montepulciano tuscany

Montepulciano is a must-see, if you’re in Tuscany; a medieval walled town with tiny narrow streets and the most incredible views from the outer wall. It also has a Torture Museum but I’d rather not talk about that (it made me feel nauseous and faint, especially the death-by-impalement part) – again, feel free to read my travel review over on Mr and Mrs Smith. But onwards, troops, onwards through the rolling hills and then up a tree-lined road to the magical, secluded Castello di Casole.

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Vlog: A House Update

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One for those who have been desperate to see my house renovation progress – a quick peep at my new front door, cladding, kitchen and master bedroom. I’m so sorry, I did mean to do a whole video series on the house but most of the work that was worth filming started to happen when I was very heavily pregnant, and then Baby AMR came along…

Maybe I’ll do a proper video series once I’m back in? I did record bits of video throughout, and took lots of photos, so it could still work as a retrospective kind of thing. Anyway, here’s the update – for your reference, the kitchen is from ALNO, the en suite tiles are from Abbey Tiles in Waltham Abbey and the wallpapers in the master bedroom are by Cole & Son (Hexagons) and Zoffany (Wild Silk in Bronze). The front door is from the brilliant people at Associated Glass in Loughton, and the cladding has been made and fitted by our building contractors, Mason Construction. I’ve linked to their websites – the wallpaper can be found at John Lewis online, we ordered from Brewers.

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Ciate Advent Calendar 2014

Ciate advent calender

Ciate advent calender

Don’t shoot the messenger! Just saying that the wait list for the Ciate Advent Calendar 2014 has already started at Selfridges HERE. The official name is Ciate Mini Mani Manor with 24 days worth of polish treats. There’s no news on the price yet, but I’ll keep you posted. I think this year is going to be Battle Of The Beauty Advent Calendars!

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Think Pink! Spring Inspired Tutorial!

Hi guys, I wanted to apologise for being MIA over the past few weeks! Things have been pretty crazy and i’ve been working so hard with my Advertising course, job, youtube, instagram, and blog that I just needed to take some time off! I Promise i’ll give you all a big life update very soon.

In the meantime, Spring is finally upon us! Can you believe it?
I wanted to share a Spring Inspired make up tutorial with you all. I’m so in love with Halo Eyes, and this pinktastic look just needed that little bit of glitter to finish it off.
Here’s the full tutorial if you’d like to try it yourself!

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