What I’m Wearing: Silky Shirt-Dress and Candy Stripe Shoes

michael kors navy silk dress

This silk shirt dress from Michael Kors is definitely going to be one of my staple wardrobe pieces this summer. It looks really smart and well-structured but it’s so light and cool! The perfect dress for days when you need to make an effort but it’s absolutely sweltering outside. Most of the dresses that I throw on when it’s hot tend to be cotton and tent-like, so I think it’s good to have at least one presentable option!

michael kors silk shirt dress

I’ve accessorised it with these cool candy-stripe ribbon wedges from UGG and a white leather clutch from Michael Kors. A nod to the nautical theme, I suppose, with all of that navy and white and red and stripes, but the dress has definitely got a touch of something else going on as well. Safari chic? A bit of military? Gold buttons, rolled-up sleeves… The leather belt comes with the dress; it has to be done up and looped casually around itself in a very specific way. There’s even a little instruction card included to make sure you don’t style it the wrong way! God forbid.

model fashion blog post

Everything shown (apart from the sunnies) is from online fashion store Zalando*. The Michael Kors Dolman dress is on sale at the moment, £215 instead of £250 (here); the UGG striped wedges are £120 (here) and the Michael Kors Daria Clutch is £125 (here). The Daria comes in a few different colours, I also really love the hot pink one and the coral. I think that each of the pieces that make up the outfit will work really well with other things – the dress looks great with flat sandals as well as heels and the UGG wedges look brilliant with shorts. I just think that the shoes are very cheery and fun – you can’t really be in a bad mood and stomp about when you’re wearing red stripy wedges, it wouldn’t be right!

ruth crilly outfit post

Zalando asked me to choose and style this summer outfit from their online store. I hadn’t been on Zalando before, but I was (pleasantly) surprised to see that they have a huge range of brands at different price points – everything from high street to very high end. It’s like having The Outnet and ASOS/ on the same page, sort of. So you can search “black shoes”, for example, and hundreds of pairs will come up – the cheapest at £12 and the most expensive at over £800! I quite like this way of shopping; if you’re searching for a whole outfit you can decide which part of it you want to splash the cash on or where you would rather save your pennies. You can also get a £10 voucher if you sign up to the newsletters- I didn’t realise this until after I’d placed my order, but if you want to get the voucher in advance then it’s here.

You can browse the store here: Zalando.co.uk

Take a look at more fashion posts here – I’m going to be putting together a summer lookbook (Spring one seemed to be a success) so you’ll be seeing these bits and pieces from Zalando again! PS: I have no foundation on in these pictures. Gorgeous bronzed skin is courtesy of the new Elemis face tanner I’ve been testing out! Review tomorrow.

*Zalando have kindly sponsored this post.

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Let’s Chat: An #AskBenefit Twitter Party!

We’ve almost hit 2 weeks since the official launch of they’re real! push-up liner! Were you one of the firsts to purchase? Did you order yours from Birchbox.com? Well then—we’ve got a treat for you! We’ve partnered with Birchbox to host an exclusive Twitter party with our they’re real! push-up liner pro & global beauty authority Annie Ford-Danielson. So line up those questions and tweet in, ladies!


WHAT: A they’re real! push-up liner Twitter party with @Birchbox

WHEN: Tuesday, July 8, 2014 from 1-2pm PT

WHERE: On Twitter! 

HOW: Follow @BenefitBeauty & @Birchbox on Twitter, and join in the conversation under the #AskBenefit hashtag. To comment & enter to win prizes, be sure to log into your Twitter account.

Talk to you then, gorgeous! xo

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USA Beauty Haul! Credo + Sephora + More!

It’s been nearly a month since my trip to San Fransisco! I canny believe it! I had an incredible time – it was my first ever trip to the USA and I basically ate all the food and bought all the things. Obv.

One of my most anticipated stops for beauty was Credo Beauty A.K.A Heaven. I had quite the list for myself, and for a few other people too, and in the end I got what is pictured above. There was much deliberation, and I wanted 1000 more things of course, but I’m not made of money 😉

I have wanted to try Marie Veronique for so, so long, so I headed straight for her shelf and picked up the Pre + Probiotic Mist. A hydrating coconut water mist with a microbiotic complex and many other goodies. I am loving it so far!
I also needed a new eyeliner and from their vast selection the Antonym Cosmetics Eye Pencil in Noir stood out to me the most; it’s buttery soft, black as can be and vegan. It’s a dream! I will be so sad when it runs out as there isn’t a UK stockist… yet??
I did want to try the Ultra-Hydrating Shampoo from Acure, but as it was out of stock I thought I would try the Clarifying Shampoo instead. I am loving this so far, it has made my hair so shiny after every use. I would still prefer to try the hydrating to benefit my bleached ends more, but will have to order from iherb in the new year, and I’ll try the conditioner too!
Lastly, I picked up two travel sized charcoal deodorants from Kaia Naturals. I was going to get a full size but when I saw the adorable minis I couldn’t resist because then I could try two scents instead of one! I chose Lime Mint and Juicy Bamboo.

And that’s all! I did forget a few things, but I was so overwhelmed and having good chats with everyone in the store, so all is forgiven 😉

I also stopped at Sephora, obviously, and made a beeline for Bite. I wasn’t sure what I wanted but ended up coming away with a Matte Lip Creme Crayon in the shade Fraise, a beautiful red with orange undertones. Not the best for making your teeth look whiter, but I love it none the less. Red scares me, but I think I’ve been quite brave wearing this regularly 😉

I got the ILIA Mini Tinted Lip Conditioner set from Anthropologie for 30% off! Thanks black Ffriday weekend deals 😉 This set comes with a different colour to the more expensive mini set that comes with a purse, and the tiny lipsticks are so freakin’ adorable.

I then picked up the Herbivore Blue Clay Soap from an Urban Outfitters, as I’m about to run out of my Osmia soap and this was $10 cheaper.

When in Wholefoods I finally came across Andalou Naturals and had to pick up some of their sheet masks because they sound so good. I can’t wait to use them, but the single use-ness of a sheet mask upsets me – what if it’s utterly awesome and I can’t get them again?? I also found more Acure haircare so I could have got the hydrating shampoo after all! I should have bought it, silly me, but instead I picked up the Deep Root Conditioner which I’ve only used once so far and it seem’s to be quite good!.

And that’s all! The rest of my money went on vegan snacks to bring home, lots of those little seaweed snacks (WHY are they not an easily accessible thing over here?!) chocolate and funny flavoured crisps. Oh and I bought an oven glove and a hat, too

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The Sunday Tittle Tattle: Good Legs and Crazy Cats

best cat toys

1) I bought Mr Bear some new catnip toys – sardines squished into a tin! I find this “Yeowww!” brand to be the best, the cat nip lasts for ages and the designs are fun. Which doesn’t matter to the cat, who would go completely out-of-this-world crazy whatever the stuff looked like, so long as the wacky weed was inside, but it pleases me. I get the annoyingly-named “Yeowwww!” stuff from Amazon but I’m pretty sure you can get it in pet shops too. They do a banana that’s quite good, though the dog got hold of that one and now it’s leaking ‘erbs all over the place.

elemis face and body qvc

2) Elemis have an offer on QVC today – the Love Your Skin face and body collection. It includes the Pro-Radiance Cream Cleanser that doesn’t officially launch until next year, as well as the Pro Collagen Marine Cream and a load of other lovely bits. I don’t have a price at time of writing (Friday) but the TSVs are usually great value and not to be missed if you’re an Elemis fan. You can click here to check the offer if I haven’t yet updated this page.

3) I bought the “side double elastic” leggings from Topshop and I think that they must be the sturdiest and thickest leggings I’ve tried to date. (I haven’t tried to actually date any leggings; I mean “so far”. Just so we’re clear.) They give me instant “good legs”. The waistband doesn’t look incredibly flattering on the website pics but these are basically high-waisted ponte skinny-fit trousers rather than traditional leggings: you could just about get away with wearing them as an actual garment. Unlike most of the semi-sheer crappy leggings that are offered up on the high street, which basically have to be treated as tights. Extra bonus: these leggings seem to pull everything in and are on the generous side, length-wise, so legs look long and lean. Find them for twenty quid here. They fit just about true to size but if you’re between sizes, go with the smaller option.

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dexter and the bear

4) Pets, above. Photo is entitled: When Everything in My Life is the Same Colour.

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