May Favourites

may beauty favoruites

It has been a month of disappointments, beauty-wise; face creams that didn’t cut the mustard, shampoos that ended up in the charity pile and a weird waterproof-mascara-remover that looked like an actual mascara (you brush it on from root to tip and leave the oils to dissolve your makeup) but failed to do the job on my lashes both times I tested it out. Sigh.

So finding my favourites has been rather labour intensive – there have been dozens and dozens of rejects for every good discovery – and a couple of this month’s featured products are actually not that new. The Suqqu Moisture Mask, for example, which has bulldozed its way back into a favourites video due to its sheer magnificence in the hydration department, and the Nail Tinted Moisturisers from Butter London, smart little low-key polishes that I’ve been using for quite a few months.

But my round-the-clock beauty testing has paid off (ha! oh the dedication) and there are a few proper gems in this video that I know I’ll be using for years to come. The lightweight Hydra Beauty Lotion from Chanel is a sort of essence-serum that really gives a brilliant moisture boost –  you’ll be sick of hearing about by the end of the week, because it’s in tomorrow’s post as well. The Royal Oil from Too Faced is new to me but has gone straight into the drawer for must-have body-finishing products. It’s holiday skin in a bottle – glowy, gorgeously scented and with just a hint of a tint, excellent for adding polish to legs and arms.

Bioderma Anti-UV Mist:

Chanel Hydra Beauty Lotion Very Moist:

Suqqu Moisture Mask:

Avon ANEW Clinical Peel Pads:

Butter Sheer Wisdom Nail Tinted Moisturiser:

KURE Nail Polish in Nude:…

Hair colour by Nicola Clarke at John Frieda London Aldford Street:…

M&S Josh Woods Blonde Haircare:

Marc Jabocs Highliner in Rococoa:

Bare Minerals Translucent Powder Duo: out in July! I’ll put it on video for a close-up before then.. In the US it’s here:

Too Faced Royal Oil:

Lola Dress from Whistles:

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Gold Glitter Smokey Eye Makeup Tutoria

Hi darlings! in this tutorial I’m going to show you how to create a gorgeous and sultry gold glitter smokey eye, its super quick and easy and perfect for clubbing, prom night or special occasions where you want super glam makeup! you could also swap it out from a nude lip to a dark lip to amp the look up even more, I hope you enjoy! xox


Max Factor Skin Luminizer in Bronze
Maybelline Concealer in Sand
Benefit Hoola Bronzer
Hourglass Ambient Powder Wardrobe
Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Dark Brown
Kevyn Aucoin Blush in Dolline
The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer to highlight

Urban Decay Eye Primer
MAC Eyeshadow Chamomile
MAC Eyeshadow Soft Brown
MAC Eyeshadow Texture
MAC Eyeshadow Swiss Chocolate
Chi Chi Cosmetics Glitter Eyeliner in Rose Gold
Maybelline Brown Kohl Eye Pencil
Elizabeth Arden Grand Entrance Mascara
ESQIDO Lashes in Lashlorette
DUO Dark Eyelash Glue
NYX Soft Brown Lip Pencil

Colorful Festival Hair & Makeup! ♡ DIY Pink, Purple & Blue Hair Extensions

Splat Colorizer Five Minute Color Toning Conditioner in Bossy Blue
Splat Colorizer Five Minute Color Toning Conditioner in Violet Vixen
Splat Colorizer Five Minute Color Toning Conditioner in Pushy Pink
Cheap Trademe Superior Hair Extensions
Bare Minerals Prime Time
Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation
Kexyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer
LA Girl Pro Conceal
MAC Studio Fix Powder
DB Pro Contour Kit
Guerlain Terra Tropica Bronzer
BH Cosmetics Shaaanxo Palette
Makeup Revolution Rose Gold Metal Shadow
Colourpop Gel Liner in Piggy Bank, Descanso
Makeup Geek Chit Chat Eyeshadow
MAC Blacktrack
Urban Decay Chill Setting Spray
xoBeauty The Chic Eyelashes
Ardell Lash Glue Latex Free
Max Factor Glamour Extensions Mascara
Chi Chi Brow Pomade
Eyeko Brow Gel
Jeffree Star Im Nude Liquid Lipstick
Gerard Cosmetics Ballet Slipper Hydra Matte
Benefit Brow Bling
3CE Eyeliner in Wow Pink

Blender Sponge (COMING SO SOON!!)
Tapered Eye Brush
Powder Brush
Medium Face Brush
Dense Fibre Brush
Contour Fan Brush
Tapered Fibre Brush
Crease Blender Brush
Eyeshadow Brush
Shimmer Fan Brush
Girlactik Angled Liner Brush
Eyeliner Brush
Eyebrow Groomer Brush

Sunday Tittle Tattle: Editing a Novel in 75,000 Easy Steps

editing a novel

I wrote a novel, years ago, when I was doing my Master’s Degree, and I thought that it was about time I finished it off. Because what sort of madman writes a novel and then does nothing with it? We’re talking  over 160,000 words here; admittedly it’s not War and Peace, but it did take a bloody long time!

So this week I set about editing my novel. At first it was very exciting; it was like reading a book written by someone else, because – although I remembered the basic plot and the essential facts about the characters – I had completely forgotten most of the finer details. Twists in the plot would take me completely by surprise, bits of dialogue made me laugh out loud; it was like being reunited with an old, familiar friend but having to re-learn all of their quirks and idiosyncrasies.

And then things got rather difficult. And I suddenly recalled why I had shelved the blasted book in the first place; I had managed to tie myself into a tangle of plot-lines that made absolutely no sense, and trying to unpick it had evidently been far too much effort. Sitting here now, with the draft versions of chapters 21 to 31 minimised on my desktop and with three new documents entitled “New Plot Plan”, “NEW New Plot Plan” and “NEW New Plot Plan 2” open in front of me, I can tell you that attempting to untangle nearly a third of a novel is as frustrating as wading through quicksand with sieves on your feet.

People refer to “editing” as though it’s one step, but I actually think that it’s far more complicated and lengthy than the writing stage. Writing is thrilling – the world (or blank page) is your oyster. You’re creating new characters and new settings, you’re imagining events and shuffling everything around at whim, you’re killing people off left right and centre, cutting their strings like some sort of despotic puppet master. I now see that the editing process is more akin to a clean-up job than anything else. It’s the Glastonbury aftermath. It’s a caretaker going into a student common room after the sixth form have had a boozy leaving party – rolling his eyes as he finds sick on the ceiling and a pair of lacy pants pinned to the dart board. It’s Winston Wolf in Pulp Fiction sorting out two buffoons in an out-of-control situation. As I plough through my drafts, I feel like the only adult on a toddlers’ trip to the zoo – I’m trying to watch multiple stories unfold whilst keep a grasp on the main event and at the same time stop a gang of unruly two year olds from falling into the bear pit. I have characters who have been left swinging from the monkey bars with no way of jumping down, plot-lines that have run away into the distance with totally unsuitable partners and an overarching problem with my theme, which appears to have drunk a bottle of whiskey and fallen asleep in an empty bathtub. All of these things need reining in but I can’t change one thing without having to retrace all of my steps and amend everything else. This editing lark isn’t a one-step process, it’s about 75,000!

Anyway, I’ll update you when it’s all done and dusted. It’s possible that nobody in their right mind would ever want to publish thirty-ish chapters of farcical mayhem, but only time will tell. Maybe I’ll publish it on here, chapter by chapter, like they used to in the Victorian times. Ooh, that would be a troll’s dream, wouldn’t it? Imagine the comments! The one thing that is keeping me focused is the fact that I’m using my old Macbook Air to edit on – it’s not connected to the internet (would be easily done but can’t be bothered to find the code) and so distractions have been kept to a minimum.

(For those who are interested, the MA I did was at Royal Holloway. You need to have a first degree already to be considered, but if you don’t have a degree and want a brilliant creative writing course to get you inspired and (more importantly) productive, then I can vouch for nearly all of them at the Open University. I got quite addicted to their courses and they are usually online, which is always convenient.)

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Weekly Window Shop: Too Nice To Burn…

the best luxury candles

Every week I develop some sort of online shopping obsession; sometimes it’s a glitzy dress that I’m on the hunt for, other times it’s rubbery protective corners for the edges of my tables and shelves. (Watch out, crazy baby on the loose!) This week I’ve been rounding up the best, most decorative candles. You know, the ones you’ll never want to burn because the jars are so beautiful and the wax is so gorgeously scented and the thought of getting to the bottom is just unbearable…

interesting candles

First on the lust-list: anything from No.22 Candles. I love the cable knit effect on the outside of the jars and this warm, homely aesthetic is continued into the scents too – BookshelfLaundry RoomWoodstove. Very different, very new and there’s a bespoke service available, if you want something absolutely unique… You can find No.22 online here and at Liberty here.

interesting luxury candles

Bella Freud’s Ginsberg is God candle – one for the sleek, cool interior. I adore the Fig Leaf and Tomato scent; it’s green and earthy but slightly sweet at the same time. Very evocative of my childhood years, for some reason, though I can never quite pinpoint why. Maybe my Grandad’s greenhouse. At any rate, it’s amazing and the glassware would make a great brush or eye pencil holder once the candle has burnt out. £40 at Cult Beauty.

fornasetti ortensia candle

Fornasetti’s Ortensia Rose, Iris and Orange Blossom candle is more than just a candle, it’s a small work of art. The scent is absolutely beautiful, but it’s the decorative ceramic holder that you’ll want to show off. Fornasetti create the most striking designs – they are always a talking point. And that’s before you’ve even put match to candle wick and released the fragrance… Fornasetti candles are £115 here.

baies diptyque giant candle

If Batman had a scented candle (I love my Batman beauty fantasies – hairbrushes, nail polishes, lipsticks, I can imagine him with all sorts of things) then it would be this whopper of a Baies candle from Diptyque. Who an earth wouldn’t want this gracing their garden patio or outdoor terrace or bijoux balcony in the Marais? Baies is a classic Diptyque scent and the jet black earthenware holder is just unutterably chic. Better get saving if you want one of these, it’s sort of the ultimate candle indulgence, though it does weigh in at one and a half kilos! It’s £180 here.

mrs todd candle figs in the forest

Finally, a delectable fig scent from Mrs Todd’s candles: Figs in the Forest. I wrote about my friend’s start-up business here, but since then things have gone from strength to strength for Mrs Todd and there’s even a website to browse. Figs in the Forest has had nearly every visitor to my house asking what the gorgeous smell is – and the candle they’re talking about hasn’t even been lit! You can order scent samples and browse the candles online here. The luxury candles are handmade and cost £28 each.

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