The Glowing Skin “Makeup Dream Team”…

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There were quite a few people asking about my skin in my latest videos, so I thought I’d quickly run through the makeup I had on. It was a bit of a glowing skin “Dream Team” to be quite honest – all of the below photographs were taken with just natural daylight (they usually are, if it’s a natural makeup look) and you can see that there’s a real bit of luminosity going on.

I started with the Laura Mercier Radiance Primer (find it here – I know I keep banging on and on about it, but it’s bloody brilliant!) and then I went in with Max Factor’s Skin Luminizer Foundation (here) over the top, just a very light buffing in as it’s quite comprehensive coverage and I find I don’t need too much of it. That foundation is quite glowy in itself, so paired with the primer it was all rather luminous!

More nude makeup finds…

I finished off with Chanel Les Beiges in shade 30 (online here) to add a very, very light healthy sunkiss (could also have used my newly-found Guerlain Joli Teint for this) and a touch of soft contour.

Skin before and afters, in case you’d like to have a closer look:

ruth crilly model beauty blogger

ruth crilly model recommends

I love how the makeup has taken away shine, but added glow. If that makes any sense? There’s just a really lovely healthiness to the look – a “real skin” effect. What do you think? I should point out that in the very top picture I also have some mascara on and I think that I used some Gimme Brow stuff, too (watch my demo here), but I have been filming so much recently (stockpiling so that I can actually have some maternity leave!) that I keep forgetting exactly what I’ve used…

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Trial: Eucerin Hyaluron-Filler CC Cream #ad

skincare review

My latest skincare trial has been an interesting one; the new Hyaluron-Filler CC Cream from Eucerin. I must say that my heart sank, somewhat, when I heard the phrase “CC Cream” – I’ve tried so many claggy, thick versions lately and had no desire to plaster another one on my face – but an initial test showed Eucerin’s offering to be quite dramatically different. For a start, it felt very lightweight and fresh – almost the consistency you’d expect from a gel or gel-cream product – but at the same time it was incredibly moisturising.

And so away I went with my sample of the Hyaluron-Filler CC Cream to give it a thorough testing. I’ve been using it quite regularly for a few weeks, now, and I think it’s telling that I’ve been wearing it way above and beyond the amount I’d need to use it to give it a proper test. I’ve tried it in just about every way imaginable – with moisturiser, without moisturiser, layered over serum, under foundation, buffed on with a brush, blended with fingertips, finished with a quick dusting of Chanel’s Les Beiges or Hourglass Ambient Lighting powder…

They key thing that stood out for me with the Hyaluron-Filler was that it felt so intensely hydrating. Even used without a moisturiser underneath the CC Cream spread easily and blended out beautifully, feeling very plumping and comfortable. If I needed a moisturiser at all, then it was just a light one – on most mornings I’d simply layer the CC over a serum. I suppose this should have come as no surprise, really, because the name of the product kind of gives things away: Hyaluron-Filler. It’s formulated with Hyaluronic Acid, which helps to prevent moisture loss from the skin and make everything look a lot plumper and filled out, as well as working on wrinkles and fine lines to prevent them deepening. As far as ingredients go, a nice visible-anti-ager – it definitely brings some juiciness and life back into my sleep-deprived skin!

eucerin hyaluron-filler cc cream review

So anti-wrinkle properties, then, but what about the makeup element of the CC Cream? Well, it’s quite a sheer coverage cream but for me the benefit is in the way that the Hyaluron-Filler corrects and evens-out the tone, rather than providing a full-face base. As you know, I’m a champion of the “barely there” makeup look – at least on my days off! A few years ago I might have just gone completely makeup free, but I do find now that my skin needs a bit of a boost – a sheeny glow, a hint of a tint – to make it look healthy and well-rested. I like that I can very quickly apply the CC with fingertips without having to be overly careful about tide-marks and so on; this is easy and convenient complexion perfecting. Sheeny, tone-correcting and with a shot of warm colour. I’ve put more than I need on my forehead below so that you can see the tone: Continue reading

Sunday Tittle Tattle: Takeaways, Beauty Ingredients and Perfumed Baths

house renovation

I’m writing this post a few days in advance because – DRUMROLL! – this weekend I should be moving back into my house! I say should – who knows what might happen between now (Thursday) and the weekend. But the carpets have been laid, the water and electricity are back on and my bed (complete with television that rises from the end, don’t ask, Mr AMR’s insistence) is set up and ready to be slept in. So long as the mattress arrives on time. I can’t even tell you what an enormous relief it will be to finally step through the front door and throw my bag down messily in the hallway. (I’ve put that bit to wind up Mr AMR in case he’s reading. Of course in reality I am going to be so tidy from this moment on. Of course.) Once I’m in there will be lots of interiors and renovations posts for those who are interested – those who aren’t can by all means skip them and stick with the beauty. Watch this space.

caroline hirons ingredients labels

I forgot to mention when this it first published, but if you are into knowing more about how your beauty products are formulated, then skincare guru Caroline Hirons has written a very quick and easy guide. She talks about how to read ingredients lists and spot the good and the – potentially – not so good. You can find the page on her website here. I thought that it was very enlightening and useful.

thai beef salad

Talking about good and bad ingredients: whilst living in Hertford (temporary accommodation number five, very kindly provided by my amazing cousin Anna!) I found a couple of really great takeaway places. Mr AMR and I have been eating a terrible diet for the past few months, partly because we are always on the move but mainly because we have become incredibly lazy.

So, so lazy.

Anyway, if you’re after a good curry place in Hertford (I realise that this information has very limited appeal to many of you, sorry!) then the Ruby is great, and if you fancy Thai then I can’t say enough good things about Baan Thitiya. Everything is so fresh and nicely cooked and the spicy beef salad is a thing of utter glory. If only all takeaway food was as good as this – unfortunately, during our little “time out” from healthy eating, there have been far more dinner disasters than successes. One meal in particular, from a Chinese takeaway in Saffron Walden, was virtually inedible. So. Hurrah for the good ones – keep up the tasty work!

floris macmillan

A luxury bath buy that sees a £35 donation go to the Macmillan Cancer Support charity, Floris’ Rose Geranium bath essence is a double-win kind of situation. These weeny little bottles of bath fragrance are incredibly posh – you only need one or two drops and the whole bathroom is left beautifully fragranced. (My Mum has the White Rose one. Or had. I used most of it when I stayed at her house for a month! Ssh.) If you’re after an alternative to the aromatherapy oils and just want some luxurious scent then this is the stuff to go for. The Floris website is here.

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Custom-Designed Under the Gunn Aprons!

And so it goes, ladies. Project Runway: Under the Gunn has come to an end. What are we supposed to do with our Thursday nights now? We’ll deal with our sorrows offline, but in case you missed it, Oscar Garcia-Lopez & Nick Verreos took home fashion gold on the final runway. And just in case you totally spaced, an additional prize for winning the fashion challenge was having the honor to design an apron for our Benefit Beauty Artists!

Now let us discuss! Oscar created an amazing pattern that was inspired by our boutique wallpaper—it’s a perfect blend of his personal style & Benefit’s fun energy. He worked closely with our creative teams during the process, and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. He even printed it with his signature at the bottom!

Here’s a first look at Oscar’s original sketch! Um, amazing.


And, drumroll, please …. Here’s Nick & Oscar modeling the final designs in our SoHo boutique! Can you say adorable?


Make sure you visit a Benefit counter to see if your local Beauty Artist is wearing hers!

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Free Clinique Chubby At Selfridges! #spons

Curvy Candy

; February is the dreariest month of the year so Clinique are brightening things up for us with a spectacular give-away at Selfridges Oxford Street. Mark your diaries, book your dental appointments (cough), because on Wednesday 11th February, as soon as the doors open, head to the Clinique counter where you will be given, for nothing, no purchase necessary, no strings or hooks, a completely free Clinique Chubby Stuck Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm in Curvy Candy (above). Doors open at 9.30 and there are 2,000 complimentary Chubby Sticks to take away. This isn’t the first time that Clinique has done this and it’s just such a lovely thing to do – they’re calling it the Clinique Smile Event and for good reason, who isn’t going to come out with a smile on their face having just received a surprise gift? I’m smiling already I’d love to see more brands doing this – putting the happy into beauty, just because. Let me know if you manage to get hold of one!

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