August Favourites / Market Research

favourite beauty products august

The August Favourites are in – but I have a burning question before you start devouring the various little beauty morsels I’ve prepared. It concerns video “thumbnails” (those little pictures that appear along with the title so that you know vaguely what you’re about to watch) and – more specifically – the types of thumbnail that grab your attention.

Now I’ve always assumed that people like to see me, preferably wearing a smarmy grin and grasping a product in my hand like a QVC presenter, but recently my confidence in this has wavered. Wouldn’t a still life photograph be more chic, more representative of the content people are about to see? I think to myself. Would a beautiful close-up picture of a Chanel lipstick be more enticing than yet another photo of my face, hair scraped back, skin looking moon-like against a dark grey background?

august favourites

Tell me, my ever-brilliant sounding board: which of the pictures on this page would make you more likely to click through and watch a video on “favourite products”? A photo of the products (top) or a photo of my face (above)? I’ve added a little voting app on the page, to make things easier:

Which thumbnail image would most convince you to click on today’s video?

And now that I’ve rinsed you for some valuable information and insight, it’s time for the August Favourites. Settle in and get ready to take a bit of a fancy to a new eye cream I’ve discovered…

 Chanel Longwear Nail Polish:

Colab Dry Shampoo at ASOS:

Sisley Eye Mask:

First Aid Beauty AM Eye Gel Cream:

Pai Rosehip Oil:

James Read H2O Mist:

Boots No7 Essentially Natural Foundation:

La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Baume B5:

Lancome Teint Idole Cushion:

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Melvita Day Cream: Cheerful and Uplifting

Melvita Nectar de Roses Hydrating Day Cream review

A jolly little day cream for you: Melvita’s Nectar de Roses Infusion. You might think “jolly” a slightly odd word to use to describe a moisturiser, but it’s highly appropriate in this case – the sugared rose smell of the Hydrating Day Cream is just so cheerful and uplifting.

Nothing too complicated going on here – I tend to bung this on when I’m going to be indoors for most of the day – but it’s nicely moisturising if your skin is on the slightly dry side. Not too greasy, but you definitely feel the effects (it has shea butter in the base, which I find tends to leave a comforting sort of residue) and it leaves my skin nice and plumpy.

I’ve also been slathering this on in between makeup changes if I’ve been trying out a lot of different foundations. It feels quite soothing and it actually sits very nicely beneath the face bases, counteracting the tightness that I can sometimes get when I do too many cleanses in quick succession. (I tend to use cleansing wipes or micellar waters when I’m testing makeup in my studio, due to lack of a sink, so that doesn’t help with my general sense of skin comfort!)

Read: soothing moisturisers for sensitive faces…

For ultra-soothing and balancing and general skin-sorting, I haven’t found anything to beat the MV Organic Skincare Rose Soothing Protective Moisturiser, but I appreciate that it’s a far steeper investment at £77. Though you do get a whopping 70ml. My sister-in-law has seen her hormonal skin quite transformed by stripping back her routine and using MV. If you want to give it a whirl (I used it all the way through pregnancy to try and keep my skin on an even keel) you can find the moisturiser here.

But back to the Melvita (post got a bit gatecrashed there, didn’t it?): plenty of rose going on in this little tube of day cream. Rose extract, rose water, rose oil, and taken from a few different types of rose, too. Jam-packed with rose you could say. Jolly, jolly nice.

“First Week Back To School” Makeup Tutorial

-nyx pore filler primer
-nars creamy radiance concealer- custard
-maybelline better skin powder
-benefit hoola bronzer
-physicians formula rose pearl blush
-physicians formula beige pearl highlighter
-sanias brow bar mechanical brow pencil- light
-Anastasia beverly hills clear brow gel
-nyc white eyeliner
-mac oh honey lipliner
-ana v beauty cosmetics “Tiana” lipstick

Brushes used:
-ana v beauty cosmetics makeup sponge
-maskcara double ended brush
-sigma F10
-zoeva 127
-sigma F37
-sigma E15
-morphe MB23

Beauty Secrets and The Aura Mirabilis | AD

roger & gallet skincare aura mirablis

I’ve been working on a gorgeous new launch project with one of my most-loved beauty brands, Roger & Gallet, and today I’m proud to introduce their first ever skincare line, Aura Mirabilis. Small but perfectly formed, it shows the same impeccable attention to detail that Roger & Gallet have displayed for many years with their fragrance and body products but brings a completely new and unique twist to the skincare world.

roger & gallet skincare aura mirablis

Ever heard of a “beauty vinegar”? A stilligoute? Can you think of a range that’s based on a three-hundred year-old natural remedy created by monks?! Roger & Gallet’s new Aura Mirabilis line has plenty of these quirks – things that seem to lend a touch of antiquated mystery and Shardlake-esque* fantasy to the proceedings – yet the formulas are distinctly modern and the products beautiful to use. Just four of them; an Extra-Fine Cleansing Mask, a smoothing and refining Beauty Vinegar, a light-but-powerful Double-Extract treatment and – possibly the most recognisable item in the range – the sumptuous, moisturising Legendary Cream.

roger & gallet skincare aura mirablis

The Extra-Fine Cleansing Mask and the Beauty Vinegar have been my most-used products so far, possibly because I spend the most time cleansing and tinkering with my face – the serum and moisturiser stages are usually over in a flash! Actually, though, one of the things that most struck me about Aura Mirablis when I first tried it was how each stage sort of forced me to slow down and really think about what I was doing with my beauty routine. Perhaps because the types of product were unfamiliar to me (beauty vinegar?) and I had to actually read the instructions, but also because the application methods don’t lend themselves to a quick-fix splash-at-the-sink sort of routine.

The Extra-Fine Cleansing Mask doesn’t have to be left on as a mask at all. In fact as a cleanser, it’s one of my favourite types – a multi-phase melting cleanser that turns oily upon the skin when massaged in and then milky when mixed with water, making for easy removal. Left on, it’s said to be a “detoxifying mask”, but it all depends how much time and inclination you have and I’m usually keen to get on with my favourite step, the Beauty Vinegar.

roger & gallet skincare aura mirablis

Initially, I found the name of this step rather off-putting. I’m not keen on vinegars outside of the food world – Mr AMR is always using them for various household chores (brilliant for getting that mouldy smell out of laundry when you accidentally leave it in the washing machine for six days and great for leaving mirrors and windows nice and shiny!) – but the smell of neat vinegar really turns my stomach. Fortunately the Roger & Gallet vinegar is as far from actual vinegar as you can get – not even a trace whiff of it, though the formula effectively uses its refreshing and purifying properties. It’s a bi-phase product, so you shake before use – fruit vinegars in the “watery phase” to clarify and refine and an “oily phase” containing the eighteen distilled plants that are at the heart of the Aura Mirabilis.

roger & gallet skincare aura mirablis

This eighteen plant recipe is the formula that has inspired the entire range. The Aqua Mirabilis was a natural elixir that could be ingested or applied topically and it contained the most powerful and rare medicinal plants. Most of them, now, we are very familiar with – lavender, neroli, thyme, lemongrass, bergamot, geranium – but centuries ago, this was something of a miracle water and in 1727 (history lesson alert) its virtues were patented by the faculty of Medecine of Cologne. And it became known as – any guesses? – Eau de Cologne.

roger & gallet skincare aura mirablis

I think that it’s in the Double-Extract and the Legendary Cream that you really get a sense of this Aqua Mirabilis; the former concentrates it in a light-as-water essence that can be patted over the skin and the hydrating cream combines it with a white lily extract to help renew the skin and add radiance.

roger & gallet skincare aura mirablis

A note on the Double-Extract and its very snazzy dispenser (second history lesson alert): the pipette is based on an old French mechanism called the stilligoute, which used a goose feather (stem part, not fluffy part) to release a liquid from a bottle drop by drop. No goose feather in the modern bottle, but it’s the same precise system – the exact amount of Double-Extract is dispensed, just enough to do face and neck, I find, though if you like to do your entire décolletage and its an expansive one then you might find you need two goes…

And there’s nothing wrong with having two goes whatsoever – pamper and indulge, that’s what I say! Whenever I have a spare moment I’ll usually spend it pootling about in the bathroom, slathering on new potions and lotions – it’s my proper unwind time. Which was the idea behind the launch campaign for the Aura Mirabilis; a sense of indulgent time-out and luxurious beauty routines.

ruth crilly roger & gallet

I flew to France to a beautiful old chateau to shoot the teaser for this launch campaign. It was all very fitting – a whimsical, secret-passageway sort of castle with carved angels in the bathrooms and the most brilliant old wallpaper everywhere…

ruth crilly roger & gallet

And there I was, trussed up in a rather racy corset, with Marie-Antoinette hair and sultry-sexy makeup – the “Modern Empress” –  lying in an empty bathtub with my five-inch stiletto heels resting on the edge… All in a day’s work!

ruth crilly roger & gallet

You’ll be able to watch my Modern Empress teaser video next month. There’s also a behind-the-scenes vlog coming at you so keep an eye out for that…

roger & gallet skincare aura mirablis

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