An Early Morning Makeup Transformation…

I was in Paris with the beautiful skincare brand Darphin the other week and decided that instead of having a blissful, baby-free lie-in at the hotel (Le Meurice), I’d set my alarm for 6am and get some filming done. What a berk. As it turned out, it didn’t get light enough outside for me to film in my room until about 7.30am so I sort of pottered about reading the copy of Grazia I nicked from the Eurostar lounge and cursing myself for being such a work-obsessed twit.

By the time the light was okay near the window I only had around half an hour to do my filming and so the any makeup I did needed to be quick and easy. It had been a sticky 31 degrees outside in Paris the day before and so it also had to be makeup that would hold in place and not slide about. I went for my trusted favourite, foundation-wise – the Perfection Lumiere Velvet from Chanel – and kept everything pretty simple. A bit of bronzer, something shady on the eyes and a posh nude lipstick.

You can see the full process, including room service interruption (for your information, I had a fresh fruit platter, a yoghurt, a pastries basket, an orange juice and poached eggs on toast with a side of bacon – the baby-to-be made me do it) in the video below or by clicking here. I’ve listed the products used at the bottom of the page – I must do a standalone review for the new Bourjois concealer because it really is tip-top.


Products Used:

Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet Foundation in Shade 20:

Bobbi Brown Foundation Brush:

YSL Bronzing Stones, Shade 3:

Zoeva Brush:

Bourjois Blur the Lines Concealer in Shade 2: is out at Superdrug now!

L’Oreal False Lash Mascara:

Anastasia Brow Gel:

Victoria Beckham Lipstick in Brazilian Nude

Victoria Beckham Eye Metal Shadow in Bitter Clove:

Victoria Beckham Kajal (nude end!):


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10 Ways To Use Charcoal In Your Beauty Routine.

I recently got a big bag of activated coconut charcoal powder and have found myself using it for anything and everything that I can. It’s some seriously good stuff and incredibly beneficial for the body.

Here are 10 ways to incorporate this super ingredient into your routine!

1. Charcoal face mask

The most obvious of the lot. Charcoal can work with every skin type and removes impurities, blemishes and blackheads without drying out the skin. Mix it up with water or with other clays and powders to get fancy or just mix half a teaspoon with a ready made mask.

2. Detox bath soak

Add 1/4 cup of charcoal powder to your bath (sorry, you will have to clean the tub afterwards but it doesn’t stain) with your usual bubbles, salts and what have you. It looks crazy cool bathing in black water, like something from a horror movie, and does ya good too.

3. Full body mask and/or scrub

Great for back acne, ingrown hairs and patchy tan! Mix a tablespoon with your usual body scrub (or make your own with sugar and coconut oil), or make a huge batch of face mask and find someone willing to paint your back.

4. Scalp detox spray

Keep your scalp free of product build-up and dandruff with charcoal. Find a DIY here.

5. Teeth whitener

More horror movie inspiration for you here so get brushing to reveal pearly whites! I’ve tried this, it’s shocking, hilarious and feels weird at first – but you get used to it. Charcoal has no taste at all but you can work your way up to using it neat by using it with toothpaste at first.

6. Gentle creamy face cleanser.

Mix ground oats with a little charcoal and water to form a creamy paste and then wash your face, this is an ideal cleanser for very sensitive or dry skin as oats are calming and softening.

7. Charcoal soap

If you’re feeling extra crafty, purchase a plain soap base (as good quality as possible) and add charcoal before pouring out the soap to set!

8. Water purifier

Water is the best ingredient for skin health so it makes sense to keep that water as pure as possible. Get yourself a stick of charcoal and add it to a bit bottle of water to keep in the fridge. The charcoal will absorb any chemicals from the water and won’t infuse any colour or taste, either.

9. Black ‘lemonade’

Charcoal juices are a big trend, but why pay their extortionate prices when you can make your own detox drink for pennies? A 1/4 teaspoon of charcoal and a squeeze of lemon into a full glass of water does the job. Drink an hour before eating food to avoid the charcoal messing with nutrient absorption. Charcoal is meant to be great for bloating, hangovers and so much more, but of course consume charcoal with caution!

10. Cleansing balm.

Mix 1 tablespoon of charcoal with 2-4 tablespoons of coconut oil, 2-4 tablespoons of a carrier oil (such as avocado, grapeseed, jojoba) and store in a small jar. You can customise with essentials oils such as tea tree, rosemary, lavender or rose, and if you live in a warmer climate where your coconut oil is always liquid (lucky!) add 1-2 tablespoons of melted candelilla (plant) wax to the mixture to help it remain balmy. Adding the wax is also a good addition if you have very dry skin too!
Pick up your activated charcoal here if you’re in the USA, or here if in the UK!
Have you used charcoal for any of these DIY’s before?

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Burberry Bright Glow Foundation Review

Burberry Bright Glow Foundation Review

There’s a new, juicy foundation on the block – the Bright Glow Foundation from Burberry. Good old Burbs – they do that whole fresh, natural skin thing so well and their new face base is a brilliant addition to what is already an excellent foundation line-up.

I think that I’m going to let the photos speak for themselves in this review, because I personally think that the coverage is slightly heavier than you’re led to believe from the description on the box – Flawless White-Translucency. Certainly it’s heavier than the gorgeous Fresh Glow Foundation, also Burberry, though not as comprehensive as something like Teint Idole Ultra from Lancome.

Burberry Bright Glow Foundation Review

I think that where this foundation really stands out is in its ability to properly brighten the face – it has an almost “lifting” effect on tired skin, adding radiance and just a touch of bouncy dewiness. It feels plumper than Burberry’s Fresh Glow – the formula isn’t as light or fluid, but it has that comfortable, juicy feel that’s so pleasing as the weather starts to turn colder.

ruth crilly

And so to the before and after pics, because I know how you all look forward to them! Above, my skin before I start in with my Bright Glow; when I zoom in later on you’ll see some redness around the nose and chin area and darkness underneath the eyes as well as the odd patch of unevenness. Overall, it has to be said, the old pregnancy skin is holding up well, but…behold the difference:

ruth crilly

Ooh-la-la. There’s quite a glow coming off this one. This is just a single – very light – coating, buffed in with a brush, and it seems to have that clever modern trickery that so many foundations have these days, taking the light in, diffusing it and bouncing it back so that even with a lighter coverage the skin looks completely flawless and luminous.

Close-ups for your perusal, starting with (obviously) the before:

Burberry Bright Glow Foundation Review

and ending with the after:

Burberry Bright Glow Foundation Review

Nice, nice, nice. See what I mean about coverage? I don’t think that the word Translucent really describes it that well. On Sephora, it’s touted as creating a “lightweight, luminous veil across the skin” but I’d say that the coverage far outweighs a “veil”. (On a sidenote, I’d like to point out that my lips seem to be shedding their lipline at an alarming rate. It’s becoming really difficult to put lipstick on – I don’t know where my lips end and my face starts! What if I end up with no lips?! Hold that thought…)

ruth crilly

In terms of finish, there’s no greasy residue whatsoever and the foundation is buildable where needed. You can see that it hasn’t quite done the job when it comes to dark circles, but it made a decent attempt and – to be fair – it was the lightest little application. I’m really impressed – maximum glow, minimum fuss, the perfect sort of “healthy skin” makeup for blustery autumn days. If you’re a fan of the Fresh Glow but would like slightly more coverage and a plumpier feel then this is absolutely worth a try.

Browse more foundation reviews…

I can only see the Bright Glow Foundation on the Burberry site at the moment – it’s £36 here – I used shade 12, Ochre Nude.

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Sunday Tittle Tattle: Don’t Mess With My Shower

ruth crilly shower

Listen, if you ever come to my house then you’ll be pretty well looked after. I’ll hang a nice dressing gown on the back of the guest room door. You can eat the last of my cereal, drink from my special mug, take the magazine part of the Sunday newspaper before I’ve read it, leaving me with just the boring bits for the following two hours. You can borrow my slippers, put your feet up on the sofa, make yourself completely at home: just don’t mess with my shower settings.

Do people not realise that a well-set shower, at just the right temperature (one that won’t burn off the top layer of your skin but is also not that awful, depressingly tepid sort of warmish that makes you feel as though you’re waiting for a bus in a rain storm) is a thing of absolute beauty? That you can just step in through those doors and know, with utter confidence, that the water is precisely to your liking?

Do people also not realise that finding the correct shower setting is a fine art? Those professional robbers who sit next to the bank safe slowly twirling the dial and listening through the door with a stethoscope – that’s me! That’s me finding the right temperature! If it then gets inexpertly adjusted by some shower-ignoramus, the next time I want to have a wash I first have to stand in the stall like a naked buffoon, turning the knob a fraction of a millimetre at a time, enduring mediocre, imperfect water temperatures until the sweet-spot is found. So don’t come on in and manhandle my temperature knob like some sort of comedy gorilla and cock it all up for me!

Oooh, I like your shower but I just couldn’t get it to the right warmth! I turned the thing all the way one way, towards the wall, and then I turned it all the way to the door, and it just went really hot and really cold!”

THAT’S BECAUSE THERE ARE MORE TEMPERATURES THAN JUST TWO EXTREME TEMPERATURES YOU UTTER MORON! Would you get into a Ferrari and slam the accelerator pedal to the floor and exclaim that the car moved far too fast? And then, take your foot all the way off and declare it was far too slow? NO! BECAUSE THERE ARE DEGREES OF SPEED! Treat my shower dial like a Ferrari  and respect the preferred setting. There’s a reason the shower’s in my en suite, reached only by passing through the private sanctum that is my bedroom. If I give you access, think of it like you’ve been allowed entry to the control room at the Hadron Collidor. Don’t tilt my Rainshower head, don’t leave the lid off my Aerin cleansing wash and don’t touch the goddamn temperature. It’s set at the optimum, most beautiful level of supreme warmth and only someone trying to defrost themselves from a block of ice would need it hotter.

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