My Spend-Free Shopping Spree…

spend free shopping spree

Something a little different for the end of the week; in this video I go on a shopping spree, but in my own house! I found some boxes of stuff that had been in the storage locker and it was like opening up a time capsule – there were things I had totally forgotten about. I would urge you all to have a root about and see what is lurking at the back of your cupboards/in the shed/on the loft. I’ve found a really nice shirt that’s about ten years old and still looks pristine (maybe one for another video) and some serviceable headbands that will be good for holding my hair back when I do my in-bath facials. (I say “facials” I mean “slapping on a face mask whilst I shave my legs”.) Also some flannels that look as though they’ve been through about eight thousand wash cycles but are nice and soft.

I didn’t put it all in the video – I kept things rather glamorous, actually, with an old Louis Vuitton discovery and a lovely necklace that was a present from Mr AMR – but I’m feeling really quite pleased with my little haul. I especially love the Dior Slap Bracelet that I found in the box of memories my Mum had saved for me (yes, the box of memories I was a bit huffy about because I was trying to declutter): what a find!

Christian Dior Slap Bracelet: please tell me where these were from – a GWP? I seriously can’t remember!

Louis Vuitton Monogram – pochette? Is this it? It’s so much more expensive these days..…

Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer:

Bourjois Healthy Mix Gel Foundation:

Karen Walker Girl Necklace:…

Topshop Pink Jumper

Leopard Print Coat – Diane von Furstenberg, about two years ago.

My nail polish is the new l’Oreal one I mentioned in the last vlog. Cannot for the life of me remember the name of it and I’m not moving from the sofa to find out. LOL. (Will update when I move.)

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My Cornwall Mini-Break…

padstow fish and chips

Goodness, what an incredibly lazy post to begin the week with; but if I don’t post this vlog up now I’ll forget and then where will we be? Vlogless! A word which in English means without vlog and in Klingon means prepare for light speed.


I had a wonderful time in Cornwall (nearly two weeks ago, now, but I like to time-delay my trips away for obvious reasons) and I have a big long post coming up, including a review of the Perfect Stays house that we were kindly allowed to inhabit for four days and a new Padstow restaurant discovery. You may remember that I’m a (borderline obsessive) fan of the ITV series Doc Martin; we re-visited Port Isaac on this trip and I was intending to film a proper Doc Martin video tour, but the weather was shocking and all of my footage just looked dismal and grey. What a difference a sunny day makes…

Right then, my beauties: vlog time. If you’d like to read about my first trip to Cornwall then the post is here – I do wish that we had gone back to Nathan Outlaw’s Cafe in Port Isaac this time around, because it was just exemplary, but their closing days unfortunately clashed a bit with the evenings we had free. Shame. Always next time…

Potential highlights in this video include Baby AMR in her new yellow anorak, Mr AMR doing another one of his annoying zoom-ins on my arse and a quick overview of what’s in my travel makeup bag. Enjoy.

(Note to self: stop wearing the same parka every single day. Great once in a while, but otherwise very boring and not actually that flattering. I’m off to do some casual coat shopping…)

We stayed at Tregoose in Polzeath, more info at Perfect Stays here.

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The £3 Hair Mask That Stopped My Hair From Breaking Off

L'Oreal Elvive Full Restore 5 Cica-Masque Review

Nope not a click bait title but rather a true (hair) tail of woe and negligence.

Nearly a year ago I had one of the worst hair experiences of my life, to this day I’m not entirely sure what went wrong other than neglect on the salons part; they used a really high volume of bleach, left it on too long and really didn’t care that they snapped off around 30% of my hair in the process. Cool. I’m still utterly wary of hairdressers; for the record I know so many are talented beyond belief, and truly take care of their client from start to finish but, every now and then something like this happens and on the most part it will – and did – leave anyone’s faith in hair salons a little shaken.

L'Oreal Elvive Full Restore 5 Cica-Masque Review

I’m the past I wasn’t that precious about my hair (its long, thick and can typically take a “beating”) but washing it, for the first time after that fateful day and having masses of it snap off in my hands, I will never take me tresses for granted. However it is not all bad, two life-slash-hair lessons have since come into play…every cloud and all that.

1, Please speak up: if you ever feel uncomfortable in the salon chair be it with what is happening and/or if you feel physical pain please, please for the love of god tell someone. It will save you heartbreak and most likely your hair – remember you are paying for the treatment, therefore you are welcome to voice your thoughts and feelings.

2, You can not beat a word of mouth recommendation from someone you know and trust; online reviews can be manipulated (not that any reputable salon would as much as consider doing this, nor is this something I have personally encountered but worth noting all the same). Just because one salon and/or hairdresser has their own techniques and ways which might not necessarily for you or your needs.

L'Oreal Elvive Full Restore 5 Cica-Masque Review
L'Oreal Elvive Full Restore 5 Cica-Masque Review

If you do find yourself in a similar state of disarray – although not comforting in the midst of the chaos – do remind yourself that hair does grow and there are some great and often affordable deep conditioners out there that can help to repair the damage, none more highly recommended nor reached for by my chubby paw, than L’Oreal Elvive Full Restore 5 Cica-Masque.

I’ll level with you, my local 24-hour supermarket is skimpy on haircare and this was the only masque type product they sold on that fateful night my snapped off hair began to clog the shower drain – fate, a mere confidence or sheer luck, however you see it my hair has never need happier post-bleach trauma.

L'Oreal Elvive Full Restore 5 Cica-Masque Review
L'Oreal Elvive Full Restore 5 Cica-Masque Review

The great things (yes plural) about the L’Oreal Elvive Full Restore 5 Cica-Masque is that it is cheap (never more than £5 but forever on offer somewhere), readily available and it works. Man does it work. This is not your everyday conditioner, it is thick, intense, of salon standard and really should only be used on dry and/or damaged hair to prevent normal or fine hair from becoming overwhelmed and weighed down – bleach woes aside this would also work a treat on hair that has perhaps seen a little too much sun?

As with most L’Oréal hair products this does smell great but as I said the real magic of this product is that it works. The intense nature of L’Oreal Elvive Full Restore 5 Cica-Masque, instantly smooths, hydrates and instantly nourishes the hair making it feel at least ten times better to the touch and imparting a gentle sheen to the hair that is not damaged in my case. It also helps to easily de-tangle and eradicate frizz in one quick application, with continued use, I have noticed that it is slowly butt surely nursing my hair back to good health: it contains cicamide (a restoring complex that penetrates the hair and fills it with micro fibres to build stronger hair) and pro-keratin (strengthens weakened hair.

If ever there is a hope for damaged beyond repair hair it is this masque.Stash one in your bathroom cupboard and you’ll be forever grateful that you did.
Find L’Oreal Elvive Full Restore 5 Cica-Masque via Boots £3/300ml – link

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