Excellent Invention: The Nail Polish Remover for Hands and Feet

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Thing Of The Week – and yes, I know I’m late to the party – is this very nifty little product from Bourjois, the Magic Nail Polish Remover for Hands and Feet. Their “one second” remover for fingernails is already one of my all-time favourite beauty inventions – you just stick your finger into the pot, and the remover-soaked sponge dissolves your polish in mere seconds. (One second is somewhat optimistic, unless you are able to move your hands at superhuman speeds.) The new version is even more clever than the original:

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Take off the lid and you have a neat, stubby sponge – again, pre-soaked in remover – that is perfect for swiping over toenails to remove remnants of old polish, or to give a nice clean base for new polish. Before I actually tried this little toenail-polish-removing sponge, the sceptic inside did whisper, for crying out loud! Can you not just soak a bit of cotton wool? Is that too much effort for you these days?

But I must say that I am a total convert. The remover works so fast that just a quick rub of the sponge does the trick and, if you’ve already done your fingernails (which for me is about 90% of the time – toenails are always an afterthought!) there’s no risk of getting remover on your new manicure and messing it all up. It’s just a brilliant, brilliant idea. And of course you still have the original function – poke your finger into the pot and the sponge will clean your fingernails of polish in less time than it takes to decide which colour you’re going to apply next. No scraps of cotton wool to get rid of, no risk of spillage, just stick the lid back on when you’ve finished and it’s all tidily packed away. Also (and this is a terrible thing to say, especially when you’re making an effort to try and do more exercise), you don’t need to bend down quite so far to touch your toes. The sponge-on-a-lid saves you about an inch and a half’s worth of stretching. Which is a lot when you’re tired/rushing/drunk/in a moving vehicle.

Definitely one to add to your home manicure/pedicure collection – in fact, I’d say that it’s probably the most useful and most-used thing in mine. ASOS have it on sale at the moment – £4.50 – you can add it to your shopping bag here. (ALSO, there’s a 70% sale on. If you didn’t see my post with the small-headed sunglasses, have a read here. They are well worth picking up!)

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YSL Summer Splash 2015

YSL Summer Splash 2015

I’ve genuinely been a fan of the YSL lip stains since they launched in 2012. Now, for YSL Summer Splash 2015, there’s a third version of them; the YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis A Levres Pop Water (£26). Don’t even try saying it after a gin. I think we can just call them YSL Pop Waters. It’s just a little bit genius that in the creation of Pop Water, the same type of high grade colourants that are used in gummy bears are used in these! They’re far less shiny that the previous versions but, in my view, more stainy, so perfect for a hit of colour without stickiness.


Shades from bottom to top are: Rouge Splash, Pink Rain, Onde Rose, Wet Nude, Juicy Peach and Dewy Red. They look super shiny in the swatch, but the shine quickly wears away. What I’ve found with all the YSL variants in this category is that they need frequent reapplication. Personally, I love the tactile element of application so it doesn’t bother me at all but if you’re looking for Bobbi Brown type longevity, you won’t find it here.

YSL Summer Splash 2015

And just to prove the point that they are stainy – this is my arm now!

YSL Summer Splash 2015

Le Laque Couture Pop Colours are fun – over washes of colour to wear alone for fresh and bright nails or to transform other shades. They are buildable – in the swatch below I’ve used two coats but bear in mind that they’re over a white nail wheel so will look more vibrant than they actually are. I’m going to experiment using them over white.. I think that could look very pretty.

YSL Summer Splash 2015

Shades that I have are Orange Drop, Rouge Wet and Fuchsia Rain.

YSL Summer Splash 2015

I found there to be almost no difference between Rouge Wet and Fuschia Rain. You can take these up to three coats but you’d need to be sure that your nails aren’t discoloured and have an even edge to them to make these look their best. You will be able to see the nail through the coats. The La Laque Pop Waters are £19 each.

Finally, as part of the collection, there are some eye colours – Full Metal Shadow; glossy splashes of metal colour. I tested them out and found that they didn’t last at all.. there was nothing on my lids at all by the end of the morning, so I’m going to experiment with using them with eye primers before blogging them.

My New Favorite Face Powder

Hello Makeup Geeks, today I have a review for you of my new favorite face powder. I am so excited to share this with you as I love this face powder so much! As many of you know I have very sensitive skin and am prone to break outs quite easily. I have recently found out I am allergic to talc and it is so very hard to find foundations and powders that are talc free. Unfortunately, talc is used as fillers in a lot of cosmetics. It can clog pores and cause breakouts. For me it was essential I find products that did not include talc unfortunately, finding talc fee products is quite hard. I found this at a trade show recently and couldn’t wait to try it and see if worked as good as I had hoped. I was not disappointed.

Emani Pressed Mineral Foundation (Amazon)