The New Matte Lipsticks: Luxe and Luminous

tom ford matte lipsticks

Matte lipsticks seem to be getting better and better; softer, more moisturising formulas with great longevity and vibrant, non-chalky colours. I love the edgy, modern look that a matte lipstick gives but I hate having dry lips so any kind of scientific advance in this particular beauty sector is going to rouse my interest! I actually don’t know anything about the science behind Tom Ford’s Matte Lip Colour and Charlotte Tilbury’s new Matte Revolution lipsticks, if indeed there is any, but the colours are beautiful, the finishes look very “high fashion” and the formulas are very comfortable indeed. The pigments are intense, but there’s a kind of glow or radiance to them, too – very clever.

ruth crilly model beauty blogger

In the picture above I’m wearing Tom Ford’s matte lipstick in First Time, which is quite an unlikely shade choice for me, it being rather pink! But the matte finish makes it milkshakey and cool and I’ve actually been wearing this quite a lot. I also love Flame, which is pictured front middle in the still life shot (top). It’s an unfeasibly bright orange-red that I can imagine will take summer by storm, when summer winds its way around to us. These matte lipsticks have an incredibly sumptuous and buttery texture and there’s a slight luminosity to the finish that stops the colour from looking completely flat. Truly luxe, with a price tag to match, you can find these at Selfridges online for £37.

matte revolution

Charlotte Tilbury’s Matte Revolution lipsticks come in at a less wince-inducing price, £23 each, and have the same kind of highly-pigmented, velvet-finish attributes. Though (dare I say it) the Tom Ford lippies are a little more buttery and comfortable. I also find the Tilbury shade range to be on the darker side, with lots of deep plums and sophisticated browns, but not so much in the way of nudes or milky pastels. The collection is very Old Hollywood, which on one hand is a breath of fresh air and rather brave, but it didn’t give this nude-lover much in the way of choice. My pick was Very Victoria, but it’s still quite dark on me. (Lots of people have commented that it comes up far paler on them, I’m wondering whether my lipstick has been labelled incorrectly!) At any rate, those who like to wear proper, grown-up lipstick will have fun with these shades – you can find them all and buy online here.


(I’m wearing Very Victoria in the picture above; can you see how it’s quite a dark nude on me? I really like it though, it’s quite chic, a bit more polished and ladylike than a sixties pale nude.) In other Tilbury news, I hear there’s a skincare line coming out. I shall investigate more – it seems everything that Tilbury touches turns to gold so I’m interested to see how she’s done with expanding into a new sector. There are so many truly fabulous products in the makeup range, I’m hoping I’ll find a few “Holy Grail” things for skin, too…

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Altuzarra for Target: What To Buy

altuzarra for target at net-a-porter

There I was on Net-a-Porter, minding my own business (fantasy window-shopping for outrageously expensive dresses), when a whole load of very glam-looking clothes popped up with prices that were so unusually low, I thought that there had been a mistake. Dresses for £50! You can’t buy a pair of socks on Net-a-Porter for fifty quid! It turns out that it was the new Altuzarra for Target collection that has launched in the states (at Target, obviously) but that has also been picked up by Net-a-Porter. And so I thought that it would be rude not to at least try some of the collection, and promptly added two dresses and a faux-fur jacket to my shopping basket.

A few gripes: a $49.99 dress costs £50 on Net-a-Porter. Now I’m not an exchange rate expert but I’m pretty sure that the sterling price should be lower, so… Also, this is not designer-quality merchandise we’re talking about here – the coat has something of quality to it and the python print dress that I chose is a bit flimsy. I think that Topshop is probably better quality, though the faux-fur jacket has the most wonderful wide shoulders and film-star kind of cut. I’m going to sit on the faux-fur for a few days and decide whether to keep it. (Not literally sit on it, you understand, it’s a figure of speech.)

altuzarra for target at net-a-porter

One thing that I love, however, is the rather bizarre “half work shirt, half siren python-skin skirt” hybrid dress (find it here). Something about it is so very wrong, but when I put it on it was just so very, very right. Flattering, cut exactly to my waist and hips so that it seemed very tailored and, though the fabrics aren’t the kind of thing you’d find in a high-end store, it looked good, I thought. It’s a keeper. There’s something about it that’s very Sexy Secretary, a bit Clark Kent if he was a woman. (On the top half, she was a straight-laced newspaper clerk, on the bottom half, she was SEX WOMAN!)

You can find the Altuzarra for Target range at Net-a-Porter here – let me know if you snap anything up. I wanted a belt, but they sold out almost the minute they landed online.

(For your reference: I bought the dress in the photos in a size 4 – it’s snug, but it fits well. I am a definite UK 10, not a UK 8. The fur comes up small – I bought size small and it only just closes. The snakeskin dress here is too small for me, I needed a US6 but bought a US4.)

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