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Ask Me Anything!

ask me anything

Just as a bit of fun; I filmed an “Ask Me Anything” video. You ask, I answer. (Within reason, of course! Ha!) I’ll be doing another one soon, so click through and leave your questions on Youtube, or you can pop them in the comments section below if that’s easier. I’ll read through them all and try and answer as many as I can. I also want to do a silly “yes or no” kind of video, or one of those idiotic quizzes where you have to choose between two things;  “dog or cat” or “bath or shower”, that kind of affair. Makes a change from serious beauty talk, though there are plenty of those videos coming up too…

(In this video I’m wearing Clarins Tinted Moisturiser and that AMAZING Guerlain bronzer!)

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Charlotte Tilbury Lip Love & Lip Magic

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Love & Lip Magic

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Love & Lip Magic

There’s plenty of Charlotte Tilbury newness ahead for spring but the major launch is Charlotte Tilbury Lip Love & Lip Magic – two lip products for silky, smooth lips.

Lip Love is a gentle scrub to slough away dry skin using sugar crystals suspended in jojoba seed oil, olive oil, shea butter, cocoa seed butter and beeswax. I’ve just used it and it tastes a little sweet as you’d expect and leaves a nourishing film over the lips – and yes, my lips do feel and look softer.

Lip Magic owes its ‘magic’ to propolis but it’s also got a whack of hyaluronic acid, argan, vitamin E, shea and hydrating oils meaning that it feels very comfortable although thinner than traditional balms. If you find thick balms irritating, then this is for you!

The combined effect of Charlotte Tilbury Lip Love & Lip Magic is the perfect base for matte lipsticks which rely on a smooth lip for maximum impact.

However, they’re rather pricy with Lip Love coming in at £20 and Lip Magic at £25 for very tiny pots (approx 5ml) so I suspect that for most of us these are going to be treats rather than staples.

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Love & Lip Magic both launch in February 2015.

While I’m on the subject of Charlotte Tilbury, I’ve got a giveaway of CT The Supermodel Video Box on Instagram so do join me HERE – the giveaway ends tomorrow (Thursday 18th December) so I can get it posted in time for Christmas.

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