My Chloé Love Story…

*this is a paid advertorial for Chloé Love Story.

chloe love story fragrance

I was so pleased to be invited to join in with the Chloé Love Story project; I haven’t done an editorial shoot in a few months (and probably won’t be for a while, what with my growing baby bump) and so it was lovely to get myself camera-ready for a little photography session! To celebrate their latest fragrance launch, Love Story, Chloé have created a Tumblr showing photos of romantic captured moments and little love story snapshots. Anyone can share their own images by using the hashtag #chloelovestory on Instagram and there’s a very stylish page developing, showing an edited selection. It looks how I’d like my website to look, so don’t be surprised if my homepage suddenly changes in design next week! Ha. Here’s my own #chloelovestory moment:

ruth crilly

chloe love story fragrance

ruth crilly

chloe love story fragrance

ruth crilly

Chloé’s new Love Story fragrance is incredibly feminine and very Springtime, if you’re looking for something to raise your spirits and get you in the mood for wearing Liberty print trainers. The main note in the perfume is orange blossom, but it’s a very fresh orange blossom, not too overpowering. I like all kinds of orange blossom, so it’s a tick in the right box for me, but this one is exceptionally clean, nice and delicate for those who find the headier versions too heavy and snooze-inducing.

Chloe Love Story is available nationwide from 28th January, and if you’d like to share your romantic Instagram photos then remember to use the #chloelovestory hashtag. The Tumblr blog is here. Thank you to Mr AMR for super-snapping me and also hand modelling, you did a fine job…

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Marc Jacobs Decadence

new perfume review

No sooner had I finished filming my Autumn fragrance video (in which I lamented the number of new perfume launches that I couldn’t keep up with) than a package arrived on my doorstep containing yet another new launch. That I couldn’t keep up with. I threw my hands into the air and sighed in a very dramatic way and crossly decided that I wouldn’t be writing about any more perfumes for the rest of the month.

Until I received a text from my trusty assistant and beauty-news-sleuth, Rach, shouting “HAVE YOU TRIED MARC JACOBS DECADENCE? IT’S LUSH!” When Rach has an excitable shout about something I tend to listen – I’ve never met anyone with such a passion for luxurious, sexy, boudoir-y stuff. Her bedroom is literally lined with pairs of shoes and boots (I have no idea what colour the walls are underneath) and her shelves overflow with amazing handbags and tassled purses and vintage perfume bottles and feathery boa-typed things.

So I had to try Decadence, because Rach would have kept on nagging me otherwise, and also she has very good taste so I didn’t want to miss out. And I am very, very glad I did, because this is one sultry little number! Ignoring the packaging for a moment (difficult, because it’s rather outré) and focusing on the scent itself, I can safely say that this is the opposite of the girlish, sweet-as-cherry-pie Daisy. If Daisy is the irritatingly nice girl next door (Daisy Dream Forever being the exception) then Decadence is the woman who rolls her eyes at her. Black lace knickers, expensive leather jackets and a cutting sense of humour. Decadence is full and rich and also my favourite of all perfume descriptions: heady. It has a hint of dark and dirty rose (think Velvet Rose & Oud) and a load of exotic jasmine (hello Aromatics in Black) and then a warm and sexy base with amber and papyrus wood.

fragrance review

The packaging (told you I’d get back to it) is the most interesting I’ve seen in a while; the whole bottle has been designed to resemble a kind of glass and metal handbag, complete with chain “strap” and slinky tassel. The lid is heavy and luxe-feeling and the faux-python covering, which could so easily look tacky, has been nicely done. I love the whole thing. It’s totally OTT, but I suppose that’s what decadence is. It’s all very appropriate. Apart from my dog’s furry leg that’s photo-bombing the above picture – sorry about that, I didn’t see it until I was loading the photos into my computer!

Overall, this fragrance is what it says it is: decadent. I like it. There are no disappointments here – in fact I was pleasantly surprised.

Marc Jacobs Decadence is available now – find it at here, it starts at £49 for 30ml, my version with the tassel is 50ml.

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Weekly Window Shop: Fabulous Summer Maxi Dresses

best summer maxi dresses

Another week, another online shopping obsession – this one sparked off by Miss Selfridge‘s Instagram page and a rather lovely dress they posted up. It got me feeling very impatient for the summer and then anxious that we might not get a proper summer (it happens) and then worried that I’d be stuck with loads of inappropriate, unwearable maxi dresses.

But let’s think positively and do some planning ahead; here are some of the prettiest, most flattering maxis for easy summer dressing. Just add oversized sunglasses and a pair of sandals – or, for springtime, cardi and Converse.

hush mandalay maxi dress

My favourite dress? The Mandalay maxi from Hush. I have a fair few of Hush’s floor-skimming numbers and they have been, without fail, my summer staples whether here in the UK or somewhere more exotic. This one, with its pristine white cotton, is so romantic and can be worn with or without straps. £65 maxi dressesThen the Emelle dress from Ba&sh, a brand whose name pronunciation completely eludes me. Is it “bash”? Is it “bee-ay-and-ess-haitch”, or, indeed, as it’s French, “bu-a-ay-ess-ash”? Crikey. This dress needs to be seen on to be truly appreciated, so see pics here – I don’t like people appearing in my perfect product images! This has an open back (tres sexual!) and a bit of a seventies vibe. Find it on ASOS here, it’s £135.

best maxi dresses

The dress that launched a thousand online shopping hours, even though it’s a midi and not a maxi-dress (it looked like one in their Instagram picture, I thought): the Lace Cami Sundress from Miss Selfridge. £39. What an absolute steal. Stick this on with some flat nude or tan sandals and you’re pretty much done. You can find it here.

saloni iris dress

The Iris georgette dress from Saloni is a lesson in successful colour-blocking; no hard, geometric lines here, it’s all-flowing and a flattering way to wear contrasting tones. It does help that coral and taupe are two of my favourite shades (you’d only have to take a look into my lipstick and nail polish collections to see that) but the cut of this dress is just perfect. It’s £197 (was £395) here.

castaway dress french connection

Another romantic lace one – just make sure you wear a bra! Ha. You’d be scaring the locals in this if you forgot your undies.. The Castaway dress from French Connection has something of a vintage feel, the detailing is incredibly pretty. It’s a shame that it’s not cotton (lining is, outer is viscose) but I’d say it would still keep you nice and cool on a hot day. Find it here – it’s £130.

More Weekly Window Shops… 

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1, 2, 3, Wing!

It’s Friday, it’s Friday! We’re not excited or anything… oh wait, yes we are! Our agenda’s packed for the weekend, but why wait? There’s so much happy hour to be had!

So you know what that means—the last 30 minutes of work we will be re-applying our makeup. Yep. We said it. Let’s take that daytime look into nighttime fab in these 4 simple steps with our very favorite they’re real! push-up liner.


Let’s get wingin’!

1. Start by drawing a thick, even line along your upper lash line from corner to corner.


2. Turn the pen around & draw a wing that follows the angle of your bottom lash line.


3. Then, angle the AccuFlex™ tip along the outer corner by pressing down to create a rectangular shape.


4. Fill it in, slightly angling out the top edge.


Voila! A bold, flattering wing in not time.


Now go out there and drink those drinks, gorgeous!

Need a little extra help? Watch the full video here:

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