Giveaway: 50 Lanolips Lemonaid Lip Balms!

free lip balm

To celebrate the amazing Lanolips launching into Wholefoods, I have FIFTY tubes of the wondrous Lemonaid lip balm to giveaway. Hurrah! Christmas comes early! Lanolips contains over 70% medical-grade lanolin, so it’s pretty heavy-duty when it comes to protecting your lips and preventing them from drying out. I particularly love the Lemonaid version because it contains natural lemon oil and the citric acid helps to exfoliate, leaving your lips smooth and free from those dreadful tags of dead skin!

If you fancy bagging a tube of Lemonaid (RRP £8.99) just leave a comment below. You must be in the UK (sorry folks) and you must be signed up to the quarterly newsletter or Daily Fix email (or both, if you’re keen!) and leave your comment before noon on Friday. Due to the fact that there will be fifty winners, I won’t be listing them all on the website – you will receive an email directly from a Lanolips’ PR requesting your address. So do keep a sporadic lookout in your email spam filters just in case!

Read more about Lanolips here.

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France: What I Wore, What I Packed

ruth crilly chanel no5

Bonus post! Here’s what I packed in my new suitcase for my trip to France. (The first one. For the second I might well be taking my little carry-on case, so that wouldn’t be an interesting video. It’s only large enough to hold one pair of shoes, one book and one frugal, fair-weather sort of outfit.)

I completely forgot to say about my leather jacket that I took with me (it’s this one from Whistles), which is annoying because a classic leather jacket is actually quite an integral part of my travelling wardrobe. Firstly because they go with absolutely everything (they can be chucked on with jeans and dresses and even – if you’re that brave person who likes to risk channeling the “off duty celeb” look, a look that can so easily go tragically wrong –  tracksuits) and secondly because they are virtually indestructible. They don’t crease, they’re virtually wipe-clean and you can roll them up to make a wall-pillow if you’ve managed to baggsy a window seat on the plane.

Here it is then, a “what’s in my suitcase” video with a little bit of vlog footage thrown in for good measure so that you can see what I got up to. Lily Pebbles has made an absolutely brilliant film of our trip so I’ll update this post with a link when she puts it up: for now, let’s take a look at my belongings. I left out my pants, socks and both my toiletries and makeup bags, mainly because talking through the bags would take too long and nobody needs to see my M&S black cotton full briefs. Oh, and my breast pump! I completely forgot to mention that, though maybe it’s a good thing…me sat like a cow in a milking parlour is not particularly a mental image that I want you all to have.

Photo credit: Lily Pebbles

Suitcase, Antler Juno from Amazon:
Dress, Diane von Furstenberg, last year The Outnet
Striped midi-dress, Karen Millen:
Trench Floret Heels, LK Bennett:
Lola black dress, Whistles:
Stan Smiths, ASOS:
Paige Maternity Jeans: Very Exclusive, last year
Whistles Comme Ci Comme Ca Tee:
Sunglasses, Jimmy Choo, two years ago
Hat: Maison Michel
Wacoal Bra: (I wear a size 36)
Heidi Klum “Zoe” Nursing Bra:
M&S Nursing Bra:
Chanel “WoC” in Lambskin

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Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation & Concealer

Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation

I’ve really been looking forward to trying Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation & Concealer , but somehow this went to the back of the test pile so I’ve been a bit slow in review. The claim is that Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation & Concealer is a concealer and foundation in one – at least you know what it’s going to do from the name! It’s also making heavy weather of the fact that it’s supposed to be a light formula. But, it’s not really. I love a proper coverage foundation, and that’s definitely what you get here without any ‘mask’ look, but it’s not what you could describe as light. Formula wise, I think it’s a little dry on first application but Clinique claim that it tackles oiliness and hydration where needed throughout the day. This does ring true because as the day wore on it felt less dry and more hydrating! It’s very clever. I completely love the chunky doe’s foot applicator – it means you can dab for precision or stroke and then blend afterwards. Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation & Concealer is comfortable in the wear although my preference is for something more dewy in both look and feel, but if you… Read More

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Review, Ingredients, Before/After Photos: OROGOLD 24K Deep Tissue Rejuvenation Mask – Gold, Lavender, Collagen Deeply Hydrate Skin Tissue

With Halloween over, I went from scrubbing off lots of makeup and glitter to applying another mask: OROGOLD 24K Deep Tissue Rejuvenation Mask, made with gold, lavender and collagen. One with the Midas touch and sticker shock of $1,398! Denise Richards New Face Of Skincare Line: 24K Gold Anti-Aging Eye Serum, Tèrmica Energizing Mask, Multi-Vitamin […]


In the simplest form of three-strand braid, all the hair is initially divided into three sections, which are then simultaneously gathered together near the scalp. In contrast, a French braid starts with three small sections of hair near the crown of the head, which are then braided together toward the nape of the neck, gradually adding more hair to each section as it crosses in from the side into the center of the braid structure. The final result incorporates all of the hair into a smoothly woven pattern over the scalp. If the main mass of hair is initially parted into two or more sections along the scalp that are kept separate from one another, multiple French braids may be created, each in its own section. One unique feature about the French braid is that an individual can braid their own hair without the help of others. The difficulty of braiding can depend on the type of hair the individual has, some styles of hair are easier to braid then others. The length of hair also plays a role in the ability to braid; shorter hair can be more of a challenge. Bobby pins can be useful when braiding shorter hair or hair with many different layers to keep all of the hair in the French braid in place. There are many different ways of French braiding that make it unique; a person can braid at a slant, braid into a bun and only braid the bangs are just a few examples.

Compared to the simplest form of hair braid, a French braid has several practical advantages: it can restrain hair from the top of the head that is too short to reach the nape of the neck, and it spreads the weight and tension of the braid across a larger portion of the scalp. Its sleeker appearance is also sometimes viewed as more elegant and sophisticated. However, a French braid is more difficult to construct than a simple braid because of its greater complexity; when performed on one’s own hair, it also requires a more prolonged elevation of the hands above the back of the head, and leaves more tangled hair along the scalp when unbraiding.

In this style of braid start on top of the head and braid it till the end of the hair. Braiding in this manner can be done with different braid types but the most popular are the classic type and the fishtail type.