CHIT CHAT GRWM: Natural, Summer Glam!

Helllooooo my loves! So today I’m bringing you another chatty video, but this time it’s a GRWM! I rarely do these on my channel so let me know if you want to see more of them 🙂 Also i give you loads of video ideas in this video so make sure you leave a comment down below if you’re interested in any of them!

So Much Mascara, So Little Time!

Since the launch of roller lash, we’ve been in mascara heaven. As if our lash game wasn’t already strong enough, we’ve now got THREE amazing choices to satiate our lash-lust, no matter what look we’re after. But now that we’ve got all this ah-mazing mascara, we find ourselves struggling to choose just ONE.


Do we want super voluminous BADgal lashes? Or is it a maaay-jor drama, they’re real kinda day? But how can we ignore the eye-opening curling power of roller lash? (hello, instant eye lift!) We’ve got SO MUCH amazing mascara that it’s near impossible to choose just one look, so we’ve decided to lay out the BENEFITs (lol) of each!


BADgal is our classic lash bestie. For full, voluminous, sexy lashes, we always know where to turn. The famously big brush coats our lashes for clump-free volume, instantly filling out any gaps, & makes us look like we have twice the lashes. Every gal has days where her lashes are looking a little sparse, and that’s when it’s time to get BAD 😉

They’re real is for big, bold, beyond belief lashes. Let’s get real, here—fake lashes are fantastic, but we just don’t have it in us to glue something to our eyelids every morning. We want dramatic lashes without the #struggle, and that’s where they’re real comes in. It has an innovative brush that grabs even the teeniest, saddest lashes & lengthens them for major drama—no more falsies for us. Upward & onward, gorgeous!

Roller lash is the one for you if your struggle is straight lashes. Despite our incredible mascara choices, we had still been feeling the lash curler pain. We hate, hate, HATE those things (medieval torture devices, amirite?) & roller lash has finally eliminated the need. The innovative combo of the 12-hour formula & hook ‘n’ roll brush lifts & curls lashes to heights we didn’t know were possible, without the curler. The result? Wide open eyes & the fresh look of 9 hours of beauty sleep—instantly!


The real secret for us though? Mixing & matching. One of our current faves is roller lash with they’re real on top, a little trick we like to call the real high roller, for super lengthened AND lifted lashes. We thought we had #realsies with they’re real—let’s just say roller lash has taken us to new heights. This is our go-to when we need limitless drama & curl.

For something a little bit more every day—but still absolutely incredible and totally lush—we go for BADgal with roller lash on top. We love the full-lash look that BADgal gives us, and it’s the perfect base for layering roller lash on top for full, gorgeous, natural-looking lashes with amazing curl.


So, Benebabes, which lash look is the one for you?

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Hairstyle Trend Photos 2013: How To Get Sideswept Waves, Deep Part – SAG Awards – Jennifer Lawrence, Amanda Seyfried

Hairstyle Trend Photos 2013: How To Get Sideswept Waves, Deep Part - SAG Awards - Jennifer Lawrence, Amanda Seyfried

Last night was not only a big occasion for actors at the 19th Annual Screen Actor’s Guild Awards in Los Angeles, California, but a night for the next big trend in hair: the side swept wave! Hollywood’s hottest leading ladies including Jennifer Lawrence, Amanda Seyfried and Julianne Moore all sported this retro hairstyle with a modern twist.

Read on to see how Julianne Moore‘s hairstylist for the evening, Living Proof‘s Chris McMillan, gave her relaxed, Veronica Lake-type waves.

Hairstyle Trend Photos 2013: How To Get Sideswept Waves, Deep Part - SAG Awards - Jennifer Lawrence, Amanda Seyfried

“First, I applied Living Proof Prime Style Extender to her damp, towel-dried hair and combed it through. Prime Style Extender gave me the sleek, healthy hair I needed for styling. I parted the hair on the left and blow-dried it straight with a large round brush.

Hairstyle Trend Photos 2013: How To Get Sideswept Waves, Deep Part - SAG Awards - Jennifer Lawrence, Amanda Seyfried

On dry hair, I applied the Firm Hold Hair Spray as a heat protector and used a 1 1/2-inch curling iron to create a S-curve with her bang, accentuating her eyes and keeping her hair away from the face. I then used the same iron to bend the ends under, curling the iron in a counter clockwise motion. I wanted the look to be glossy, sleek and simple.”

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