Lipstick Queen Let Them Eat Cake

Lipstick Queen Let The Eat Cake

Lipstick Queen Let The Eat Cake

Ooh! Fuzzy packaging! This is the yet to launch Lipstick Queen take on lilac all wrapped up in a strokable box.

Lipstick Queen Let Them Eat Cake

Lipstick Queen Let Them Eat Cake

Obviously named for Marie Antoinette’s infamous misquote, it’s certainly adventurous and different.

Lipstick Queen Let The Eat Cake

Lipstick Queen Let The Eat Cake

Poppy King has added in warm gold tones in the form of shimmer to a lilac-nude base – personally, I don’t love the effect because I’m not a shimmer lip fan at all, but I really haven’t seen another lipstick like this.

Lipstick Queen Let Them Eat Cake 3

Lipstick Queen Let Them Eat Cake 3

It’s pretty heavy on the frosting, but you get smatterings of an almost rose gold effect as well on top of the lilac-nude base; kind of intriguing but also, to my mind, a little bit ’80s – no harm in that but I’m not sure how easy it will be to wear. And, I’m gasping a little bit because it’s £35! Hope those sprinkles of glitter are 24K.

Lipstick Queen Let Them Eat Cake launches into SpaceNK in May.

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Chanel Rouge Coco: The New Lipstick

Misia Catherine Coco

I did an absolutely mammoth lipstick-trying-on session last week; I was seduced so completely by the new Chanel Rouge Coco launch that I spent a good few hours playing about with the different shades. They are just beautiful. Silky-smooth colour with a plumpy, buttery texture and a non-shimmer, luminous finish. There are no wild headline-grabbing claims to be made here – the colour won’t last for 96 hours, it’s not a primer-and-lipstick or lipstick-and-gloss or blusher-and-lipstick – the new Rouge Cocos are just good.

Let’s take a little look at my favourites. From left to right in the photograph above, we have Misia, Catherine and Coco. I feel as though there’s something of a seventies vibe going on with these shades – something retro. The colours are vibrant and juicy on the lips, but the tones are ever so slightly muted, as though they’ve been knocked back or de-saturated a bit. Here’s Misia:

chanel rouge coco lipstick 2015 swatches and review

Misia was a surprise favourite; I would never normally pick out this shade! But I can imagine wearing it in summer with beautifully bronzed skin and a boho, easygoing maxi dress.

chanel rouge coco swatches and review

And then there’s Catherine, above, which almost falls under my new “cyber peach” label, though it’s not quite as punchy and bright as Devon Sunset and LOLA’s Minx. Like I said, it has that very slightly muted, retro appeal. And this peachy shade works so well with the sumptuous, creamy Rouge Coco formula – it applies like a dream; very opaque but with that lovely, sophisticated non-shimmer sheen. And here’s Coco:

chanel rouge coco 2015 swatches

If you can’t hang on for the release of Charlotte Tilbury’s “1975” lipstick this summer, then Coco is a wonderful alternative. The same bricky-orange-red, very intense and very flattering, but a luminous finish rather than a matte one. Find it online here.

arthur olga roussy coco rouge 2015

Of the three shades above (Arthur, Olga and Roussy) it’s Olga in the centre that’s the winner for me. A bright Miami pink that I’d normally shun for being too “Barbie”, it looks incredible against beachy skin. Here I am wistfully looking off-camera, about to apply:

chanel rouge coco swatch lipstick review

And here’s Olga after a couple of swipes:

chanel rouge coco swatches lipstick review

Good old Olga! You’d probably want to keep your eye makeup minimal with this kind of shade and definitely not use any kind of blue or violet or green, unless you know what you’re doing and can be certain that you won’t look like a five year-old’s beauty experiment!

adrienne chanel rouge coco 2015

I’ve saved the best until last. Meet Adrienne, above, possibly the best and most wearable creamy-nude that I’ve tried in a long, long time. I’m fickle with my lipsticks but this one has made it into my handbag and will stay there for a good long while. Here’s Adrienne on my face. (That sounds wrong.)

chanel rouge coco swatch

What an absolute beauty! You’ll be seeing Adrienne pop up in many posts and videos this year, I should think – just the perfect caramel-y nude with a tiny hint of peachiness and a chic, understated finish. Entirely wearable, night or day, and just the right shade to feel “done up” but not overdone.

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Which is your favourite shade, here? Let me know. I’m bowled over by how much I love these Rouge Coco lipsticks; the finish and formula are just completely up my beauty street. You can find them online at Selfridges here – they are £26 each.

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