Loving Lavera…

My love for Lavera Shampoo started with a hunt for a bargain. I don’t like paying a lot for shampoo, I mean I totally will if I’ve tried everything else and nothing is working for me, or I’m sold on the swishy ingredients list and marketing lingo, but I’ll always try something cheaper if I can.
We’ve gone through a lot of shampoo in this house, both myself and Michael have fussy scalps that get itchy and sore if we use anything harsh (usually if it’s not natural) and we’ve tried a lot of shampoo labelled specifically for a sensitive scalp that works for one or two bottles and then the pain returns and we need to move on. Hair does actually get used to products, so switching it up is no bad thing at all. We’ve been using Lavera (the blue bottle) for just over a year, and it’s just now that I’m starting to need something new.

The Lavera Basis Sensitiv Moisture & Care Shampoo, £6.95, is that perfect blend of cleansing with no build up or greasy residue, but leaves my hair so soft, shiny and conditioned that I rarely needed conditioner. Made with almond milk, aloe vera and avocado it sounds like a fancy green smoothie. It kept my scalp in perfect condition and my hair feeling healthy bottle after bottle (I think I’ve gone through 5 or 6!). What I also love about this shampoo and the other Lavera shampoos that I’ve been using, is that they foam up. I can’t be dealing with a shampoo that has no bubbles, I never feel like my hair is clean!

The green Freshness and Balance Shampoo, £6.95, was a purchase for Michael who’s hair gets oily quicker than mine, but I’ve been using this too if I’ve used a little too much dry shampoo or hair oil. It removes residue with ease and leaves hair feeling clean, a little squeaky perhaps but not super stripped or dry. I do always follow up with a little conditioner though.

Lastly, I purchased the Volume & Strength Shampoo, £6.95, most recently because postpartum hair loss is real, guys. I feel like I might be bald soon at this rate! 😉 I can’t say I’ve noticed a difference in hair loss slowing down yet, but I do like how it makes my hair feel. The formula contains Vitamin C and Green Tea to strengthen those all-important roots. Perhaps I need to use this exclusively to see a major difference because I still like to use the Moisture & Care most often.

I’m now on the lookout and ready to try a few new brands and products in the bathroom because I think my hair is used to these now. Michael is starting to complain about his hair too… maybe it’s the warmer weather!
I did just see that they have a new 2-in-1 Deep Care & Repair Shampoo and Conditioner which sounds diiiiivine! Perhaps I’ll pick up a bottle of that for testing purposes, of course 😉

Have you tried any Lavera haircare? See the full range here (Note that they are all vegan except for the pale pink Gloss & Bounce range)

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Social Media Myths

Adobe – Social Media Myths. Myth 24: Social media is worthless View full video

What Beauty Confidence Means To Me


The beauty industry thrives on our insecurities, worries and concerns; it’s there to point out that we have spots that need covering, fine lines that need targeting or lashes that need lengthening. However, it’s also there to provide the tools we need to feel confident and fabulous when we need it most – whether that’s via a radiance boosting face cream, a bright red lipstick or a shampoo that keeps your colour vibrant. I adore everything about the industry and choose to take away the positives rather than the negatives, believing that those bods in white coats are busy trying to find solutions to our problems rather than forcing us to buy into something we don’t really need. Personally I’ve always looked at my huge stash of products as a tool kit to reveal who I think I am, rather than a way of concealing or creating a new identity; it’s empowering and confidence building to know I can cover up those early onset greys, dark circles and fine lines under my eyes, so I don’t have to worry about them interfering with my day. The benefit the beauty industry brings is choice: choice to address concerns or worries, choice to create who you want to be that day, choice to age at your own pace and choice to feel confident in your own skin. But what about beauty confidence?

Beauty confidence to me is about knowing I’m projecting my best image to those around me, without worrying about the little details. It’s about knowing my skin feels great, my nails are done, my grey hairs are covered and that I don’t have to worry about a breakout or cold sore appearing when it’s least convenient. Beauty confidence to me is about the little things that make a huge difference, but when they work you don’t even realise the impact they have; from cuticle oil to help my nails grow strong, to body scrubs that help reveal fresh glowing skin, to my favourite concealers that ensure focus is on my eyes – not what lies beneath. Beauty confidence to me is about knowing my body is changing as I age, but embracing it wholeheartedly and celebrating the fact that it works hard to keep me moving rather than putting it down for daring to be imperfect; it’s about understanding that there is beauty in all of us and in our differences, and that if we were all the same the world would be a very boring place to be. Beauty confidence is about doing whatever makes you feel good, and minimising the potential to make you feel bad.

Fortunately lipivir understand that the appearance of a cold sore can be confidence draining; they understand that it can make you want to hide away, that you may not want to look people in the eye and that the discomfort can interfere with your day. They understand that to have beauty confidence you have to be armed with the tools to ensure you feel your best, so they set about creating something to help: a lightweight gel that can be applied around the edge of lips to help prevent the appearance of cold sores. (The HSV1 virus that causes cold sores reactivates by sending signals between particles to ‘wake-up’ and start replicating so they can spread; lipivir has a special formulation that disrupts these signals so they don’t arrive. Its special formula is made of a biologically inactive substance which interferes with the signals, ‘jamming’ the viruses’ communications and preventing outbreaks.)

It’s these little steps in our regime that can have a huge impact, knowing that we have the tools at our disposal to stop those pesky inconveniences from appearing altogether. Beauty confidence is about stepping out the door with your head held high knowing you’re looking and feeling fabulous – and you’re going to kick some ass. I’ve been trying lipivir for a few weeks alongside one of my best friends who suffers from horrendous cold sores and it’s definitely helped us both to feel beauty confident. Although it’s hard to tell whether or not something has been effective when it’s a preventative measure, the fact there’s a simple way to stop those ‘oh no’ moments is a godsend in my book. Alongside my nail strengthener, retinol enriched night creams, semi-permenant brows and regular pedicure appointments, it proves that there are little ways to ensure you feel beauty confident 365 days of the year. Thank goodness for the beauty industry.

What does beauty confidence mean to you?

To find out more about lipivir, visit their website: www.lipivir.com
You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Read my previous post, How To Ensure Healthy Kissable Lips All Year Long, for some more top tips.

This is a sponsored post on behalf of lipivir; all opinions and recommendations are my own.

Features PR samples unless otherwise stated. To read my full disclaimer, click here.

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Kat Von D “Spellbinding Eyeshadow Book” Review

Hi Makeup Geeks! As you all know, every year around the holidays I go on my search for the best makeup palettes. I review each of them individually, then at the end I pick my favorite one of the year. I love this time of year not only for the season and the feeling that comes with it but it gives me a good excuse to shop! 🙂

The palette we will be looking at today is the Kat Von D “Spellbinding Eyeshadow Book”

Kat von D 01_Spelling Binding


The packaging is a thin, sleek cardboard palette that opens like a book. The front cover is a penciled design in black and white- very Kat Von D inspired! It opens to reveal 24 shades with 12 of them being new.  The left side of the inside palette has 3 eyeshadow ideas, “The Natural State”, “The After Hours”, “The Spellbinder”, each of which can be recreated with the shades in the palette. the palette is organized in pairs with each shade suppose to compliment each other. Each shade is 0.05 ounce which is the normal amount in a shadow. It does come with a plastic overlay to protect the shadows when you travel but I know for some this is more of an aggravation but it can be easily cut away. The price on this is great for the amount of shades you get.  I love how easy this is to take for travel as it’s super lightweight and sleek.

Kat von D 06_Spelling Binding


Included in this palette are 24 eyeshadows ranging in several colors and finishes.  There are 3 matte finish shadows, and 21 metallic/shimmer shadows. Overall this is very good quality with only a few of them being somewhat powdery. The majority of the shades were very creamy and easy to apply and adhered to the skin very well. They also blended well and had stunning pigmentation.  My only downside to this palette is there should have been a few more neutral shadows to balance out all the colors- this way you don’t have to bring extra shadows if you travel with this palette.

Going L to R

  • Dark Throne – Medium Matte Dark Grey
  • Precious – Shimmery Soft Warm Peach
  • Babe – Medium Cool Toned Purple with Iridescent Shimmer
  • Piaf – Dark Grey with a Silver Metallic Sheen
  • Sunset Blvd. – Gold with a Frost Finish
  • 8 Bit – Metallic Teal with Gold Shimmer
  • Geek – Medium Matte Peach
  • Fallen – Shimmery Warm Golden Copper
  • Holy Bible – Muted Metallic Silver
  • Oddfellow – Black with a Teal Shimmer (One of my Favorites)
  • Birdcage – Yellow Green with a Frosted Finish
  • Gunner – Dark Green with Green and Silver Sparkles
  • Instaglam – Light Pink with a Frosted/Metallic Finish
  • Stupid Autocorrect – Warm Frosted Copper Red
  • Galore – Warm Frosted Gold/Beige
  • Hexagram – Olive Green with a Frosted Finish
  • Smile Now – Medium Golden Peach with Pinky Sheen
  • Cry Later – Medium Brown with a Pearl Finish
  • Arcadia – Lilac Purple with a Frosted Sheen
  • Wonderland – Deep Burgundy Sparkle
  • Queen- Warm Brown with a Teal Sheen
  • Bukowski – Medium Cool Blue with a Frosted Finish
  • Countess – Matte Finish Light Beige
  • WTF – Orange/Red with a Satin Finish

Kat von D 'Spellbinding' Swatches 03 Kat von D 'Spellbinding' Swatches 01 Kat von D 'Spellbinding' Swatches 04_1Kat von D 'Spellbinding' Swatches 02

Price:   $46.00

Where to Buy:   (unfortunately Sephora already sold out, but you can find on Amazon)

I give this palette a big 2 thumbs up as the quality, packaging, and colors are amazing.  This is one of my favorite palettes for 2013 🙂



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