The Brilliant Body Discovery Box.

Another box from Naturisimo, you know how much I love these. Being able to see the contents fully before you buy is a big win for me, and not having to actually subscribe, so you can choose a box as and when you please is another. This month Naturisimo have released their Brilliant Body Discovery Box, just in time for the warmer weather and holiday season. The box costs £12.95 but is worth £37 and features 9 items. They are:

The Hydrea London Exfoliating Bamboo Mitt – This soft mitt costs £7.50 and is made with eco-friendly bamboo. It’s gentle but still extremely efficient and can be used on both face and body.

Dr Bronners Rose Soap Bar – Who doesn’t love Dr. Bronners? This smaller sized soap bar is perfect for travel, or just cleaning your makeup brushes. If you haven’t experienced a Dr. Bronners clean makeup brush, you’re missing out.

Lola’s Apothecary Sweet Lullaby Bath & Shower Oil – My first time trying this brand, finally! This oil is beyond lush and smells divine. I love the little touch of some real lavender in there too.

Green & Spring Relaxing Bath & Shower Foam – This pairs with the Lola’s Apothecary oil incredibly well, they have similar lavender scents and I can’t wait to use them together in a bath for the ultimate lavender relax sesh.

This Works Perfect Legs Skin Miracle – Another product I’ve wanted to try for quite some time without having to splurge on the pricey full size. This tinted lotion gives a little colour to legs and helps even the skin tone (great for hiding any bruises apparently) for summer ready pins.

Pai Comfrey & Calendula Calming Body Cream – This huge sachet contains a generous amount of product, at least two uses I would say. Perfect for travel and especially good for emergency sunburn situations.

Inlight Food & Leg Balm – 100% Organic and extremely luxurious, this balm will turn even the ugliest of duckling feet into swans ready for sandals.

Jurlique Rose Hand Cream – One of Jurlique’s best selling products, this light cream sinks in quickly without any residue but leaves hands feeling quenched and soft.

Balance Me Rose Otto Body Cream – And finally, this rose scented cream is rich and hydrating, perfect for dry patches and keeping skin soft and smooth after sun, sea and sand.

All in all a great box for trying lots of new products before deciding on full sizes. I especially love the mitt, bath oil and soap and am really pleased I get to try the This Works product! What do you think of the contents? Would you rather have just 2-3 full sizes or lots of minis in a beauty box?

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NEOM Body Scrub: It’s Silent Sexy-Dance Time.

NEOM Great Day Body Scrub Review

I’m rarely seduced by the idea of a body scrub. It’s all a lot of hassle, isn’t it? If you’re relaxing in the bath then why would you want your finale to be a weird, standing-up scrub-applying dance routine? With your body in the cold and your feet still in the deliciously warm water? And you certainly don’t want to scrub before bathing, because then you have to lie with all of the grit at the bottom of the bath. And if you’re in the shower, there’s never enough room to manoeuvre about without crashing an elbow through the glass screen or stubbing a toe on the edge of the tray. No, scrubbing is a palaver I can do without, most of the time.

Unless, unless, unless. Give me a richly oily scrub that sticks to the skin and doesn’t slide off, one that is beautifully scented and that leaves you feeling uplifted and new-bodied. Give me one of those and I will make the effort to do the post-bath dance. I’ll even stand in the shower, hose myself down a first time, turn the shower off and stand there like a berk as I rub in the scrub like some kind of demented, narcissistic self-pleasurer. (I always think that it would be incredibly embarrassing to be caught scrubbing: all of that weird circular massaging and gyrating makes it look like you’re silent-dancing to a sexy Madonna track.)

NEOM’s Great Day Wild Mint & Mandarin Body Scrub (I got to the point in the end!) is one such rich and oily scrub that I will happily silent sexy-dance for. The consistency is just right; very scrubular but with just enough oil to keep it on the skin rather than the shower floor. You can massage it in for ages, should the urge take you, and it leaves skin incredibly soft. But the absolute high note with this product has to be the way that it moisturises your skin at the same time as exfoliating it; even after a very thorough rinse (I was in tester mode) I was properly oiled up, as though I’d had an hour-long massage. So it’s kind of like a spa treatment in one, this: massage it in, rinse off and you’ve had the full body works. My skin was soft, sheeny and smelt lovely – really minty and zingy.

More body care reviews…

It’s definitely a treat purchase (I know you can make great scrubs at home using brown sugar and oil for next to nothing!) but it’s one that does deliver and if you’re in the mood for a pamper session, it feels suitably luxe. You can find NEOM’s Great Day Body Scrub at – it’s £34.

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Accessory Wednesday: Chanel Sunglasses

Vestiaire Collective Chanel Sunglasses

Vestiaire Collective Chanel Sunglasses

It’s a vice, I know, but I’ve got more pairs of Chanel sunglasses than I can count – over the years, I’ve kept every single pair and can still remember the horror of leaving my first pair in a changing room and then the relief that they had been picked up by staff who had them safe and sound (thank you Debenhams!). But, there’s no getting round the fact that they’re expensive. I’ve been using Vestiaire Collective for a while now – it’s a French site where you can buy used designer products (my first ever Dior bag came for there for about £350 I think, and I use it non-stop). The way they stop fakes is that everything is checked for authenticity by Vestiaire before it’s sent out to you. This means you wait a little longer for your products, but at least you know you haven’t been taken for a ride. So, I’m picking out some pairs for you to peruse – there is only one pair because they’re sold by individual sellers. The pair above costs £106 HERE.

Chanel Sunglasses 2

Chanel Sunglasses 2

Personally, I think if you’re splashing out then bells and whistles is a good thing – I love the detail on these which cost £171.05 HERE.

Chanel Sunglasses

Chanel Sunglasses

Not sure how wrong you can go with these! They’re gorgeous and a classic style in Tortoiseshell for £86.30  HERE. Everything I’ve had from Vestiaire has lived up to expectation, but with any pre-used item, get all the facts before you buy.

I’m including a link on how to spot fake Chanel Sunglasses HERE.

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Sunday Tittle Tattle: And They’re In!

house renovations

Momentous moment: we are back in our house. It’s still not done, but we are camping out upstairs and surviving on bananas and crisps and cereal bars and it’s not too shoddy. Not too shoddy at all. Especially as Mr AMR had ordered a telly bed (where the TV rises up out of the foot of the bedframe) and the TV has Netflix already installed on it – hello middle-of-the-night breastfeeding sessions! I need a new box set to devour if anyone has any recommendations…

alno kitchen mid century

I can honestly say that the last six months have been the most stressful of my life. Having a baby was kind of a doddle in comparison to having a house renovated – I’m not sure I could do it all again. I love watching house programmes (Grand Designs, Location Location Location, Restoration Man) but whereas before I used to sit there with a longing to get started on my own little project, I now have a chuckle at all of the bits that they’ve smoothed over for the camera – obvious relationship breakdowns and so on. I want to record my house renovating experience here on the website so that I can look back on it when all of the dust has settled, so expect a post soon. The interiors features will swiftly follow!

mid century modern house

I can’t stop touching the doors and carpets and walls – I’ve never chosen anything new like this on such a big scale before. Never bought a new kitchen (our last place had a decent one, we never saw reason to change it) never built a new room or knocked down a wall… When I sit in the living room it’s almost as though nothing has changed, because I still have the same views and the same old De Sede sofa, but then I realise that everything around me is completely new. It’s very odd.

Right – must go. The thermostat has been put in the wrong place and the radiators keep coming on full-blast, so it’s like the Sahara in here. We’re just about to order Dominos (Saturday night, it’s allowed) and work out how to operate the central heating. Ah, domestic bliss. How I’ve missed you…

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Reddit Helped Clear My Pores? Skincare,

Reddit How to Skin Grit

There are many things I associate with Reddit but skincare is not one; that’s not to say there isn’t forums full of great advice, it is more to do with the fact I tend to read up on unresolved mysteries over all else. Well perhaps topping the weirdest-things -list -of -Reddit -discoveries is skin gritting – a new and novel way to eradicate blackheads, that many are currently heralding as the ultimate quick fix for the problem once and for all.

To the best of my understanding, there are two methods to skin grit:

A, what I’ve affectionately dubbed as the cleanse sandwich: first you cleanse, dry skin with an oil cleanser, rinse, dry and apply a clay based mask before following up with another oil based cleanse.

B, or the AHA/BHA cleansing method: you use either a AHA or BHA cleanser, allow to dry and then double cleanse with an oil based cleanser.

What both methods have in common is: a deep cleanse, a lot of oil and skin massage – simple but apparently effective. The idea is that by doing employing such steps, you bring any trapped dirt, grime and sebum, to the surface of the skin via the mask or cleanser, and by combining the emollient quality of the oil you will loosen and free such trapped “grit”.

Now I know you are have two questions: did I try skin gritting out for myself and was it effective? You can bet your Reddit-browsing-ass that I gave it a whirl; I decided to try the more traditional approach of using the mask and oil combination in the hope of removing any blackheads on my face. I’d love to tell you it was a hugely successful operation but the truth is not much happened (not a single “grit” in sight) other than my skin was treated to a papering evening of cleansers and general tender, loving, care.

Admittedly just about every article – including the original Reddit thread – states that you do have to apply the second oil cleanse with a certain amount of vigour, but -and this is a huge but (a lot like my own) – from fear of bursting callipharies, I was reserved in terms of pressure. I did work against the grain of my skin but may not have been as firm as I needed, to properly benefit from the technique. I also should mention I do go for regular facials and double cleanse every single evening, so perhaps I’m not the best candidate on that aspect alone.

All things considered I can’t say I’m mad at the technique; my skin was left feeling softer and had a peachy, plump appearance and glowed – much like after a pricey skin treatment. I’m guessing the thorough massage is to credit here? If you decide to try either method of skin gritting out for yourself, please ensure your skin is not easily sensitised; and please for the love of all things good, do not overly exert your complexion; broken calipharies are no joke and will require pricey laser treatment.

The things we do in the quest for better skin huh?

I do apologise that my photo has been created to suit this article, I promise I have “gritted” on more than one occasion with no avail, and a photo that does not make.

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