Accessory Wednesday: Muji Storage


This might very well be preaching to the converted – Muji Storage is practically a blogging rule for the oodles of makeup we collect and love. If you’ve ever stared into your crowded makeup bag in despair, these are just the best way to be able to see what you actually have. This is a Muji lifestyle shot by the way – I’d hate to mislead anyone into thinking this state of tidyness is actually mine! I own at least four of these boxes – as a working blogger they’re so useful for new collections – so when Spring, for example, starts to roll in, I can see at a glance how the colours are shaping up as a whole, rather than individually, and can easily access items when I need to. Once the next season starts to arrive, they get emptied into a four drawer cabinet in my office and then given away (or hoarded!). I also use one for jewellery – I’m not especially tidy by nature, but it keeps it all in one place, at least. Anyway, all this is getting round to saying that if you’re up for a bit of beauty storage, there’s a Muji… Read More

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Gather Your Wing Women at ULTA!

ULTA & Benefit Cosmetics are your beauty besties when it comes to looking your best. Just like the wing women in your life—your sisters from another mister, your BFFs forevs—we’ve always got your back. Which is why we’ve partnered up to host Wing Women events at select ULTA locations on weekends from August 8-24, 2014!


In addition to bestie freebies—like the real turn-ons set including deluxe samples of they’re real! mascara & watt’s up—with a $40 product or service purchase, we’ll be giving exclusive makeup lessons with they’re real! push-up liner. If you haven’t tried the lash-hugging gel liner everyone’s talking about, now’s your chance to try & learn from the pros—for free!

If you can’t make it (or just want extra goodies, you smartypants), we’re also giving away $500 of your fave Benefit products to 3 lucky Benebabes! Just visit here & RT the contest Tweet by 8/24 to be entered to win.

Hope to see you at ULTA with your wing women!

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