Hands at Cannes

cannes 2014 hands in crowd

I found these brilliant photos on my desktop – they were taken by Francois Durand when I was at the Cannes Festival in May. I was in the Dior suite getting ready to walk the red carpet – and if there was ever anything that was going to make you feel nervous about walking the carpet, it would be this mass of hands with their raised cameraphones! Good job I only saw the pictures afterwards…

ruth crilly at cannes with dior 2014

The Dior suite at the Majestic was just a pure oasis of calm in comparison to the hot, noisy world down on the avenue. I can absolutely see why actors and celebrities would want to spend a few hours in there, gathering their thoughts and taking deep breaths ready for the paparazzi onslaught. It must be incredibly difficult for those actors and actresses who are quite nervous and introvert in real life to get themselves down the red carpet; you’d expect anyone in showbiz to love courting all of that attention, but I know quite a few people in the public eye who go to absolute pieces when they have to face banks of photographers.

dior cannes 2014 view from above

The view from the Dior Suite, above – straight down onto the red carpet. Unfortunately I didn’t see any superstars because I was busy having my hair and makeup done! And also stuffing down a rather good chicken club sandwich, with the obligatory fries-on-the-side and little pots of mayo and ketchup. Why do club sandwiches with fries always taste so amazing? It’s my staple “first meal of a holiday” fodder – throw cases in room, go to pool, order club sandwich and a glass of rosé. It’s the simple things in life, isn’t it?

model dior ruth crilly

Last pic – international Dior makeup artist Jamie Coombes putting some finishing touches to my look. You would never guess what we were talking about two seconds before this shot was taken. Ha. It’s too rude to print.

If you missed my Cannes video, you can watch it below – so many thanks to Francois for the photographs, you can see his website here.

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Fresh Summer Smells…

carven le parfum

Some gorgeously fresh and uplifting summer smells; I’ve put these items into a special box that I’m travelling about with (alongside my amazing body oil from Aurelia) so that I can create beautiful little “scent environments” wherever I go. (I still have two house moves before I can get back into my own home, believe it or not. The whole house project kind of spun out of control.)

The first item is from LAFCO and is a Chamomile Lavender scented soap. Quite an unusual and almost masculine smell, it caught my attention even with all of the wrappings still on, so you can only imagine how it’s throwing its fragrance around now it’s unboxed! I might actually pop this in with my lingerie so that when I’m feeling all tired and soaked in breastmilk and baby sick I can at least have nice-smelling (large, unsexy) knickers! (You can find LAFCO at Net-a-Porter here.)

Read more fragrance reviews…

Next, Jo Malone’s White Lilac & Rhubarb candle. I like this whole floral/fruity vibe (see also the Figuier fragrances from an earlier post) and the proceeds from these candles go to Jo Malone’s Community Gardens project, dedicated to helping people in vulnerable or deprived situations. You can read more here – the candle is £42. *UPDATE: I wrote this post ages ago – the candle will have sold out by now, but the Gardens project is an ongoing one so do keep a lookout for further special product launches.

fragrance review

Lastly there’s Le Parfum from Carven. I’m late to the party with this fragrance – it’s by no means new – but it has that perfect cool, light freshness that I crave from a fragrance when the weather turns hot and stuffy. It’s like clean linen, sparkling lemonade and apricot sorbet (if such a thing exists) all at once. Really very revitalising, but at the same time delicate and feminine. No clod-hopping citrus or heavy-handed florals, just a fine, clean scent. Find it in 30ml or 100ml (with 10% discount) here.

If you like the sound of Carven Le Parfum, see also Jo Malone’s Osmanthus Blossom…

Your own favourite fresh summer smells? Let me know in the comments below!

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E-Salon: New Breakthrough Hair Color


Are you tired of those at-home boxed hair coloring systems that leave you frustrated, and running to your hairstylist for help? Well, there’s a BIG secret your stylist doesn’t want you to know about: A new hair care company called eSalon.com that is infuriating hairstylists across the country… with one good hair coloring job at a time!

eSalon has great reviews from InStyle, Total Beauty, Good Housekeeping and a bunch of other blog sites. Their Facebook page seems to have lots of happy customers who rave about them as well. But you’ll also see hairdressers that are upset over eSalon’s service.

In recent press, eSalon’s color director Estelle Baumhauer said the company is fast becoming a target foroutraged stylists: “I’ve had outraged stylists come up to me and say, ‘How could you do this? You’re going toput us out of business!’”

Maybe that’s because eSalon offers professional salon services in your own home. Plus, it’s way more affordable and comes with the guidance of experts – so you get the full salon treatment without paying a fortune.

eSalon actually uses your personal hair details and color preference to blend up your individual dye, just like a salon. They use quality ingredients so you get silky, shiny hair with complete gray coverage.  It even comes with your name on the bottle – that’s how personalized the service is!

Then, they deliver it to you for $20.00. The order also contains a coloring guide from a professional colorist to help you through the process.

Women love going to the salon for a massage and personal treatment, but, these days, everyone needs to save money where they can. For me, that means coloring my own hair. This new idea of boxed, salon color is exactly what many of us were waiting for!

And it sounds like hair salons are feeling the heat. “Sometimes I’m reluctant to tell other colorists what I do,” Estelle says. “But for the most part I’m proud of the service we offer busy, professional women.”

SPECIAL OFFER: If you’re ready to say “buh-bye” to your hairstylist, eSalon gives you your first order of hair dye for just $9.95 (saving you 50%), plus, they’ll refund your whole order if you’re not happy! Click here to give eSalon a try!  —> www.ESalon.com