Kiss and Blush: The Multipurpose Lip and Cheek Cream

YSL Kiss and Blush Review

Goodness me, I’m ever so late to the party with YSL’s Kiss & Blush! Ironic, really, because I had these in my hands way before anyone else had even seen them – I was working with YSL on some how-to videos last year and they were one of the “top secret” products! I made a note in my diary to write about them as soon as they were released but I’m afraid that – as usual – time just slipped by. But here they are, in their full technicolor glory: YSL’s new blush and lip-colour multipurpose creams. My favourites are pictured above; they are, from left to right, shades 8 (Pink Hedoniste), 5 (Rouge Effrontee) and 7, which is Coral Affranchi.

ruth crilly model beauty blogger

In my photos, and in the video below, I’m using shade 8. It looks incredibly bright and scary when you first apply, but it’s a very pale and beautiful pink when you blend it out. All of the Kiss & Blush shades have a velvety matte finish and a good, long wear-time, and I think that they work equally well on cheeks and lips. Usually I find that multi-purpose “cheek and lip” products are too shiny to work as blushers or too matte to be good on the lips, but I think that YSL have got it really right with this formula. There’s no sheen on the cheeks yet it still manages to look luminous, and on the lips the product is just the right side of that lovely chalky, pastelly finish. I have a tiny touch of it on in the photographs over a slick of lipbalm. (I’d highly recommend a little bit of balm underneath, just for comfort levels!)

ruth crilly model blogger

Here’s Shade 8 on cheeks and lips. Applied just once, with the lightest of touches, but obviously you can build it up to any intensity you like. I think that the foam applicator makes it really easy to use, though some people in the Youtube comments have voiced their concerns that it’s unhygienic. Thoughts? I don’t see that it’s any less hygienic than a lipgloss, but I suppose that you are increasing your germ intake by using it in two separate face locations…

Overall, I think that this new YSL release is something of a success. I adore their little cream blushers in the pots and went on about those loads last year (see here) but I’m not sure that the new Kiss & Blush just isn’t that bit easier to use. It’s a lighter, more fluid texture and it’s quicker to get a precise application on the go. The cream is nicer to buff in when you’re sitting down to do a proper bit of maquillage, but the Kiss & Blush is better for on-the-go. What do you think? Have you tried these? You can find them on HERE for £27 with free delivery.

Here’s my video that went out at the end of last week; I’ll be talking about the Benefit Big Easy and the Estee Lauder eye palette in separate posts. Please click here to open the video in a new window if you can’t see it below.

*Disclaimer: I worked with YSL to produce a how-to video for this product but am under absolutely no obligation to cover it here on my blog or on my Youtube channel. This post is not sponsored. If you would like to see my how-to video, you can find it on their website here.

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Trilogy Balancing Face Lotion

Trilogy Balancing Face Lotion

If your skin runs to oily, I think that there is so much less choice in the way of lovely skin care. Oily and problematic skin types are constantly fire-fighting, often with ‘utilitarian’ products rather than luxury ones, so I’m … Read more

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Alpha-H “All About SPF” Skincare Giveaway

Alpha-H All About SPF Skincare Giveaway

It is always a pleasure to feature products from Alpha-H; their effective, problem-solving skincare has never failed to impress me. In fact one of their hero products, Liquid Gold, gave me my first beauty “Eureka” moment – never before had I seen such instant results from a skincare product and it really took me by surprise. A modest, unassuming bottle of odd-smelling liquid that quite literally transformed my skin overnight, brightening and tightening and generally giving it a massive shake-up. (It’s actually on a 2-for-1 offer at Cult Beauty at the moment, should you need to re-stock.)

Liquid Gold and the Leap of Faith…

Almost five years later and I am still a huge fan of this no-nonsense, results-driven brand. My latest Alpha-H discovery, the brilliant Liquid Laser, will be featured here soon, but today I want to talk about their sun protection range and – more specifically – the new #allaboutSPF campaign. I have a whopping great fifty sets of SPF skincare to give away, too, so make sure you keep on reading!

Alpha-H All About SPF Skincare Giveaway

The #allaboutSPF campaign has been launched to raise awareness around skin cancer and sun-induced aging. Despite the constant reminders about wearing sun protection, reapplying regularly and ensuring that enough product is used, most people still don’t use their SPF in an effective way – if they use it at all. Granted, here in the UK it is possible to go for weeks without seeing any actual sunlight, especially if you work long hours and travel in the near-darkness at either end of the day, but it’s easy to slip into the habit of not wearing any SPF and then on the days you do spend outside – even in the winter – leaving your skin completely exposed to skin-damaging rays. Michelle Doherty, founder of Alpha-H, says

“In general people are becoming more aware of the dangers of UV and realising the importance of using sun protection, however we still see plenty of people on the beach trying to gain a tan, which is alarming considering that skin cancer is the fifth most common cancer in England. Just 13% of consumers in the UK wear sunscreen on a daily basis, yet sun damage is cumulative and UV still penetrates on cloudy days. Our All About SPF campaign aims to generate awareness around daily use of SPF to prevent cumulative sun damage and skin ageing. Just one step, which only takes a few seconds, has the ability to keep you looking younger for longer – SPF is also the most cost effective anti-aging product on the market today, that’s why we are All About SPF.”

Alpha-H All About SPF Skincare Giveaway

The idea that SPF is the most cost effective anti-aging product on the market is actually quite obvious, but I had never thought of it like that before. A recent study by Queensland University, one of the global leaders in skin cancer research, showed that there was absolutely no detectable skin aging after four and a half years in their 903 study participants who applied SPF30+ on a daily basis. That’s actually quite incredible – all of those expensive lotions and potions we snap up to try and reverse damage when the damage could so easily be prevented in the first place. I asked Michelle what the most frequent SPF user-errors were.

“Most people don’t put enough sunscreen on for adequate protection. Two heaped tablespoons or 40ml will cover the whole body (dependent on your body size) and a couple of pumps is sufficient for the face and neck. Not being aware of the expiry date and not knowing how to check the expiry date are also common errors.”

Alpha-H All About SPF Skincare Giveaway

Michelle says that it’s important to choose the right sun care product for your needs, but recommends SPF 50+ (UVA and UVB protection, always) if you are outdoors for prolonged periods. There are two SPF 50+ products in the giveaway set; the first is the Daily Essential Moisturiser, which is great for normal to oily/combination skin. I can’t even count the number of outdoor model shoots I’ve been on where this sunscreen has been used as a sort of mattifying primer-base beneath the foundation. It has a lovely velvety finish and doesn’t feel chalky or heavy.

The other product in the giveaway set is the new Protection Plus Daily SPF 50+. This formula is far richer and great for dry skin – it helps to rehydrate as it protects, using Pomegranate Nectar and Mango Seed Butter to deeply nourish as well as a range of antioxidants to help fight free radical attack. This one has more of a comfortable, moisturising finish rather than being matte and makes a beautiful base for a more dewy makeup look.

Two different formulations then, which makes this set perfect for sharing, if you’re feeling in a sharing kind of mood. (I rarely am when it comes to my most-treasured beauty products, but I’ll make an exception here!)

alpha-h spf skincare giveaway

Alpha-H are spreading a Sharing is Caring message with the #allaboutSPF campaign, saying “it is a shared responsibility to keep friends and family safe. It’s a duty of care to your children to put sunscreen on them and teach them use sunscreen, just as it’s a duty of care to your friends to share sunscreen at the beach. We want to want to encourage the etiquette of sharing sunscreen with loved ones across the board.”

And they are very kindly sharing their sun protection here, with FIFTY special sets to give away. Each set, worth £40, contains 30ml of the Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF 50+ and 30ml of the Protection Plus Daily SPF 50+. To be in with a chance of winning a set, just leave a comment below (making sure you type your email into the form where prompted so we can contact you, one entry per person only, open worldwide) telling us who you would share your Sharing is Caring set with.

The giveaway will be open until 12pm (GMT) on Monday the 7th March, 2016 and winners will be announced the following day. Good luck!

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