What to Wear This Spring…

spring lookbook video

Ah, ’tis finally here: the Spring Lookbook. I’ve collected together some of my favourite outfits and put them on video. It’s a bit like a moving photoshoot and I really hope that you like it – it took me a whole day to film it and another entire day to edit! If you can bring it upon yourself to give it a “thumbs up” or tweet it or share it or whatever it is that floats your boat, then please do. If this one goes down well then I’ll do a Lookbook video every season and perhaps some extra little trend features in between.

Now I’ve been sneaking little fashion teasers onto the website since last week so you’ll have had a preview of some of the outfits already – others will be a big and glorious surprise! Let me know which your favourite is in the comments; my personal favourite is Look 1 with the sport-luxe trousers and the gorgeous cashmere cardigan (above), but closely followed by the outfit with the teal-coloured shirt from Hush and the floral print skirt (below).

style blog how to wear pencil skirt

I’m getting really into clashing patterns and wearing a bit of colour – an attempt, I suppose, at dragging myself from the “black and grey and neutrals” rut. Not that there’s anything wrong with black or grey or neutrals, it’s just that I can be an incredibly lazy dresser and it’s quite refreshing to be doing a bit of fashion experimentation.

what to wear this spring blog

A couple of things to note: the amazing French 65 court shoes from Whistles (featured in “Look 2″ above) are actually on sale at the moment, reduced from £135 to £94.50. They are incredibly chic and actually quite alright to walk in – not as comfy as the black and white “Jennie” shoes from L.K. Bennett, but getting there. Find them in the sale here. The other thing is an apology; there are a few bits and bobs that are no longer available online. It took me so long to collect my clothes together and then film and edit the video that the fashion world moved on without me! Things went into the sale and then promptly sold out. So the lovely duck-egg blue Topshop jumper (below) is nowhere to be seen (unless you find it in-store, which is a possibility so do check!) and also the silky Topshop Unique printed shorts seem to have disappeared from the face of the earth. Which is perhaps a blessing, in a way, because they weren’t the easiest little blighters to wear.

ruth crilly topshop

Right. Are you sitting comfortably? Grab a cup of tea or whatever it is that you like to have handy and we shall begin! If you can’t see the video player at the bottom of this page then please click here to view the Lookbook in a new window.

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Estee Lauder Little Black Primer

Little Black Primer

The time is going to have to come soon when I give up on my lash extensions – much as I don’t want to – because I think I need to start trying mascaras again. There have been a couple of mascara launches this year where I’ve felt I’ve missed out by not being able to try them properly. I can always use mascara on my bottom lashes, and do, but I think I want the full mascara experience again, even temporarily. So, everything lashes is piquing my interest at the moment, especially the Estee Lauder Little Black Primer which heads our way in January.

Little Black Lash Primer (can you see a whole new Little Black… franchise starting here?) works as a lash boost, a tint and a waterproof top coat. I like the sound of the waterproofing best – but naked lash days will definitely be improved with a very natural finish tint.

I don’t have the price to hand but I’ll flag it up when it launches towards the end of January 2015 and will hopefully have guinea-pigged it out or even tried it myself by then.

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Bardot, Beach Hair and a PhytoPlage Giveaway

phyto phytoplage hair care

My failsafe summer hair-saving trick used to be to smother the lengths and ends in a deep conditioning mask before going out in the sun. Then, at the end of the day, I’d simply rinse out the conditioner and all would be silky and well.

There were a number of problems with this approach, however, the biggest of them being the fact that the hair mask would set like concrete by lunchtime, making it feel as though I was wearing some sort of papier mache helmet. En route to the concrete state, the mask-saturated hair would pass through several phases, including “squidgy” and “fly-paper” – a very specific kind of stickiness that attracted flies, sand particles and bits of broken shell and invited them to take up residence in my slicked-back ‘do, turning me into a sort of human A-level art project.

Anyway, helmet-head no more, for this summer I have discovered PhytoPlage Protective Sun Veil from excellent hair brand Phyto. It’s a brilliantly lightweight, transparent hair mist that protects against the effects of excessive sun exposure, salt water, chlorine and whatever else is knocking about when you’re on holiday. (Or out in the garden, which is about as exotic as my life is getting this year.)

phyto phytoplage hair care oil

I have been a fan of the original PhytoPlage for years – it’s an oil with quite heavy-duty effects, protecting coloured hair from UV damage and keeping it smooth and shiny even when you’ve been frazzling your head under the Ibizan sun. But the oil was always just a tiny bit too much for my fine hair, weighing it down if I wanted to use it anywhere but on the very ends, so the Protective Sun Veil, the non-oily little sister, is just perfect for me.

phyto phytoplage hair care

Prices for these moisture-saving, hair-smoothing wonder sprays? The oil is a very decent £16 here and the veil, £15 here. However, I have FIVE sets of PhytoPlage to give away to UK readers (sorry world readers, issues with sending sprays overseas, apparently), each including the oil, the veil and a very special bag featuring the Queen of Beach Hair, Brigitte Bardot.

bardot makeup bag

To be in with a chance of winning a special set, leave a comment (one per person) before noon next Friday (12th August 2016) and tell me where you’re going on holiday. (If, indeed, you are going on holiday at all.) All the details, please – go on, make me jealous!

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MakeupbyAmarie’s Nice Package!

Let’s get real, Benebabes—we’re DYING for a spring makeup refresh! With all of the spring cleaning going on, we need to reboot our cosmetics collection too, but it can come with a hefty price tag. Our solution? The nice package! kit builder! Nice package is a custom makeup kit with one of each type of item: complexion, cheeks, eyes, a free gift AND a makeup bag! At only $79, we get the best of Benefit for a steal!


We LOVE knowing what our fave beauty gurus put in their nice package! so we caught up with Ashley of MakeupbyAmarie, to find out what’s in hers. Ashley is one of our faves because her videos cover everything from lifestyle to beauty to fashion—we can always count on her for ah-mazing tips & tricks! She does fun & easy how-to vids, & you ALL know we’re a sucker for gorgeous, EASY looks!

Ashley’s complexion pick is one of our classic go-tos—the POREfessional primer! She tells us that she loves the way it smooths her skin to create the perfect canvas before foundation—but her fave part about POREfessional? That it has a little bit of tint so she can wear it alone when she feels like going natural! She even went so far as to say it’s her holy grail primer! We’re totally blushing!

Ashley’s cheek choice is hoola. She loves to do the hoola because it adds dimension & brings color back into her face after the flattening effects of foundation. We couldn’t agree with our gorgeous friend more—hoola is our contour must-have!

You already know we’re uhhhb-sessed with her eye pick—roller lash! She tells us that roller lash is her newest go-to mascara because it gives lashes a lift while separating each individual lash for a natural, fanned out, crazy-curled look. The 12-hour formula & hook ‘n’ roll brush on our fabulous new mascara has her proclaiming, “it’s perfect.”

Last, but certainly not least, Ashley goes for benebalm for her free gift. Our rose-tinted moisturizing balm is super buildable and gives the perfect just-kissed finish to any look. Ashley tells us she needs it in her purse on-the-go for when she needs color & hydration at the same time!


After hearing this fab guru’s flawless nice package! picks, we’re more positive than ever that we’re going to stock up for spring with nice package! We’re feeling so inspired, we might just have to copy Ashley’s choices—the girl knows how to get gorgeous! Dying to know more about Ashley’s nice package? Check out the look she created for her YouTube channel using her choices here!

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