Lancome Jason Wu Collection

Lancome Jason Wu

Ooh, actually.. having previously been not terribly interested in the Lancome Jason Wu Collection because it’s US only, I’m doing an about turn because the palettes look gorgeous. Above is Midnight Rose.

Lancome Jason Wu

Above is Alpha Dahlia – love the smoky black liner at the bottom of the palette to blend with other shades.

Lancome Jason Wu

And, finally, Disco.

If you are Stateside, the palettes are all $50 each, and I think the most exciting part of the range which also comprises lipstick, polish and blush.

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Pur Minerals Liquid Veil

Liquid Veil

I know that Pur Minerals has a cushion foundation on its way – more on that later – but for now, I’m so impressed with the new Pur Minerals Liquid Veil 4-in-1 Spray Foundation. Spray foundations aren’t the easiest of things to use for obvious reasons – and yes, the spray is not as controllable as you’d like (keep your white dress away from this) – but in this rare instance, it’s worth the effort. The way that you use it is to spray directly onto the brush (annoyingly, you have to buy the brush separately so you might want to use a brush you already have) then apply to the face. You can tell from the get-go that the foundation formula is skin-loving. It feels feather light, leaves a gorgeous dewy glow and gives very good coverage. You buff it into the skin (much like the bareMinerals foundation) and you … well, just glow! I love a dewy look foundation – Pur suggest adding powder afterwards but if you do you will lose that dewy glow – so I think I’d recommend this for dryer skin types and not anyone needing to tamp down the dew with powders. I… Read More

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Top Ten Gifts for Ten Pounds or Less!

ruth crilly beauty blogger

I felt moved to make an extra gift guide after seeing some of the complete tat that’s out there for under ten pounds – it’s actually quite difficult to get something decent, these days. I spent hours and hours trawling the internet and I hope I’ve found some real crackers for you, including a brilliant £20 cookbook for a fiver and some incredibly posh truffles that you can snap up at your local supermarket. There’s also a bit of a DIY idea (a huge jar of Himalayan bath salts for under ten pounds, anyone?) a very cool egg cup and a makeup bag that feels far more expensive than it actually is. You’ll have seen some of the ideas already (a few from previous vids were too good not to re-mention) but there’s plenty that’s new. Enjoy the video, and if you want to skip the chat and head straight down to business, the products are listed below the screen.

More Christmas Present ideas…

Product Links:

In this video I am wearing Zelens Foundation, Givenchy Noir Couture Mascara, Delilah Matte Bronzer and Delilah Lipstick in “Tango” –…

My sweatshirt is the Pepsi Santa one here – I am wearing a UK12 as the 10 was too small for my boobs!

Himalayan Bath Salts, £5 at Sainsbury. You can also find 2kg for £7.99 on Amazon:

Piggy Muffin Baking Moulds, £8.99:

Egg Chair Egg Cup:

Star Wars Key Fobs, £4.99:

Paperchase Snack Boxes, £8:

Pussy Cat Makeup Bag, £10:

Penguin Postcards Box of 100, £10.49: (sorry, thought these were a tenner!)

Tom Kerridge Cookbook, £5:

Snowman Slipper Socks, £10:

Panda Flask, £10:

Charbonnel et Walker Pink Marc de Champagne Truffles, £9.99 from Waitrose or the lovely flat box can be found at Liberty for £12.95:

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Caroline Hirons Teams Up With Pixi Beauty For The Ultimate Double Cleanse

Until Caroline Hirons came along, cleansing really wasn’t sexy. I’ve known Caroline since the very early days of this blog nearly seven years ago, and she’s always been on hand with helpful advice and simple suggestions that can make a huge difference to your skin. She’s the one who got my boyfriend into high potency fish oil supplements for his eczema (and changed his skin completely,) as well as introducing me to the benefits of double cleansing; Caroline was also the woman who introduced us all to the wonder benefits of Pixi Glow Tonic, and as a result has had an incredibly close relationship with the brand over the years. It was a natural fit for them to team up for her debut (and much anticipated) skincare product, and even more natural for it to involve double cleansing. The result of this partnership is an effective, affordable and innovative looking cleanser that’s sure to be a sell-out when it launches in January.

One side of this little pot features a solid oil cleanser to remove makeup and impurities with ease, without any greasy residue on the surface of skin, while the other offers a cream cleanser to help remove any last impurities and leave skin feeling supple. I adore balm and oil cleansers and this is no exception: the solid texture melts upon contact with the skin to leave behind a rich oil that glides over the surface with ease. Although cleansing creams aren’t my fave, this provides a great way to finish off your cleansing routine and is perfectly suited for all skin types. Caroline has ensured this is a product that everyone can use (removing any fragrances and making it cruelty free,) but it’s in no way generic or underwhelming; if anything, this is what you need to get you excited about cleansing again.

The only downside for me is that we’ll all tend to use more of the solid oil than the cream cleanser, meaning you may be left with more of one than the other – however, the fact that this little pot includes two products makes it perfect for traveling or trial. Both of these cleansers are brand new to the Pixi brand and haven’t just been re-jigged from existing products; Caroline told me herself that she thoroughly checked the ingredients against the brand’s INCI listings to ensure there was no cross-over! Her reputation depends on these kind of details, so it’s good to know she was thoroughly involved from beginning to end. Many blogger collaborations involve little more than a name printed on-pack and a rather large cheque being cashed at the bank, but for me this is as authentic and natural as it gets. I’ve heard from a little bird this is the first of many collaborative products, so I can’t wait to hear what’s next for the Caroline Hirons and Pixi duo.

Are you a fan of double cleansing? Are you excited for this product to launch in January?


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