Sillas Exterior

Las sillas de exterior. ¿Qué tienes que saber?

Respecto a este tipo y modelos de sillas, es clave que sean resistente además de cómodas. A parte de soportar nuestro peso su estructura de acero pavonado al horno y un respaldo de polietileno de alta densidad y un acabado antideslizante o incluso toda ella de hecha de polipropileno con una capa de protección para el exterior. Todas ellas tienen materiales resistentes y que las hacen ligeras. Tantos estilos a escoger, así mismo diferentes materiales.

Aunque cuando oímos hablar de sillas de exterior, por lo general pensamos en la terraza de un bar, el jardín de un restaurante para hacer un banquete, piscinas, campings, etc. No lo pienses, ya que puedes llegar a crear ambientes tan bonitos en la terraza o patio de tu casa con todos los tipos de sillas para exterior que te ofrecemos en nuestro catálogo que incluso un conjunto de sillas de madera para exterior, quedará genial.

Escoge los colores que más te gusten y disfruta de tu patio o jardín con sillas de exterior Viada.

Modelos de sillas exterior

Todos los modelos que te mostramos a continuación, son para exterior y apilables entre ellas así mismo su mantenimiento solo son un paño de microfibra o poliseda para mantener su color. O un método más casero como el agua fría i jabón neutro.

Sillas plegables de resina con brazos

Sillas de Exterior resina con brazos

Este tipo de sillas para exterior, está fabricada en polipropileno recubierta con una capa para la protección y soportar el clima exterior. Es perfecta tanto interior como exterior. Sus medidas son: 87cm (alto) x 51cm (ancho). Posibilidad de obtenerla en blanco y rojo. Consulta disponibilidad de los colores.

Sillas plegables de resina sin brazos

Sillas para Exterior resina sin brazos

Tanto la estructura como el respaldo y asiento, están hechos de polipropileno y recubierto con una capa final para poder soportar el tiempo exterior. Perfecta para el banquete de tu boda ya que se puede cubrir perfectamente con nuestras fundas para sillas plegables. Medidas de 89cm (alto) x 45cm (ancho).

Sillas exterior Intensive

Sillas de exterior Intensive

Silla para exterior preparada para resistir la intemperie. El asiento y respaldo fabricados en polipropileno con un acabado antideslizante y además ergonómico. Cuenta con una estructura de acero con acabado epoxi. Al ser plegable, nos permite apilarla y ocupa muy poco espacio. Disponible en varios colores.

Sillas de exterior Mit

Sillas de exterior Mit

Tipo de silla perfecta para exterior. Es plegable, ergonómica y robustaEstructura fabricada en acero pavonado al horno en color negro. Asiento y respaldo fabricados en polietileno de alta densidad con un acabado antideslizante. Diseñada para aguantar para ser durable, resistente y para aguantar el exterior.

Sillas exterior Madera Pro

Sillas de exterior madera PRO

Modelo de silla plegable. Toda su estructura esta fabricada de una madera tropical llamada Dipterocarpus Alatus. Es la más resistente para aguantar el clima exterior. Disponible en dos colores. Con su método plegable, se pueden apilar encima de otras y ocupar muy poco espacio. Lo mejor, es que puedes personalizarla con tu identificador.

Stepping Out For Spring In A Brand I Never Thought I Could Wear: The Surprising Places You Can Now Buy Curve Fashion

There have always been certain shops that are absolutely off limits for me; those that may not have catered for my fuller bust or curvier behind, those who think lycra is a pre-requisite for every kind of fabric, and those who make me feel like I’m forcing myself to be ‘on-trend’ just for the sake of being ‘on-trend’. It’s become a subconcious habit to begrungingly walk on by (or as in recent times, scroll on by) these store fronts and not even face the inevitable frustration that comes with finding nothing that works for my age or my shape, but over the last few years things have certainly started to change.

More and more retailers are expanding into curve collections, understanding that fashion shouldn’t stop at a size 14. The average dress size in the UK is a 16 and plus size clothing is due to account for 22% of the UK clothing market by 2022, growing at a significantly faster rate than the rest of the fashion market; that’s something not to be ignored or undervalued.

Gone are the days when curvy fashion concious consumers are an afterthought, serviced with a few butterfly cold-shoulder tops or hanky hemlines; they’re here to make a statement, rock the latest trends like their smaller sisters and spend their money on clothes that make them feel good. And finally, we can do so without compromise thanks to more high street names like Karen Millen expanding up to a size 24.

Can I get a hoorah?!

Karen Millen Plus Size Clothing: The New Curve Fashion Collection

At the age of 38 this is the first time I’ve ever been able to comfortably wear a Karen Millen outfit, and I’m so excited to finally be able to slip into their exceptional quality designs and luxury fabrics. For years I envied my friends who could shop their beautiful designs with ease, but now they’ve created a range of plus size dresses, coats, tops, tees, trousers, shirts and so much more that I can finally enjoy – and isn’t this beautiful dress and coat combo just the perfect look for spring?

The floral midi dress is cut with just the perfect amount of flare to hug my curves in the most flattering way, without a bulge or bump in sight; the detailing around the neckline just adds an extra special detail, while the chunky waist belt elegantly finishes off the look in a way that makes it perfectly suited for Friday night drinks as much as a casual Sunday lunch with the fam.

Karen Millen Plus Size Clothing: The New Curve Fashion Collection Karen Millen Plus Size Clothing: The New Curve Fashion Collection Karen Millen Plus Size Clothing: The New Curve Fashion Collection

It’s the coat that I’m utterly in love with though. The pleated skirt makes this feel like a look in itself, while the flare fit and trench detailing keep it fresh and feminine – it’s the perfect cover up for any springtime weddings or events you may already have in the diary. It’s quite heavy for a trench coat too, providing just the perfect amount of warmth, while the colour and texture of the fabric ensure it’s the absolute in transitional dressing.

Together they’re undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with, and this duo will inevitably see me all the way through the season and beyond. All I need to do is swap the chunky belt for a slimmer style, slip on a pair of heels, add a clutch bag and I’m ready for my diary to return to its former glory. I’m all for investment pieces that I can cherish and re-wear for years to come, and even more so for those wardrobe additions that can be dressed up or down in a multitude of ways to suit my mood; and these are just the ticket.

Karen Millen have certainly delivered when it comes to plus size party dresses and beyond – and I can’t wait to see what’s next from them.

Can you?

Karen Millen Plus Size Clothing: The New Curve Fashion Collection


Karen Millen Curve Soft Pleat Detail Trench | £199.00 (Now £149.25) | LINK

Karen Millen Curve Floral Midi Dress With Belt | £189.00 (Now £141.75) | LINK

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