A Blog-Appropriate T-Shirt and a Breastfeeding Question

whistles beaute t shirt

I thought that this t-shirt was rather appropriate, considering my passion for all things beauty. I’m not quite sure whether the huge letters on the chest distract attention away from my rather matronly bosom or make a feature of it: either way, I like this t-shirt and (as is my way) will probably wear it non-stop for the rest of the week.

whistles beaute t shirt

Someone asked me in the comments on the Chunky Jumper Post whether it would be possible to breastfeed wearing one; I know this is probably more a discussion for The Uphill but I’ll briefly touch on it here, too, because it’s actually really bloody hard to find things to easily breastfeed in until you’ve got into the swing of things. Dresses (unless they’re shirt dresses) are totally out (unless you enjoy sitting in your pants with a load of fabric bunched up by your ears), but when it comes to tops it’s amazing how adaptable things can be. Shirts can be unbuttoned slightly and are therefore relatively easy-access anyway; loose vest-tops can be pulled downwards if you find the right cut, and when it comes to t-shirts (like the above) or sweaters (like the ones here), if you’ve got something good on beneath them, you just hike ’em up from the hem and away you go. Underneath you’ll want something that’ll cover your tum but allow you to make the chest accessible. H&M do good-ish vest-tops, but then there’s this genius little thing called the Breast Vest that keeps your bra region fabric-free whilst covering the rest of your middle. You can find them online here.

Beauté T-Shirt, £45 from Whistles

Update: ha! Just seen that I’m doing exactly the same pose in this photo as in my last picture for the jumpers post. So much for variety – I must be a little bit out of practice…


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