A Gloss I Can Love: Chanel Rouge Allure

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I mentioned in last weekend’s Chanel Spring 2015 post that I’d come back to you with my verdict on the Rouge Allure Gloss and it’s a definite yes from me. I’m not a habitual gloss-user; they get on my nerves because even the relatively unsticky types make me feel messy, as though I’ve got jam on my face. And I’m not sure that the glassy, lacquered look is really my thing, either – I’m pretty low-key when it comes to lip finishings and I tend to prefer something low-maintenance (or no-maintenance!) that you can slap on and forget about.

But the Chanel Rouge Allure Gloss? Yes please. Just about as unsticky as a gloss can be, and although it’s very hi-shine, it doesn’t feel particularly demanding in terms of upkeep. You don’t get any of that niggling sensation that things might be sticking to it (crumbs, gnats, all of the dead skin cells from other people that float about in the air) and there’s none of the tell-tale tackiness that starts to happen after a couple of hours when the sheen has gone but the colour remains, all patchy and weird.

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Nope, Chanel have got it just right with these. Soft, balmy and plumptious to wear and with a truly excellent amount of pigment. It’s almost like a liquid lipstick, really, rather than a gloss, except more comfortable to wear and a lot more shine. The colour I’m wearing in my moody-face shot above is called “Sensible”, which just about sums it up. It’s a gorgeous everyday shade that goes with everything and anything – it has just the right amount of pink (not too pretty), just the right amount of peachiness (not too orangey) and it gives a chic, polished finish to natural makeup looks. A sensible choice indeed – a solid little makeup investment that you’ll wear again and again.

Some more lip stuff…

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The Rouge Allure Gloss comes housed in Chanel’s beautiful clickety-click packaging (I raved about the lipstick version here); it feels so special and luxurious, one of my favourite makeup packaging designs ever. So simple, with its press-down gold button, but so much more decadent-feeling than simply twisting off a lid. A true handbag staple – it should have been in yesterday’s post!

Chanel’s Rouge Allure Gloss is £26 at Selfridges.com

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