A REAL Google Hangout!

We want to tell you a little secret… we really like you, Benebabes. So much that—if we had the chance—we’d like to hang out with you every day IRL. We could do each other’s makeup, tell some saucy jokes & order a large cheese plate with a chilled bottle of rosé. We’d invite our hilarious & gorgeous Global Beauty Authorities Maggie & Annie Ford-Danielson and generally have the best. day. ever. But since we can’t do that every day, we thought the next best thing would be to host a Google Hangout with our friends at Birchbox for our Benebabe fam, filled with giggles & giveaways!



What: Our first-ever Google Hangout, featuring how-tos with they’re real! push-up liner

Who: Benefit’s Global Beauty Authorities Maggie & Annie Ford-Danielson (daughters & nieces of our founders) + Birchbox

When: Wednesday, August 6 at 1 p.m. PT

Where: Birchbox’s Google+ Event Page

How to Participate: RSVP & then join us on 8/6 @ 1 p.m. PT. (Note: You’ll need a Google+ account to join. Learn how to set one up here.)

How to WIN Big: Follow @BenefitBeauty & @Birchbox on Twitter and ask questions during the chat w/ #AskBenefit + #Giveaway for a chance to win 10 they’re real! push-up liners! We’ll also be doing special giveaways during the chat.

Will we see you there, Benebabes!? We promise a REAL good time 🙂

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