Accessory Wednesday

ASOS Rabbit Print Tights

ASOS Rabbit Print Tights

Even though I can’t see myself wearing these (I do not have legs for white tights!) I still think they’re pretty cute – and who can resist a bunny? In our family, we give gifts at Easter (other than eggs) – I think it was my Grandma that started that particular tradition and we give just a token, really, as a way of not dumping a whole load of chocolate on each other, although we do also give small eggs. Anyway, that over-share is accompanied by the price (£8) and the link to the tights (HERE)!

Kate Spade Watch

Kate Spade Watch

I’m verging on obsessed with Kate Spade right now – all the accessories are stylish and covetable (don’t even start me on Kate Spade shoes) but great quality. I love this pink watch – I haven’t worn a watch since I was at school and this is one of the few times I’ve ever been tempted to start again! It also comes in red, black (boring), nude and orange and it’s £195 (ouch, I know.. but.. it’s Kate Spade!). It’s HERE.

Beckondersgaard Scarf

Becksondersgaard Scarf

As I found to my cost yesterday morning when the weather was gorgeously sunny but blowing a freezing gale in the park, it’s not safe to go scarfless! Becksondersgaard scarves are created by two Danish designers – the scarf above, from last season, has a tiny feather print and I think it’s great for a bargain to leap into spring with. It’s £18 reduced from £39 HERE.

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