Airbrush Tanning 101

So, it’s that awkward time between spring & summer. It’s definitely not hot enough to lay out by the pool, but I’m also not spending my weekends cooped up inside. Nothing says “let’s get away” like a quick weekend trip to the beach. But, unfortunately, nothing also says I’ve been “living under a rock in San Francisco” like my pasty skin.

I’ve always been a little hesitant to get a airbrush tan—we’ve all seen the ‘orange’ effect, and that look doesn’t do anyone any good. But, you know what is good!?  Learning that Benefit’s airbrush tans truly do provide an even color & a healthy glow to your whole body. Plus, the best part, each spray tan is custom-applied just for you. When you choose a shade 1-4, your aesthetician delicately and carefully applies the color on your skin with her spray gun. This instant beauty solution is the perfect way to prep for a vacation, an evening event or any occasion where you want to show off that skin!

Off to the Benefit boutique I went to get my very first (like ever) airbrush tan!


Little to my knowledge, there’s a few must-know things before & after you get a airbrush tan. Here’s the breakdown:


  1. Exfoliate your entire body before going in for your tan to get super-even color.
  2. Wear loose-fit, dark clothing—you don’t want your tan to smudge on that white top!
  3. Getting your brows waxed and/or tinted? FYI: You’ll get your wax done first & your tint after.
  4. Make sure to shave the night before your tan.
  5. Do not use any lotion or oils on your body prior to your appointment!


  1. Wait 8-12 hours before showering, working out or swimming—you’ll want to maximize that bronze color!
  2. After you’ve showered, moisturize your face and body really well to show off that glow.
  3. Remember—don’t exfoliate until your tan starts to fade.
  4. Enjoy your new sun-kissed skin!


My lovely aesthetician, Bella, asked how dark I wanted to go—you have a choice between: 1. hint of gold 2. sun-kissed 3. healthy glow &  4. deep. I went for the healthy glow; it’s been 6 days and I’m still looking glow-y! Other than stripping down to barely nothing, because whatever, I walked out of the boutique with fresh brows & a perfect glow. What more could you ask for on a Friday night?


Here at Benefit, our Bermuda-worthy airbrush tanning is a roundtrip ticket to a gorgeous-looking glow. It’s quick, easy & safe—and all shades are completely customizable. Call your local boutique to see if they offer tanning. Get your glow on, gorgeous! xo

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