All The Cheek You’ll Ever Need…

nars steven klein one shocking moment palette

Some more “portable art” for you (see here for the first instalment): the limited edition NARS and Steven Klein collaboration. Brilliant NARS makeup on the inside, edgy photography on the out.

nars steven klein makeup collection

I’ll be completely frank: if you want to go for one thing, go for the One Shocking Moment cheek palette. Not only is it the only piece from the collection that has photography on the actual product (and very nicely done, by the way) it has absolutely everything you’d ever need for your cheeks. Blushers that cover all bases, a suit-all bronzer and a mini, simplified contour kit.

nars steven klein one shocking moment palette

The bronzer (top right) is Laguna – a bit of a classic, if you know your cult makeup products – the highlighter and contour powder are on the top left and the blushers, Robotic, Blasphemy, Luster and Dolce Vita run along the bottom row. So long as you get along with Laguna as a bronzer (it’s quite a flat bronze, but builds up brilliantly and never looks dirty or orange) then I can’t imagine you’d ever want for another cheek product. In theory. In reality, if you’re anything like me then you’ll always need another cheek product. And lip product. And mascara. And eyeshadow. You catch my drift…

NARS One Shocking Moment Palette is available at SpaceNK here – it’s £49.


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