Aveda Botanical Kinetics Energizing Eye Cream – Tick!

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I mentioned this lovely Aveda eye cream in my March Favourites video but struggled to put my finger on exactly why I liked it so much. A few weeks on, and with many more days of trialling under my belt, I feel as though I can give you a better account of why this little tube of product has earned a place in my beauty favourites. (Think moisture, moisture, more moisture and a load of antioxidants.)

I have to say that I am quite cautious when it comes to recommending eye creams; they are actually very difficult to test because so many of the “beauty” complaints concerning the eye area are inextricably linked to lifestyle and to genetic makeup. If you’re out until 3am drinking shots of vodka and you have to get up at 6.30am for a meeting then there is NO WAY that any eye cream is going to make you look any better. Ditto genetic makeup: if you have serious dark circles, it’s unlikely that an eye cream is going to have that much effect.

So yes. Much of the eye area – fine lines, dark circles and so on – can be improved visibly by not absolutely caning it until the early hours, not smoking, making sure that you drink enough water and (I never remember to do this one) wearing sunglasses when it’s bright so that you don’t spend the entire day squinting. (Actually, I’m not sure there’s any proof about the sunglasses thing, but common sense tells me that if you live your life squinting like a mole then you’re bound to have more fine lines around your eyes than someone who actively screens against the sun. Surely? Thoughts below, please…)

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However: I do like a well-formulated eye cream. If I’m doing all I can lifestyle-wise to keep my skin lovely and fresh, then it’s an added bonus to be applying a product that has effective ingredients, even if they’re just ingredients that simply keep the area hydrated. The Botanical Kinetics Energizing Eye Cream from Aveda does a little more than this, actually; as well as containing some great emollients that really make this a comforting and comfortable eye treat, it’s packed full of antioxidants (read about those here) and does seem to have a plumping effect on fine lines. Dark circles? Not so sure about, but it has worked on puffiness the few times I’ve had a bit of a pregnancy cry!

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I don’t love the Aveda Energizing Eye Cream as much as the hi-tech Zelens Triple Action Eye Cream (Cult Beauty here), but then that is more than twice the price. And actually, I’m not sure that theZelens has the same richness and feeling of hydration as Aveda’s, which you can tap on underneath your concealer to really get a flawless, smooth finish. I’m impressed. There’s nothing shockingly dramatic about the results, but so many eye creams are just a waste of time that when I come across a nice one, I always think that it’s worth a mention.

You can find the Botanical Kinetics Energizing Eye Cream online here for £28.

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