Beauty & Baubles & Bling, Oh My!

We’ve peeked into your future and it’s looking gorgeous! Benefit’s spectacular seer, Simone, worked night & day on three dazzling Benefit x BaubleBar kits that are certain to make  your wishes for beauty & baubles come true!


Are you dreaming of REAL romance & a rosy future? It’s guaranteed with this fab set! A perfectly dainty BaubleBar XO necklace with they’re real! mascara & benetint deluxe minis will have you in love at first sight. Trust us, this one won’t be on the market for long. 😉

If sparkle, shine & all things fine are what you’re after, a dazzling future is in the cards! Two sets of mega-glam BaubleBar earrings plus high beam and posietint deluxe minis are sure to have you lighting up the night (AND the day!).

And if love, luck & long lashes are all you desire, your good fortune starts here! You’ll be looking fab in ’15 with BaubleBar cone bracelets in gold & rose gold and a smoldering they’re real! mascara stare! Did someone just said fabulash!? Oh wait, that was us. 😉

And for only $34 each, these sets are totally heart-eye emoji—we know there are still two weeks until Valentine’s Day, but we think we’re in love!


But Simone didn’t stop there, she’s working her mystical magic on Twitter, too! Tweet @BenefitBeauty with #flawlessfortunes & Simone will peer into her crystal ball to reveal your pretty prophecy for the year!

So tell us, Benebabes, are you ready to Bauble with Benefit for a flawless ’15!?

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