Berocca for Your Face: Vitamin C Serums and Fizzy Masks!

ruth crilly vitamin c skincare review

This video backfired on me a little bit: I started thinking about filming it four years ago, but have only just managed to get my act together, and as a result more than half the products I mentioned were discontinued when I went to do my credits! So I had to edit them all out, and even after that there were still two things that no longer existed! Epic fail. Just goes to show that the whole carpe diem thing is true – seize the day, get things done when they occur to you, don’t have shelves of skincare categorised into weird sections that you promptly forget about as soon as the next brilliant idea enters your head…

Nevertheless, there are some crackers in this vid; I wanted to collect together skincare that (kind of) replicated the effects of a Berocca tablet, but on your face instead of inside your body. So: fizzy, orangey, Vitamin C stuff that brightens and zizzes and generally gives everything a bit of a lift and a boost. One thing that I completely forgot to put in, that would have been quite appropriate, was the REN Flash Rinse Facial – not my number one treatment, by any means, but definitely fizzy and vitamin-y.

Anyway: see what you think, add your own suggestions, particularly if you can think of affordable-yet-effective serums and masks that have a Berocca-esque vibe. If you haven’t a clue what a Berocca is, it’s a multivitamin tablet that you drop into water. It fizzes about, dissolves, turns the water (and your wee) bright orange, makes you feel less hungover, etc etc..

Products Shown:
Dermalogica Power Rescue Mask:

Murad C Infusion Kit: OH MAN! It looks as though this has been discontinued. I shall endeavour to look for an alternative!

Body Shop Vitamin C Microdermabrasion:

Philosophy Dark Spot Corrector: looks as though this has really been discontinued. Shame, it worked well for me.

Khiel’s Powerful Line Reducing Concentrate:

Phloretin CF Gel, Skinceuticals:

Perricone Vitamin C Ester:

Ole Henriksen Truth Serum:

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