Bespoke Skincare at Your Fingertips with ageLOC Me

ageLOC Me Skincare Review

Everything from greeting cards to clothing is personalised these days but so far skincare is lagging behind – which doesn’t really make sense as it is the one thing that should really be custom to each user and constantly re-evaluated which each new phase of our lives. One brand is paving the way is Nu Skin with the Nu skin ageLOC Me system; a first of its kind device that combines both newly breaking technology and skincare in one.

ageLOC Me Skincare Review

To cater to each individual, Nu Skin ageLOC Me offers approximately 2,000 different combinations of skincare formulas, featuring serums and moisturizers, all specifically formulated by Nu Skin for ageLOC Me. You can determine; which products will work best for your skincare type by an online (or via the app) but precise skin care assessment. This way you can be sure that you are correctly matched to the products best suited to your skin needs and of course, it eliminates the need for guess work – something I personally think needs to be phased out of the skincare world in general.

ageLOC Me Skincare Review

The ageLOC Me skincare package comes with 5 cartridges for your device, and rather wonderfully your first instalment is essentially a tester – you are given a 14 day supply to allow you to decide if anything needs tweaked or changed; this of course is an element that can be called upon each new delivery should you ever feel the need to – great to bear in mind with each passing season.

ageLOC Me Skincare Review

Let me quickly give you a break down of what each cartridge of the five contains: three serums, all of which are of course catered and selected depending on your skin needs (that combine with each use), will deliver an abundance of active ingredients to ensure you get almost immediate and long lasting results. This is of course coupled with a night and day cream pods, both of which are again selected on the users needs and may contain ingredients such as SPF, but the main purpose of both creams is to deliver long lasting hydration to the skin.

So why the system and not just bottles of customised skin care products? The two main factors are: a, hygiene and b, precise measurements of product. The effectiveness of skincare can be determined by many things and sadly due to certain environments such as storage and day-to-day use (aka excess air seeping into the product), efficacy of products can be negatively effected. The Nu Skin ageLOC Me eradicates this issue entirely. Also what good is any product if you aren’t applying nearly enough or so much that your skin is over saturated and unable to properly absorb the product? Again, the Nu Skin ageLOC Me device ensures this is not an issue by dispensing the exact amount of product you need each and every time – something I appreciate as a serial over-user.

ageLOC Me Skincare Review

I have personally been trialling the ageLOC Me for a few weeks and I am impressed by the sheer science behind each product and the delivery system. I will update you in a week with a full break down of my experience but until then, I urge you to watch this video of the system in use.
This is a sponsored feature in collaboration with ageLoc Me – all opinions expressed throughout the article are my own.

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