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The third week of May is here, and the heat is on—to go get your brows waxed to support the Bold is Beautiful Project ASAP! During the entire month of May, we’re giving 100% of the proceeds from all brow waxes at Benefit boutiques & Macy’s BrowBars back to charities that empower women & girls through education and mentorship. We selected four amazing non-profits to support, and we’re super excited to share a little bit more about each with all of you. Today, we’re talking Girl Develop It!

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Girl Develop it provides mentorship & affordable classes to women interested in learning web & software development. Coding and web development skills are so valuable in the current job market, but to many women across the country, the cost of learning those skills is much too high. Girl Develop It opens doors for women across the country to step into a new skill set and a new career, and create a better future for themselves.


Girl Develop It is open to women of all races, education levels, income & upbringing—everyone is welcome in their classes! We’re all about “you CAN sit with us,” so it’s just one more reason that they’re right up our alley 😉 (as if we needed another one!). Their vision is to close the gender gap that exists in STEM education & occupations and create a network of empowered women who feel confident in pursuing careers in the tech field—so much love. We believe women are just as (okay, fine—a little bit more) smart, powerful and capable as any man and we’re all about helping provide them with the education & skill sets to get out there and dominate!


Benebabes, don’t waste one more second! Book your appointment online at any Macy’s BrowBar or Benefit boutique NOW, and get ready to give a brow!

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