Bold is Beautiful: Step Up

Can you believe it’s already the second week of May!? We can’t! We’re loving May even more than usual this year thanks to the Bold is Beautiful Project. For the entire month of May, 100% of the proceeds from all brow waxes at Macy’s BrowBars & Benefit boutiques will be given back to charities focused on empowering women & girls through education and mentorship. We chose to support four fab non-profits with missions that we really believe in, and we’re excited to be able to give a brow & help a gal in need! Which charities, you ask? We’re more than happy to share—throughout the month we’ll be featuring each non-profit on the blog, today we’re featuring Step Up.


Step Up’s mission is to empower girls from low income communities to be college bound & career ready. Every gal deserves an education, and to believe that she has the ability to receive one. We love supporting the dreamers & believers, and Step Up is helping to empower a new generation of bold women across the country!


The vision is simple: give girls the opportunities & resources to fulfill their potential & encourage them to end the cycle of poverty by becoming the first in their family to go to college. One of our fave features of Step Up is that it brings the programming right to the girls—Step Up goes to each partner high school weekly for two hour sessions & serves high school aged ladies, from 13-18.


So what are you waiting for, Benebabes!? Get to a Benefit boutique or Macy’s BrowBar NOW & give a brow to support a gal out there chasing her dreams!

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