Every Benebabe has one—she’s our counselor, our relationship guru, our life coach, our friend & our best listener. Arch experts become SO much more than just “that girl who does my brows once a month.” They listen to us go on about our online dating snafus and tell us when to hit it & when to quit it, they know how totes crazy our mom can be & they totally get how annoying that guy who sits across from us at work is (seri, can you CHILL with your bro-tastic beer bong stories!? And we don’t care what happened on Game of Thrones last week. Sorry, not sorry). She’s our #browbestie!


We love OUR arch expert so much that we decided that they deserve a whole month of recognition. This May is arch expert appreciation month! Show your love for your ULTA arch expert AND enter for a chance to win a year’s worth of free brow waxes + $250 worth of Benefit products! (Okay, so totes arch expert love, but also—free brows for a year!? YAS.) All you have to do is snap a selfie of your flawless arches when you get your brows wowed during the month of May, and then upload to Instagram with #browbestie & tell us why your Benefit arch expert is the ultimate brow bestie. Easy, amirite? And you’re so gorg, how could you not snap a selflie anyway!? 😉


When you upload your pics, make sure you tag @BenefitCosmetics & @ultabeauty & your arch expert’s ULTA location—bonus points if you mention her name so that she gets all the love she deserves! What are you waiting for, gorgeous!? Book your appointment now & show us your #browbestie!

Rules: http://bit.ly/browbestierules

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