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My plans to write this post up before giving birth didn’t seem to go to plan. Those last few weeks were so exhausting and uncomfortable I couldn’t sit anywhere comfortably and type for long periods of time… and now I have a baby that is 16 days old! How did that happen? (see my Instagram for a little picture of his adorable-ness)

Anyway, I wanted to round up my top bodycare products that I’ve been using for the past 9 months to help with itchy stretchy skin problems and attempting to avoid stretch marks. I luckily didn’t get any stretch marks – and I couldn’t say whether it was my obsessive application of these products, or just good genes? Because I think they both played a part. What I enjoyed most was a few moments to myself to have a little pamper and mini massage after every bath or shower, especially as my bump got bigger and bigger and I could feel little limbs wriggling around!

Lucky Cloud Soothing Body Butter £16.50

This was my favourite scented product. So calming and perfect at bedtime to wind down with. The cream was rich and silky but not sticky or greasy after application. I used a lot of oils on my bump and eventually wanted something lighter feeling on my skin, especially when it was warmer – this was perfect. Definitely check out this vegan brand!

Tropic Tamanu Healing Balm £32 or mini size £16

This green balm is a multitasking wonder! and now baby is here can also be used on any of his little dry patches too. The balm is super concentrated so I liked to use just a little mixed with another body oil, Tamanu is the main ingredient here and is wonderful for scars and helping skin renewal, so seemed like the perfect companion for a growing baby bump.

Trilogy Pure Plant Body Oil £15.50

As you can probably tell this was my most used oil! With just three ingredients (sweet almond, apricot and rosehip oils) this oil was simple and really lovely to use. Perfectly nourishing I used it all over my body and it made a great massage oil for when I often had back pain.

Tropic Body Love Firming Buttercream £20

This dreamy scented body butter is super rich and well… buttery! I used this mostly on my legs because I liked the idea of helping keep my skin firm. I only used this on my bump a couple of times when the skin was very itchy as it felt like one of the richest products in my stash and took a while to sink into skin.

MOA Energizing Body Oil £22.50

“hello sunshine” is appropriate here! Scented with eucalyptus, peppermint, lemongrass and pine, this sunny scented oil had a lovely light texture and was another one great for a back massage and mixing with the tropic balm to help it spread further.

And those are my top picks! Whether you have a baby bump or not, I think I’ve found some fantastic body care products for keeping your skin (almost) as soft as a baby’s bottom during the winter months! 😉

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