Caroline Hirons and the Pixi Double Cleanse

new pixi double cleanse skincare

I suspect there’ll be some sort of online meltdown on the 10th January because – brace yourselves – that’s the day that Caroline Hirons’ first ever skincare product will go on sale. If you are an avid Hirons follower (to be honest, I don’t know of any other type – once you get started on her beauty blog you’re likely never to leave) then this news will no doubt make your heart beat that bit faster. Caroline’s sharp eye for great skincare formulations and her experience in the industry mean that whatever products she decides to create will be the stuff of beauty dreams.

new pixi double cleanse skincare

And the first, in collaboration with the increasingly popular (and really quite excellent) brand Pixi, is a stroke of genius: the Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse. Two cleansers, one pot, easy and fast-but-very-thorough cleansing with minimal fuss. If you’re reading the phrase Double Cleanse and thinking huh? then let me explain, because it’s probably something you do anyway without really putting a name to it. It is, quite simply, cleansing once (to remove makeup and break down dirt and so on) and then, after removing your cleanser with a flannel or what have you, cleansing again. (Albeit with a different cleanser, if we’re being strict about things, but I’m trying to keep things basic here!) Two cleanses. Double Cleanse.

If you don’t already do this, then humour me and do a little experiment; remove your foundation and what have you with a white flannel and one lot of cleanser. Balm, gel wash, cream cleanser, whatever you usually use. Now rinse the flannel clean and go back in for another cleanse. I can almost guarantee that there will still be crap coming off and that the second cleanse will finish things off nicely.

new pixi double cleanse skincare

But Caroline’s new Double Cleanse is more than just “cleansing twice” – there are two different formulations in one pot, created in this way because they have slightly different functions. One for makeup-melting, the other for a more sumptuous and nourishing cleansing experience. I managed to hunt Caroline down (she was dealing with a migraine, a broken boiler and two kids off sick but still picked up the phone!) to answer some Double Cleanse questions…

Me: Hirons! A skincare product! Do you even KNOW how long the world has been waiting for this?

CH: I know, I know. It feels like this collaboration is a nice way to start.

Me: Why the double cleanse? Most people think that once is enough. Please explain.

CH: Double cleansing is basically what we do in treatment rooms. The first cleanse loosens and removes makeup/SPF, while the second cleanse has slightly more beneficial ingredients and is used to clean the skin and/or facial massage.

new pixi double cleanse skincare


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