Catch It Quick: Bobbi Brown Art Stick in Hot Orange

Bobbi Brown Art Stick Hot Orange

Sorry, I feel as though I’ve been spending a lot of time on lipsticks lately. It seems to be a new obsession of mine – strange, considering I have never been a big lipstick wearer. But I seem to be coming round to the whole grow-up, painted lips thing – just adding that final bit of polish to a makeup look or providing a flash of colour when you can’t be bothered to do the rest of your face. Sunglasses on, lipstick on, out the door!

Bobbi Brown Art Stick Hot Orange

The latest lipstick? Bobbi Brown’s Art Stick in Hot Orange. The Art Sticks are great – really very highly-pigmented, long-lasting and with the most vibrant shade options. Hot Orange is the kind of red that enters the room before you – there’s no hiding when you’re wearing this! Luckily it’s incredibly easy to apply, what with its precision-pencilling abilities. It’s like using a lipliner, but quicker and chunkier – slightly less wieldy when you get into the very corners of the mouth, though still easier to get right than a traditional lipstick.

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Every time I look for Hot Orange online, it seems to be out of stock, and then when it is in stock it only stays there for the quickest moment before selling out again. It seems to be quite consistently available on the Bobbi Brown website though, and I have also seen it pop up at – do let me know in the comments if you see it elsewhere. It’s a total cracker for the summer months, especially if you need something longwear to glam up your poolside look!

Bobbi Brown Art Stick in Hot Orange: £19.50 here.

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